Y te aseguro que llegará un momento en el que aprenderemos a estar tristes sin humillarnos.
—  Valo Jones - Un bastón para tu corazón
Amo escribirte; porque sé lo mucho que te gusta leer, mi deseo, es que siempre me lleves clavada en ti, que tu imaginación se estremezca y se intrigue con cada punto suspensivo de mi prosa. Debes verte adorable ahora mismo leyéndome, y seguramente… ya has esbozado una sonrisa.
—  Valo Jones - Contigo, sin ti.

AEveryone’s calling Elizabeth Banks racist but I honestly 100% always forget Spielberg even made the film The Colour Purple.  

Directing wise Spielberg’s films are mainly white male leads though regardless-


Close Encounters of the Third Kind - male and female, but mainly male

1941 - men

Raiders of the Lost Ark - Man

E.T - boys, with sister, but mainly boys

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom - Man, with female stereotype side

Empire of the Sin - Men

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade - Man

Always - Man

Hook - Man and mainly son 

Jurassic Park - Balanced, but also mainly Alan Grant?  

Schindler’s List - Man

The Lost World Jurassic Park - Mainly Ian Malcolm 

Amistad - Men

Saving Private Ryan - Men

A. I. Artificial Intelligence - Boy

Minority Report - Man

Catch Me if You Can - Men

The Terminal - Man

War of the Worlds - Man (Tom Cruise dude with daughter I guess)

Munich - Man

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - Man plus son man plus watered down female side from first hooray!

Adventures of Tintin - Boy

War Horse - Men

Lincoln - Men

Bridge of Spies - Men

The BFG - Girl and Man Giant 

Sugarland Express - female

The Colour Purple - female

So the point still stands really?  Like, look at this?  Look at the imbalance.  

**we’re talking lead parts here not “THERE ARE WOMEN IN THOSE MOVIES” because duh I guess**

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@ah: what does everyone think of lil j's newest rap in that camp camp trailer? @mods: what are ur favourite memes

@ah: what does everyone think of lil j’s newest rap in that camp camp trailer?

@mods: what are ur favourite memes

Sophia: this is the best meme

Chris: shrek videos and Waluigi

Laz: too many memes tbh. i love let’s mcfreakin lose it, ____ found dead in miami, that green puppet thing w/ the peepo, and the meme where u take screencaps from like spongebob and put ~deep lyrics~ over it

Sammy: i love all the memes

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Is Mogar with everyone now? What do the other Michaels think of him?

Michael: Everything’s pretty chill I guess. But there’s always the chance of something going to shit.

MC Michael: (especially since he stole my fucking outfit. Asshole.)

Mogar: *growls*

MC Michael: Fuck off you build-a-bear reject.