Satanism for Dummies

Satanism, is diverse.  It’s no longer limited to ‘Modern Satanism’ which emerged in the late 1950’s - 1960’s.  It has become diversified and more and more Satanic philosophies are being codified by Satanists.  If you want to familiarize yourself with each of these philosophies, it will take dedication and a passionate interest on your part.  There are volumes written by Satanists, for Satanists.  It will lead you down a never-ending rabbit hole of study.  “Satanic” material, is not limited to works about 'Satan’ or 'Satanism’.  Philosophy, Science, History, Sociology, Psychology, Anthropology, and Archaeology are just a few of the many subjects explored by Satanists.

Satanists, are a part of the 'Occult Community’ - some choose to self-style as 'pagans’ and many do not.  In fact, many modern Satanists distance themselves from Neo-pagans in general because they do not share the ideologies of the Neo-pagan movement, many have a disdain for Neo-pagans in general; much of which, stems from the volumes of Neo-pagan material written to vilify Satanists, and presume to speak for Satanists and their beliefs (or the lack thereof). 

Each Satanist, is an individual.  There is no cookie-cutter mold for Satanists.   You will however identify some common ground they share as a group.  Satanists run with Demonologists, Daemonolators, and other members who may or may not adhere to a LHP.  Many are lone wolves, and have no desire to seek packs.  They will not join organizations, forums, or associate with other Satanists. 

Not all Satanists align with Satan, or draw from the works of Anton Szandor LaVey - many, speak out against being grouped in with what has been coined as 'LaVeyan Satanists’.    The 'Satanic Bible’ is not the authoritative work on Satanism, in the modern era. 

Some Satanists see 'Satan’ as a deity, but many do not.  Satan serves as an allegory, metaphor and symbol of personal power.  Many draw from the Pre-Abrahamic Religion origins believing it to be the *true* nature of Satan.  Many oppose the 'Devil’ and the 'Devil Worshiper’, so as not to be classified as a LHP Christian themselves.

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