Sinéad Persaud

Can we just talk for a second about how Sinéad Persaud is somehow simultaneously asymptotically close to unattainable perfection and relatable af? Like how she’s beyond talented and awesome and gorgeous but always tweets about how difficult and exhausting it is to be super introverted? And how she was stoked when the amazingly incredible thing she co-wrote, -produced, and -starred in was going to the Austin Web Festival, but mostly so she would have an excuse to eat ribs? And how she has quirky obsessions with some of my favorite things like The Haunted Mansion and Clue that she takes inspiration from and then somehow improves upon? And how her twitter bio is literally “I worry daily about whether my tummy will grumble in the company of others” and then has a link to Shipwrecked’s twitter, where you can find all the amazing stuff she’s made? I could go on…It’s just really bizarre to me that on the one hand I greatly look up to Sinéad as someone I could never be as awesome as, and on the other hand I kind of am her?


Clock (shipname provided by @sineadpersaud​) aka Clara & Brock in American Whoopee

I finally finished that homework I mentioned doing yesterday, in order to celebrate I decided to draw a picture of Lenore the lady ghost who is played by one of my inspirations ( and fellow Halloween lover) Sinéad Persaud.

I’m pretty disappointed that the drawing looks nothing like Sinéad, but I’m satisfied with the overall quality of the doodle.

I’m going to try drawing Sinéad (or one of her characters) later in the future. Hopefully by then I’ll be able to capture her look.

My sincerest apologies to Sinéad Persaud, I will do better next time and Lenore shall truly look like the queenliest dead who ever died.

  • Me two years ago: Who are Sean and Sinéad Persaud? Are they married? Siblings? Cousins? Unrelated people who happen to have the same last name? They're very funny together in A Tell Tale Vlog, whoever they are.
  • Me one year ago: Wow, Sean and Sinéad Persaud did a remarkably fantastic job writing Poe Party and bringing it to life. Sibling goals!
Announcing my play reading series on Patreon!

I’m pretty excited about a new thing I’m doing over on my Patreon - livestreaming play readings with my wonderful, talented friends! Each month we’ll be reading a different play, and my patrons will help me not only decide which play to read, but they’ll help me cast the roles as well.

This Wednesday night is our inaugural play reading stream, and we’ll be reading Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest. Here’s the cast list:

Jack: Sean Persaud

Algernon: Daniel Vincent Gordh

Gwendolyn: Me, Mary Kate Wiles

Cecily: Sinéad Persaud

Lady Bracknell: Ashley Clements

Miss Prism: Sarah Grace Hart

Lane/Merriman: Brian Rosenthal

Dr. Chasuble: Nick Lang

Stage Directions: Taylor Brogan

All patrons who pledge $10+ or more for the month of October will have access to the livestream–either live, on Wednesday night at 8 pm Pacific time, or after the fact. Head on over to my Patreon to join us - I’m looking forward to what is sure to be a very fun series!

One of my many favorite Poe Party moments

I love the part in chapter 3 when Lenore asks who the best writer is, for several reasons:

1. It’s a hilarious thing to ask a room full of authors, and their reaction is perfect. 

2. It gives us a nice Wellenore-before-that-was-really-a-thing moment.

3. By co-writing Poe Party, Sinéad Persaud (who plays Lenore) proved that she and Sean Persaud are decidedly the best writers in that room, or in pretty much any room they could possibly be in, so every time I watch that part I yell “You are!” at the screen.