Theres an alternative universe where Baek Ah and So just say fuck this shit and go to live in the mountains.  And they pass the days with So training people in martial arts and Baek Ah painting and playing music.

Of course Soo joins them, she has a beauty business and people watch in complete confusion as the scary martial arts teacher melts when he sees his wife. 

One day Woo Hee comes along, she killed Taejo and has been on the run. But the mountains are a mystery and no one will ever know who you truly are.
So she befriends Wang So, and teaches alongside him… whilst simultaneously pretending not to swoon everytime she hears a certain tune being played especially to woo her. But she knows she’d fallen for the pink robed musician a long time ago.

and they just live happily, Wang Moo becomes king and him, Jung and Eun find themselves ‘accidentally’ visiting the mountains on a regular basis, without anyone ever finding out out why.

literally the last line of the ENTIRETY of psych is juliet yelling “oh! labradoodle!” and shawn and gus simultaneously yelling back “where!?”

i dont think ive ever finished msq in one day until now and i am honest to god floored with this installment?? it turned everything i dreaded on its head and wow ive never been truly excited for msq until now

rest assured, i wont post spoilers for at least a week or two! ill continue to tag anything debatable with 3.4 spoilers O7

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Yikes. I hope Lana is taking care of herself. I'm so happy about having both the EQ and Regina, but she must be doing a ton of filming. I'm going to love the episodes though, so I simultaneously love the fact that she's filming a lot and feel sorry for her that she's filming so much.

It became very apparent early in filming that they were running Lana right up against the union limits for how much she could work and how much time off she was required between working days.  You could see her leave set, add the time for her to get out of makeup and wardrobe and see her show back up on twitter during her usual “bored in the makeup chair” tweeting the next day precisely at the time when she could come back to work.  

They are using two different Regina and Evil Queen stand ins because the stand ins face the same work limits Lana does so using two of them gets around the nightmare of scheduling them.  I wouldn’t be surprised if she has two primarily makeup teams too.  Because again they have the same union turn around rules.

ER fandom needs to also embrace and understand that she likely wont be in much of 6.06 at all.  They needed that episode to catch up on Lana’s shooting on other episodes.

I don’t think she or Eduardo were kidding when they joked about if she would never see her friends and family or wonder how she stays alive.

Sometimes when you’re simultaneously moving and in grad school and student teaching and drowning in a sea of grading and homework and reading and body insecurity you drive off with the gas pump nozzle still in your car I WANT TO DIE PLEASE

If you think that Trump’s presidency will be a collapse into fascism and you’re simultaneously urging people to “vote”, you’re a fucking liar or you’re an irresponsible dickhead. If you think trump is going to be a dictator and your response is “so please go write Hillary clinton’s name on a piece of paper, drop it in a box, and sit on your ass until rich people decide” then fuck you, you don’t care

Hi I'm literally lactating

I HAVENT HAD SEX IN MONTHs and I’ve literally not had intercourse in like years and yet I’m lactating not pregnant or anything but there’s like milk coming out of my nipples why do I simultaneously hate and owe my life to psychotropic medications

Jily Trope: Internship

Written for the lovely @levins18 who requested Jily interning together. Hope this lives up to your expectations sunshine! Happy Jily October! xxx (warning: my sailor’s mouth comes out in this piece) xxx Read on Fanfiction

When she’d taken the internship at The Daily Prophet Lily had assumed she’d be hitting all the hard-breaking news stories with quill and paper in hand. She had assumed she’d shadow one of the amazing reporters and maybe hit coffee shops after work with her new friends. She hadn’t assumed that she’d be two months in and still be acting as a personal servant to the editor of the newspaper while simultaneously shagging the intern of the art director downstairs.

Life was funny in that way.

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the terrible feeling of being hypersexual and attracted to girls but simultaneously feeling like you’re a predator for expressing ur attraction to them so you just suffer alone and reject any advances

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People worry about terrorist attacks because they don't want to fucking die you muslim loving cuck. This is why people hate jews bc you want to help muslims and browns come here even though it will kill Americans and bring rapefugees like in Europe.

Well, yes, people worry about causes of death because they don’t want to die. But some causes of death are more common than others. If people worried most about the things most likely to kill them, they’d worry a lot more about heart conditions and car crashes than about terrorism and plane crashes and shark attacks.

Are terrorist attacks scarier than heart attacks because they kill a bunch of people simultaneously and then make the news? Are they scarier because they could escalate and get worse?

Also, like, there are anti-immigration Jews. I know at least one. I am Not A Representative Sample, anon. Wouldn’t it make more sense for you to say “this is why people hate immigration supporters”? If I were Christian, you’d probably still not want me to support immigration.

Are you asserting that it’s always wrong to trade off deaths of Americans for some other goal? Why do we make it so easy to get drivers’ licenses, then? Restricting use of public roads to the best 10% of drivers would sure make my life a lot safer. Why do people want to drive, anyway? Because it’s convenient and they can go places more quickly? How is that more important than my desire for safety?

We have affirmative consent standards and so on in the US, so we won’t have a repeat of Cologne, where a bunch of people couldn’t be prosecuted due to loose definitions of sexual assault. And I really don’t expect a significant number of deaths.

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Headcanon: Kaner is obsessed with reality TV and Jonny secretly catches up while he's training so he knows what Kaner is talking about all the time, even if it's not to him.

Too cute. Jonny eavesdropping when Patrick gushes to Crow about something he saw on Real Housewives; Crow is giving him that glazed over “uh huh” kind of face and Jonny laughs. Like, quiet, but Patrick notices. He immediately zeroes in on Jonny and the grin that breaks out on his face is simultaneously bright and terrifying. From then on, he sits next to Jonny and chatters to him about Hell’s Kitchen or The Amazing Race and Jonny pretends not to know, but can’t help but notice they root for the same people.

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How do you think Nobunaga would react to hearing Hideyoshi/Mitsuhide had fallen on the battlefield? Would he grieve their death or march on forward? Do you think vengeance would be on his mind or victory?

Hmm, I think Nobunaga would be a little more complicated. There’s a duality to him - the side of him that’s the Head of the Oda Clan, and then the true Nobunaga, who’s more a sad child that just needs someone to love him and accept everything about him. So he would have two simultaneous reactions to hearing about Hideyoshi/Mitsuhide’s deaths.

The outward reaction he would have would be to simply move on. Usually, he has a shitty remark to make about someone being weak, but this time, I think he would actually just say something around the like of, “They were good men. They died honorable deaths. Don’t be afraid to follow after them and achieve glory for the Oda Clan,” or something like that. 

Secretly he would grieve. He’d probably ride ahead of everyone and cry while no one could see. He’d be very upset, because he trusted them completely - it’s hard to replace people that you trust so much when they aren’t easy to come by. 

Again with his duality, he would be secretly working out a plan for vengeance under the guise of celebrating victory. He would calculate ways to make whoever took away his trusted retainers pay dearly. He would torture them. Probably cut them to small pieces and do something really horrible with them. He’d be so mad, but I don’t think he’d ever get over their deaths. He’d probably never trust anyone again and try to do their jobs all on his own. 



edit: i did NOT expect this to actually get notes but to clear up some things, do note that “some fucker on reddit” is meant affectionately as i too am a fucker from reddit

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