*markiplier starts playing oneshot*

me *kneels and fold my hands* Dear father in heaven please dont let the millions of people seeing the videos hate on it by saying it’s an Undertale clone, because it’s a beautiful, clever game in it’s own right made by incredibly talented, clever, artistic people, and the original version that changed my fucking life came out in 2014

Lots of people are asking me how I trained MGP in yesterday’s video, so here are the basics of guinea pig training. Feel free to ask questions in the comments and I’ll try to respond. First, be sure your piggy is tame enough to eat from your hands, and will follow a piece of veggie if you lead them. Cut up some tiny bits of veggies (like carrots or lettuce) and those you’ll use as training rewards. Basically, you want them to associate a command = an action = getting reward. Piggies communicate with each other using some sound but mostly body language, so I use a simultaneous verbal command + hand gesture for each trick. Most piggies are terrible at differentiating between human noises (which is why even smart piggies rarely learn their own names), but they are quite good at responding to visual cues. Start with an easy trick, like standing up. Using a treat, get your piggy to rise on their hind legs, while saying your verbal cue and letting them see your hand cue. I say “stand up”, and make a rising motion with my fingers. Do this a bunch of times, leading them with food while doing your cues, and always reward them with a bite of treat at completion. Then, try to lead them with only your hand without holding food, but still cue them and reward them at completion. Do this a few times until they get it. Next don’t lead them at all, but still do your cues and always reward them when they do it. If they don’t seem to get it, go back a step. Practice it over and over, and voila your guinea pig can do tricks. Any other trick is basically the same steps. First lead them with food as you get them to associate your commands with the action and reword, and gradually phase out how much you’re leading them until it’s just command = action = reward.
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TOP IMAGE….This image, taken by NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope, reveals an unusual sight: a runaway quasar fleeing from its galaxy’s central hub.

A quasar is the visible, energetic signature of a black hole.

Black holes cannot be observed directly, but they are the energy source at the heart of quasars — intense, compact gushers of radiation that can outshine an entire galaxy.

The green dotted line marks the visible periphery of the galaxy.

The quasar, named 3C 186, appears as a bright star just off-center.

The quasar and its host galaxy reside 8 billion light-years from Earth.

Researchers estimate that it took the equivalent energy of 100 million supernovas exploding simultaneously to jettison the black hole.

The most plausible explanation for this propulsive energy is that the monster object was given a kick by gravitational waves unleashed by the merger of two hefty black holes at the center of the host galaxy.

The Hubble image combines visible and near-infrared light taken by the Wide Field Camera 3.

Credits NASA, ESA, and M. Chiaberge (STScI and JHU)

LOWER IMAGE….This illustration shows how gravitational waves can propel a black hole from the center of a galaxy.

The scenario begins in the first panel with the merger of two galaxies, each with a central black hole.

In the second panel, the two black holes in the newly merged galaxy settle into the center and begin whirling around each other.

This energetic action produces gravitational waves.

As the two hefty objects continue to radiate away gravitational energy, they move closer to each other over time, as seen in the third panel.

If the black holes do not have the same mass and rotation rate, they emit gravitational waves more strongly in one direction, as shown by the bright area at upper left.

The black holes finally merge in the fourth panel, forming one giant black hole.

The energy emitted by the merger propels the black hole away from the center in the opposite direction of the strongest gravitational waves.

Credits NASA, ESA, and A. Feild (STScI)

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hi maddie!! do you have any tips for staying true to the original characterization?? (since your characterizatin is always on point TT)

Aww I’m glad you like my characterizations!! ^.^

I’d say that the most important thing is to have a grasp on the characters! This is simultaneously very difficult and very easy in Yuri!!! on Ice because the characters are so complex. I say difficult, because they’re not flat nor easy to write, but I also say simple because there are a lot of emotions and personality traits to work with!

I’d watch the show, read other people’s fics, maybe read some meta!! I’ll type up a little thing about each character below, idk if that will help at all. I believe that every writer interprets characters slightly differently, but that’s one of the lovely things about fanfiction!!

His name is Tucker & he’s going to be 3 In June & look how he fucking sleeps. I’m glad this dog is alive man he has killed me & stolen my soul simultaneously.

brandon: hi, i’m brandon

susie: and i’m susie, and we’re…

both simultaneously: QUEERING HETEROSEXUALITY!

[they jump and cheer. logo appears, with “QUEERING” appearing as a grey handwritten font and “HETEROSEXUALITY” in a pink all caps garamond font with a drawing of handcuffs on the end]

voiceover: this week on queering heterosexuality, brandon and susie discover petplay

[montage of susie wearing a collar attached to a lead held by brandon as she barks at passers by in a park. cut to a talking head of brandon, still holding the lead]

brandon: i feel like i really understand what its like for the gays



I’d put Altmer between Orcs and Bretons on my list, I think. I like them a lot, though I have trouble comprehending deep metaphysics so some of the Deep Lore stuff slides off my brain. There’s something brilliantly tragic about them; hyperspecialised and rigid caste systems, a practical fetishisation of refinement and an obsession with distancing themselves from the mortal and the mundane. Their intense longing for a return to an almost-theoretical glory, a return to an immortality and perfection that they, as mortals, simply cannot have without unmaking the world. It’s a central irony, maybe, that this constant and consuming drive for excellence and greatness pulls against and simultaneously feeds their aching need for stasis: Nothing can change, everything must go back, even as we move forward we must return, etc. There is a cyclical nature to them, and a manner of thought that does not seem to be the same as other races. They’re so utterly convinced of their fallen divinity that they become, almost heartbreakingly, consumed with mortality, terrified of change. For all their refinement, their near-infinite growth, their (self-described) place as the elders of Nirn, they are frightened children still. What must not change, cannot grow.

…Went off on a bit of a philosophy tangent there, but that’s some of why I love them. There’s certainly a cultural majesty about them, a unique kind of balance between serenity and dissatisfaction that keeps their culture interesting, and a rich history of cultural conquest and exchange that’s very exciting to go over. There isn’t much explained in-game (there rarely is), but what there is describes a culture of societal importance being paramount, to the disregard of the individual, down to the lyrically-numerical names that hint at complex social strata. The propensity of Altmer to have a kind of almost-genetic predisposition towards dominion (in the mastery of study, industry, artisan vocations and so on, as well as the obvious military aspect) is psychologically intriguing, and I love playing with that as often as I can get away with.

Also, they’re generally pretty easy on the eyes. That helps. We’ll give ‘Oblivion’ a pass, since no one looked good there.))

I just wanna follow blogs that ship Klance, and Sheith, and Hance, and Hidge, and Shance, all at the same time and don’t simultaneously shit on one or the other. Why is this so hard my dude.

There’s a transgender police officer in my town. I knew her before she officially became ‘her’.
Her kids are catching some grief over the public change but MY GOODNESS do I L O V E this woman.
I’m sad that other kids are terrible and have decided to bully her children, terribly sad, but I just adore her. She came in today and I helped her and she’s radiant and vibrant and I wanted to hug her. In a world-and very small Bible Belt town-where it can be so difficult to be yourself and simultaneously be accepted-I’m damn proud to know her.