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Finally I learned to create clothing meshes (YES!). 

Big thanks to all the tutorials made by cc creators especially loubellesims, simlicious, mimisapje and simsncoffee.

Another big thanks to j-urassica and littlemsim for answering my numerous questions. :)

Note: I’m still a new mesh creator, there might be flaws. So if you don’t mind, you can proceed by clicking the button below.

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Addicted to CC

I am so addicted to CC. I’ve been playing the Sims series since The Sims 1 and I’ve never been able to play without Mods and Custom Content. Here’s the amount of Mods/cc I have for each game (Sims 2 -4):

The Sims 2:  58,367 packages 

The Sims 3:  30,000+ packages

The Sims 4: 11,859 packages

And I’m still downloading more right now……. 


[02.08.2016] Day with my goddaughters!

Hey guys! How are you ? I hope you’re fine haha
Today, Delancey came here with the twins, she says yesterday for me if I can stay with the twins today because she need to do some things today. I say yes, because I love them!
Mauricio was very excited to stay all the day with them, Mari and Rafa prefered to stay playing in the garden in the most of time.
Me and Jhonny pamper them very much! They’re so cute and adorable!
Mauricio got a little jealous of Jhonny, especially when he helped me to give bath in the twins.
Mauricio look to he as if to say ‘You can only give bath in me, only in me Daddy!“. I laugh a little, because It was very cute haha
In the afternoon, I put the twins in the Gro Bloom Lounger, and I put Dora The Explorer to Mauricio watch in my notebook.
When he was watching, and the twins sleeping, I used my cellphone to decide and order some things to a baby shower that I will do for a special friend hahah
I took these 2 pics of the twins, and omg, I’m in love!!

Princess Alice *–*

Princess Louise *–*

So, this is the post of today. I hope you like guys!



300 followers gift

  • 3 bedroom house with an attic
  • open plan Kitchen
  • 2 bathrooms
  • spaceous living area
  • outdoor seating on the second floor

This is Kales old house before I move them nothing wrong with the house just grew off me so you all can have it to deco, use for legacies ect

it has quite and old vibe to it 

Enjoy and thank you for following me

Download - SimFileShare

The fire’s out

Geoffrey: This is a thriller!!! Thriller night!

Geoffrey: Or at least we’ll make it into one.

Samantha: Ooh, pretty. Let me try as well. 

Geoffrey: No!!! My fire is done for.

Samantha: You look like you need a drink.

Geoffrey: Oh, hi Mika.

Mika: Hey, do I know you?

Geoffrey: Nope not at all. (I am certainly not responsible for you sexting a bunch of random people a few weeks ago…)

Samantha: You’re making murals even now?

Wanda: I want to know how the paint works with grass and humidity. Apparently pretty well.