Do you remember the first Sims 2 video trailer? It’s amazing! Haven’t watched yet? So here it is.

What do you think about the video? Sims 4 or Sims 5 like this?

This house was converted, remastered and optimized to give better TS2 experience.

Comes in two versions, available under ‘Miscellaneous’.


Better Nightlife Mod

Please note that you must have ‘Better Nightlife’ Mod installed to get this to work properly.


Creators of SimPE

Special thanks to Criquette! <3


Zagoskin Parish Church

TS2 Hood deco.
Cloned, rescaled and recolored from ‘Cities in Motion’ Church Coversion by @lowedeus

  • Requirements:  NL EP/Super Collection/Ultimate Collection

This item should work even without Better Nightlife shaders.
If you don’t have hood deco street lights+Better Nightlife, it will work just fine.

Installation: Just put the church into your ‘Downloads’ folder.

It will not replace original Lowedeus’s conversion.
Available under ‘Landmark’


Colossal Order
Creators of SimPE

Apartment Rent Control

This is a little object mod that allows you to reduce the rent on AL apartments, because EA’s default rents are silly, and also because subsidised housing is a thing.

Inspired by Inge’s mortgage shrub (which doesn’t work in apartments, and also it’s hard to discretely place a shrub in a bedsit), I’ve made two identical objects, using the mesh and textures of the telephone socket from Living Dead Girl’s Wall Clutter Part II, which look like this:

Just like the mortgage shrub, you place the rent control objects in the apartment while you’re building - before you’ve moved any sims in - and they will reduce the rent of the apartment. One object reduces the rent by §1000, and the other reduces it by §100.

Useful things to know:

  • Because of the way EA calculates apartment rent, the numbers aren’t exact - the rent will be reduced by approximately §1000 or §100, but sometimes there will be slight variation (like in the picture above).
  • You can have negative rents with these objects. If you do, your sim will be paid for moving into the apartment, and will also get money every time they “pay” rent.
  • If you use a mod that makes sims pay a deposit to move in, or something like Inge’s landlord mod that allows sims to buy whole apartment buildings, these will mess up the deposit/purchase cost.
  • You can use multiple rent control sockets in one apartment, and you can stack them on top of each other invisibly, without using moveobjects.
  • You can find the rent control sockets in Misc->Misc.
  • Because of weird maths, these cost -§15,151 and -§1,515, respectively. Don’t have your tenants try to sell them. ;)
  • The rent control sockets only affect the apartment they are in - if you want to reduce the rent on all the apartments in a building, you need to place rent control sockets in every apartment.
  • The sockets are technically toilets. I’ve tested them a lot and I’m pretty sure there is no leftover toilet-related behaviour - sims don’t pee on the socket, or vomit on it when they’re pregnant… however, please let me know if you find any bugs!
  • The sockets won’t be sold when your sim moves out - because they’re toilets, they stay with the apartment even when it’s unfurnished.
  • The sockets go down with the walls.

Edit: Thanks to @datnewnewtype for pointing out that these objects were causing a problem with bills. I’ve updated the file to include a fix. If you don’t use Cyjon’s Bigger Bills, please redownload - if you do use Cyjon’s Bigger Bills then you don’t need the bill fix file, and if you install it then it will conflict with Bigger Bills. :)