Since I hit a massive milestone, I wanted to share a followers gift with you guys. I really didn’t have much time, so I did some quick conversions, hope you’ll like ‘em. Thank you guys so much for following, love all of you!

3t2 Marcussims End of year gift

  • Lincoln Book Shelf (§349 in Surfaces>misc) with 18 slots and 1 recolor
  • Luna books (§39 in General>knowledge) Books1 is the MASTER mesh, and 2-4 are SLAVES, it comes with 4 original recolors
  • Planter snake plant (§99 in Deco>plants) bigger is MASTER, smaller is SLAVE
  • Planter Cactus (§99 in Deco>plants) bigger is MASTER, smaller is SLAVE

Also included: Collection file and icon, multipliers and overlays for recolorists

Credit: marcussims, Luna, lpvinyl21, Gelina


Again, thanks for following, liking, reblogging and downloading! Enjoy!


On the second birthday of my blog, I offer to you a set I’ve been working on for quite some time now… I apologize in advance if there are things in here that have already been converted, just delete them if you don’t want ‘em. 

Another funny thing, fate had it that Baufive started following me just yesterday. This set is dedicated to him as well, and all his magnificent work.

Enough talk, the download consists of the pictured 20 items (along with their original recolors), collection file and icon, and I’ve added the multipliers and overlays for the resident recolorists.

• 1800 Jelly Cabinet (with 20 slots +2rcs) • Accordion Scissors Lamp (+2rcs) • Accordion Endtable (+2rcs) • Antique Floorlamp (+2rcs) • Art by Blog (+11rcs) • Biology Wall Chart (+11rcs) • Bishop Stool (+1rc) • Flour Cabinet (+2rcs) • Funny Bunny Chair (+2rcs) • Guns Blazing Art (+1rc) • Lichtenstein Utility Set Art (+1rc) • Metal Sign (+1rc) • Pawn Stool (+1rc) • Rock Stool (+1rc) • Salvage Door Table (+3rcs) • Trolley Cart Coffeetable (+4rcs) • Wall Sconce Wall Lamp (Left is MASTER, right is SLAVE)(+2rcs) • Warehouse Pallet Coffeetable (+3rcs) • Water Water Everywhere Art (+1rc)

Credit: baufive

Now download: MEDIAFIRE | COPY

Happy birthday to me!