Roy: Oh my God, VIOLET! HEY! 

I almost didn’t recognise you without my wife’s crotch in your face!

Violet smiles.

Violet: Hello, Mr. Goddard. How are you today? Can I get you some pastries? A coffee, maybe? 

Roy: I’ll have four pain aux raisins to go, thank you Violet.

Violet: Four. Wow. You must be hungry. 

Roy: I’m always hungry. I’m a man of insatiable appetites. 

Violet’s eyes meet his without wavering. Her manner is smooth and professional.

Violet: Anything else? 

Roy: Well, there is something else, now that you mention it. My lovely wife and I are spending Wednesday night in town. As much as we love them, it’s nice to get away from the kids every once in a while. We’ll be staying at a hotel and we’ll probably go to dinner, followed by a show.

Violet: That sounds like a lot of fun. Lucky Mrs Goddard.

Roy: Well, you know. You have to keep the romance alive and all that shit. But more importantly, are you busy on Wednesday night, Violet? Would you care to join us? 

Violet: Really? For dinner and a show? Sure. That sounds fantastic. Your wife has my number. She can call me with the details.

Roy: Excellent! That’s excellent! I’ll make the bookings as soon as I get to the office. That’s wonderful, Violet. I’ll be looking forward to it! Wow! Thank you! 

Violet: Mr. Goddard?

Roy: Yes, Violet?

Violet: You forgot your pastries. 


“Such a starry sky tonight… I always find comfort in the stars. Once the day fades away, they appear and light up the nightsky. I’ve always wondered what those lights are made off. Even our oldest ancestors doesn’t have tales about their gloomy origin, not even in the ancient tales of ‘The Beginning’.. Oh how I wonder.” Nenril whispered to her fellow clansmen as a way to distract them from what everyone was thinking; None of them were certain what time would bring them - They had no leader and no place to go.


Quisiera besarte pero no me atrevo
Tu amor es prohibido; el pecado es eterno
No tiene sentido si eres mi amigo sentir lo que siento

(I’d like to kiss you, but I don’t dare
Your love is forbidden; an eternal sin
It makes no sense, if you’re my friend, to feel the way I feel)


Toddler Luggage Poses

This little packet of poses begins my grand plan to update and re-upload all of my old poses from my old wordpress blog so I can finally host all my content on this blog (and I don’t have to be ashamed of the piss poor quality of the old poses).

I’m not sure if I ever even uploaded this pose when I made it. It was made for a friend of mine originally but I’m sure you all can get some use out of it too! Enjoy!

Download: Dropbox | SimFileShare


Raven keeps waving at Artyom.

…. I don’t think they’ve really met.  THEY HAVE, because Charisma skill journal horsecrap, but they haven’t.

I don’t really think I want them to.  :|

Cry about it.  xD

Also it’s Billy’s lucky day, as certain lupine jerks have work today.

As is canon, since it’s a full moon night, I’m sure it’s virgin sacrifice/blood orgy/office pizza party night.

It’s a fine time.  xD