“He’s not coming home.”

“Ungrateful brat. What did he want?”

“They are having a small birthday party for Sophia and he was calling to invite me.”

“Was he upset that you refused the invitation?”

“No, he wasn’t because I didn’t refuse it. I’m going to the party Rich.”

“No you’re not, Lana. I forbid it. 

“Forbid? You can’t keep me from my son and granddaughter!”

“He’ll never come home if he’s allowed to see you whenever he wants, Lana. You can’t go.”

“I’d like to see you try and stop me, old man. In case you’ve forgotten, I’m not one of your bimbo floozies. I go and do what I please.”

“You’re not going, Lana, and that’s final. Now if you’ll excuse me I have work to do.”


Some more work on the house at 190 Sim Lane. It’s the house I chose for the Oldies back in February 2015 when I first started thinking of how to do the makeover for this lot, and I think I’m finally starting to get a feel for how it’ll work now.


Silas came home from work, bringing along another of the neighborhood’s playables, who had also randomized into that career. He wasted no time passing along the gossip he’s already learned. (Autonomously, again.) 

And then there was…a non-playable walkby! So Silas’s housemate will apparently be…Bruce Rauscher, the social townie. Which is good because that default hair uses the Molotov color for red…which I have an irrational hatred for because it’s too much like the awful Maxis red. So, I can change it, yay! :) It’s also good because they’re sort of similarly dressed and now I’m envisioning them forming a garage band or something. Hey, maybe they can both hook up with someone and then they can form an ABBA-like band… 

But it’s bad because…

They didn’t exactly hit it off. So! Fun times ahead! :D

Silas Moonfeather contemplatively moves into his new house. According to the license plate on the SUV, he came from Missouri. So now I’m imagining him with that accent that’s an odd mix of Southern and Midwestern that they tend to have in Missouri…

Anyway, he apparently approved of the house. Or at least of the bathtub…

Decadent, Silas. Decadent. Not that I can blame him, of course. Luxurious baths aren’t a luxury as far as I’m concerned, so a guy who autonomously chooses bubble baths is A-OK in my book. Unfortunately for him, the carpool came before he could finish his bath. He rolled Fortune/Pleasure as his aspirations and his LTW is to max out the Entertainment career, but he needs max Charisma to get into that career according to the rules I’m using for this neighborhood and he has….Well, zero Charisma points because that randomizer wasn’t kind to him. So in the meantime he’ll work as a….

…maid! (HAH! I love generating things randomly. Although he can be thankful that at least I defaulted the silly maid outfits in the game.) So, before he could get a roommate, he had to go to work until 1800…