Since some Sims (ahem…) couldn’t keep it in their pants, and because you amazing lot are now 70 -2 following me, I’m offering you the Bock-Chartoff’s next home, 12 Pine Spring Lawn.

It’s a mostly CC-free house except for some floors and wallpapers, and it comes empty.

It costs $27 625.

Credit to @shastakiss, @witheredlilies and @strawberrikhunnie whose awesome CC I used to build this lot.

As always, use CleanInstaller to install this, and back-up your game !



“None of your military ranks made you a hero of mine. You are my hero because you are my husband, my best friend, my soulmate, my lover, my everything.. You don’t have to try to impress me, to impress anyone. I just want your love, Buzz. Nothing more.” 💕

Blue flashing “overgrown” plants :(

So..was playing the Yurei family, felt a bit of lag, which is odd, cuz my game runs smoothly..then noticed a whole bunch of fungal “plants” were suddenly flashing blue.

They were in “overgrown” state. I had a sim trim them and still the square of land under them remained blue flashing. In some cases the fungus was invisible in overgrown state and only the tile upon which it was placed was flashing.

ANYway..so I found a hack that maintains perfect gardens but unfortunately all fungal “plants” that were currently flashing blue did not (of course) revert to perfect condition so i had to yank them all and replace.

QUITE a tedious chore on the huge lots I have placed in this world.

I am hoping that now that all the problematic plants have been replaced with fresh copies, that the hack will prevent them from going into the overgrown state.

If not, I will have to seek out sculptural plant objects to replace all the blue-flashers on my lots.

This took a lot of my time today, and was repetitive as hell….so..taking a break from Murkimizu and will get some Saturenornian (ts3 world @saturenorn  ) natives ready for uploading for others to have in game.


Kristen gave Henry a stern lecture about breaking the dishwasher, which he wasn’t happy about. To make it worse, his little brother Elias started autonomously doing dishes in the sink right after like a total suck up. Henry pulled out a sponge and started wiping the counters down, but you could almost picture him swearing under his breath.


Opening-of-the-household wants for the Trio + Twins.

It seems to be mostly all about the pets…except they’re not getting anymore right now because I have two-pets-per-household rule, the only exception to which is if those two pets breed. But since both their dogs are male, that’s not gonna happen. :)

And Cherry wants a party. What a shock. :|