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Something for the guys this time. I hope you like them. A revival from my wip folder and I have another couple in store. As always, thank you for your support family!

Two Versions
6 Swatches
All LODs
Hat Compatible
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Mesh - Kings@IMVU
@estrojans​ for the awesome hairbase on v2

Thank you to all the cc creators used in this post! Your content makes my game so beautiful

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Savidal - The Retreat

I always wanted to build a functional house without any electrical appliance and plumbing. Except for the outdoor shower (it can work with… collected rainwater), it’s done :p

Now, I only need a mod to disallow my sims to use their cellphone… it would be nice to have a lot trait to do that !


Jack’s Bachelorette Challenge 


Sierra @sims4maxis-matchcc // Philippa @theplumbobarchitect // Soo-yun @enablefreebuild // Rae @mandaplays // Itzel @jellyplumbean // Kailee @simsaresavage // Antonia @pxelboy

I will start playing the save soon, although it may be a while until posts due to school. If you want to know the rules that I am following, you can find them here.


It was bright dawn when the last survivors had finally reached the camp. Their family, friends and lovers were lost to the attack or might have fled a different way. Nothing was certain, really.

Kale: “I suggest we make a permanent home, it could even be here!”

Alfatjor: “It’s too close nearby. What if the attacking clan might expand their raids to other nearby villages? We have to warn the others.”

Shea: “We should pick a leader for what’s left of us. We have all lost some to the war, but look at us now! We cannot fight back. Remember what Feynarel The Three Eyes said in his prophecy - Only the ‘marked child’ can finish this war. We need to find this child even if it takes us years. It is the only way to ever live peacefully again.”