People, now that my pc broke I do not know what the future of the collection will be, so I’m seeing the repair of it will be delayed, and I do not want to leave you in the hand! So I decided that I’m launching every item I’ve already made each time … I hope you like it!

- 38 swatches (solid colors + patterns)

- HQ compatible

- new mesh

- shadow map

- tiny glitch problems

-for more info check my TOU

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The first promotional poster for ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ has surfaced, showing the first look at Thor as well as Hulk in the ‘Planet Hulk’ armor. Promotional material for the movie along with material for ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2′ and ‘Spider-man: Homecoming’ are currently on display at CCXP in Brazil!



Marvel movies have notched up 13 nominations at this years Critics Choice Awards - 9 for the MCU and 4 for FOX. ‘Doctor Strange’ leads the pack with 6 nominations including Best Visual Effects, Best Action Movie, Best Actor for Benedict Cumberbatch, and Best Actress for Tilda Swinton. ‘Civil War’ managed 3 nominations including Best Action Movie, Best Action Actor for Christ Evans, and Best Action Actress for Scarlett Johansson. Finally, ‘Deadpool’ managed 4 nominations including Best Action Movie, Best Comedy, and Best Comedy Actor for Ryan Reynolds!

The Science of Shipping

Shipping culture is very interesting.

What is shipping anyway?

Basically, it’s ‘These two would be great together’ or ‘This is cute, why not?’

Or, mostly, ‘These two deserve each other’ whether you mean it in a nice way or a bad way.

Here’s what I’ve observed:

Shipping basically starts as us seeing chemistry between two characters, feeling that they have great potential. Potential for what? For anything really.

The potential to:

  • Complete each other? (Ladynoir)
  • To make for an interesting story? (Drarry)
  • To be good for each other? (Stucky)
  • To balance each other out with their differences? (McKirk)

Or that they simply make sense based on:

  • Shared traits (Percabeth)
  • Experiences (Zutara)
  • Goals (Superbat)
  • History (Stucky) / (Clintasha)

From then it can branch out to just liking the dynamic, the idea of them, even if it doesn’t lead to a happily ever after or a happily ever anything. This is where ‘problematic’ ships come into the play.

Now, let’s discuss the biggest question –

When is it Shipping and when is it Fetishizing?

We have a big fetishizing problem in fandom in general, and that’s different from having a fetish. It centers around dehumanizing and depersonalizing people, making them out to only be their mental illness, sexuality or just their appearance. Let’s discuss!

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Not A Date (9/9)

Summary: Bucky Barnes is an infamous player with a well-known reputation. Can he woo the weary girl who had her heartbroken too many times? Or will she woo him so he changes his ways?

Warnings: Swearing, College AU

Words: 2.1k

A/N: This is the final part! Thank you guys for the support throughout this, it means a lot. Send tag requests/feedback here.
Also my requests are still open so please send some in.


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