6000 Followers Special // The Avenger Hair

As a fourth and final commemorative gift, I present “the Avenger”. A BGC hair, coming in all ea base colors and all LODs. It’s also, like most of my hairs, hat compatible!

I’m not entirely sure there are a lot of short braid hairstyle likes this (that’s true to maxis match and doesn’t use photoskinned texturing or alpha maps) floating around in the internet, and I thought I’d give it a go since it needed to be a thing [in maxis match that is lol]

Not much else to say other than I hope you enjoy the hair. If there are any major issues, just flick me a message :)

Download’s down here↯

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| The Avenger

haha so i just got the sims 4 and here’s who i made:

bb beans

first thing after they moved in together, Steve cooked while Tony was still asleep and then started painting. Tony woke up and came to find him - and tried to distract him by flirting shamelessly.

oh look! it worked!

Tony decided he wanted to cook too, so three seconds later Steve came to find him in the kitchen and tell him a big impressive story like a total dork

(he totally put off getting dressed as long as possible to give tony the chance to admire his shirtlessness)

Tony is smol and adorable and lights up like a happy puppy whenever Steve talks to him. He totally forgot he was making himself a garden salad for breakfast because he was so busy looking at Steve like he’d hung the moon.

His tiny besotted face watching Steve walk away

i LOVE them

Avengers Preference- Who and how first finds out that they like you


Sam and Natasha have become friends since being on missions together and being around each other, and since she pays so much attention to everything she was the first one to notice.
“Y/N you’re not risking your life in this way.” Sam tells her beginning to worry about her.
“Sam I’ll be fine I promise, I’ve gone on more dangerous missions and Nat and Steve will be there with me.” She tells him trying to reassure him.
As she walks away Sam hears a voice from behind him.
“You like her.” Natasha simply says as he turns around.
“What?” Sam asks.
“Well you always look at her on missions and die a little inside when she gets hurt, you’re always looking at her and watch out for her, whether it be before a dangerous mission or when she’s cold. You like her.” Natasha tells him as she makes her way to the jet.


Bruce and Tony spend a lot of time in the lab together so of course he notices how Bruce changes when you walk in the room. 
“Hey guys just came by to drop this off.” Y/N says as she walks over to the desk to drop the files down. As walks in Bruce takes his glasses off to get a better look at her.
“Oh.. uh, thanks.” Bruce says and takes the files.
“Oooohhh.” Tony teases as she leaves the room.
“What?” Bruce asks.
“You like y/n, you like y/n.” Tony starts to chant.
Bruce doesn’t get mad he just turns around and goes back to work.


Bucky and Steve have been best friends since they were kids so obviously Steve was gonna notice when his usually attentive listener of a best friend gets distracted when you walk in the room.
“Well I was walking to training when….” Steve looks up from eating his breakfast to see his best friend staring down the corridor. 
“Bucky, you’re about 100 years old you should ask her out.” Bucky hears Steve say as he zones back in.
“What? Shut up punk and eat your cherrios.” Bucky tells his best friend as he turns back to his pancakes avoiding the situation.


Sif and Thor have fought by each others sides since they were old enough to fight so obviously he’s going to notice when her fighting technique changes from tactical to protective.
“Thor why did you smile at me today in battle?” She asks her good friend.
“You and I have fought by each other many times and I have never seen you be so vengeful when protecting another warrior then you are when you protect lady y/n.” Thor tells her starting to smirk.
“Shut up.” Is all she says as she stares at him with a stone cold look, but as she walks away she starts to grin.


So here’s how I spent the last 3 hours. I did my best to match the artwork for Avengers Academy in most cases except with Sam Wilson, whom I modeled more after Anthony Mackie.

This could probably be better somehow but I’m only using stock Sims stuff. 

Also Loki is not shirtless he’s just got a fabulous sleeveless top.