Coconut Doll - Completely new bodyskin for your female sims! ^.^  For teen-elder. Enjoy!~ ♥

~Only for the body!

It works as an overlay, it’s placed under skin details. You can use this skin over the original skintone.

IT WON’T REPLACE ANYTHING! It’ll be a completely usual package file.

It looks best if you combine it with my Face Skintones! Their looks match perfectly with this skintone.

~What is new about this skin?

  • 3 different versions: Shiny (V1) | Satin (V2) | Matte (V3)
  • New repainted texture for the whole body
  • Flawless look, as it is very smooth.
  • Pores aren’t visible
  • Defined stomach, ribs and back
  • Soft collarbones
  • Natural breast- and butt area
  • Delicate legs
  • …See more details in the pictures
  • Anatomically correct (ONLY CLICK HERE IF YOU ARE 18+!!!)

~For all skincolors!

From pale to dark, or even blue skin. It will fit to all your wishes.

Please DO NOT re-upload my creations or claim them as your own! All my creations are fully handpainted!! Please DO NOT use parts of my creations for other things! Thank you

Download here: *click*



So ya here is part one of my recolor dump of Delcowebney’s hairs in Niksims’s colors. For these recolors to work you need Delcowebney’s original meshes, which are linked alongside the downloads. If you have any questions or a request please let me know.




Long Braids in Nik’s colors - [Onedrive] [Mesh]

Classy in Nik’s colors - [Onedrive] [Mesh]

Modernist in Nik’s colors - [Onedrive] [Mesh]

Delight in Nik’s colors - [Onedrive] [Mesh]

CleanCut in Nik’s colors - [Onedrive] [Mesh]

Lioness in Nik’s colors - [Onedrive] [Mesh]

Base Game Fauxhawk Pastel Recolors by Cuteplumbbies

Another recolor for you guys since I’ve been recoloring hairs for my legacy type of thingy in ts4 and I thought I could trow in some of my own palette colors as well!

  • No custom thumbnails since I still need to come up with one someday..
  • Colors are added to the original file as you can see in the preview! You can see the color palette in this post!
  • Male child only.
  • If there’s anything wrong, please let me know asap so i can change it! :)

Be sure to link back to me once you use this recolor! :)

Download and more information on my blog!


Avery Cabral

Avery was made a while back for one of deathbycowplant‘s BCs.  After her small stunt with Benji, Avery decided to go back to focusing on what mattered the most to her the most in her life, her career as a professional softball player.  It was after an injury that kept her from playing the game for months when she finally realized how alone she was in the world and how much she desperately wants to fill that void with another.

Traits: Athletic, Dog Person, Friendly, Handy, Rebelious
Sexuality: Interested in Men
Favorites: R&B, Aloo Masala Curry, Red