Before she could think of it, Silvia moved closer towards Danny. His lips hovered over hers, so close that she could practically taste his peppermint gum. Slipping her hands across his shoulders she attempted to move in closer but was stopped by Danny’s hold on her. 

Danny: What are we doing, Silv. We’re friends…

Closing her eyes, she took in the scent that was purely, Danny. His words held no meaning in comparison to what she was feeling. 

Silvia: Maybe we can be kissing friends. 

Serri Outfit - The Sims 4 Outfit

Hey guys! Today we bring you an outfit inspired by Dal Shabet’s 2014 song ‘B.B.B’ The sim in the picture was made by the lovely @pspsims. We hope you enjoy the mod and as always, feel free to recolor it and let us know if there are any issues you are having! Thank you so much for downloading!

Info & Download Below!

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Henrik gathered in the cafe with his ex-girlfriend Rebecca

Henrik: 😕I feel you angry, I thought you had overcome our breakup?

Rebecca: Don’t be stupid, i.. it's just that you remind me when I could still walk w.. when we were together … Why did you leave us?😔

Henrik: What do you mean? we live only a few blocks away. haha

Rebecca: 😠Don’t lie to me! I know you still blame yourself for the accident … If not, then tell me why you don’t answer my calls?