HallowSims CC

Looks like Hallowsims adfly account got reported too… I’ve talked with Caesar and he gave me a SFS folder link with all their downloads just for you!

If you need something specific, go to the link, click “CTRL+F” and write what you are looking for, and it should take you there! It’s a pretty big list but it’s everything they ever shared :)

You can download all their CC here : [SIMFILESHARE]

I made a new recolor and this time it’s dazzled-simblr’s Plain Jane Tee. There are 14 swatches in total - all colors that I’m a fan of at the moment (it often changes). I was trying to leave the zip be, though I honestly didn’t know how to do it. All in all, it looks quite nice and I hope that you’ll like this thing too. 

The mesh is NOT included - grab it HERE!


  • You are not allowed to re-upload my CC/Sims.
  • Do not claim my CC/Sims as your own.
  • Tag me if you use any of my creations. I would love to see them in your game!

DOWNLOAD (SimFileShare)

special thanks to @dazzled-simblr for permission!  💋


The small town of Tillamook is located on the Coast of Oregon and looks very old-fashioned. It is best-known for its autumn festival and its friendly inhabitants. Also, there have been many strange and unexplained disappearances and events over the years and the area is believed by locals to have a powerful curse laid on it. 

MAXIS MATCH TODDLER CC // look at this munchkin ♥ ♥

CC USED: hair // eyelashes // skin // pink dress //

akira and miko make the cutest babies! 

Any questions/suggestions? Ask here!


The Edge of Seventeen Tag

rules: reimagine your founder (or a sim you made as an adult) as a teen! maybe even on prom night?

I love backstories and I kept thinking what Brynn was like as a teen. Brynn was always a romantic at heart and that all started in high school. In her small town, Brynn was never one to shy away from standing out. Whether it was her big bell sleeves or her shiny lipgloss or her love for the boys and girls. Prom was all she ever dreamed of and she ended the night as a princess and even got to kiss a frog. Here she is in her normal off dress code everyday look and on prom night.

I tag @our-dazed-sims, @lilsimsie, @dank-owski, @loniden, @pxelmoon, @pxelsong, @berrysweetboutique, @calisimgirl, @classy-cal, @becolibe, @blursims, @literallywhothe & @lucasmunch bc im extra and it’s my tag

 make sure to include the banner here made by the one and only @our-dazed-sims, if you wanna! HUGE thanks to my better half Jack for making my banner and helping me through my editing crisis ily

pls use the tag ‘the edge of sims’ so I can see all ur cute lil teen sims and tag me too!


happy Easter!

something i thought i’d throw together for you, i know it’s not much but i really hope you like these things- especially the glasses. i recently got some glasses that inspired me to make simlish rainbow ray-bans. they’re lit. and also, i know the crop tops aren’t extremely interesting; they just look pretty with jeans and choker. yep. so now you’re probably thinking, “well, where the hell is my download link ya bitch?” well, well, an easter egg hunt i have prepared for you my dear. tis’ not so simple. well it sort of is. here’s the catch, i’ve hidden your two present eggs as links within this post, just to make it a lil more interesting, happy hunting <3


for those who couldn’t find them;

sim-bans sunglasses

suitable for all genders ❤

(ノ゚ο゚)ノミ  download

little crop tops

new mesh. suitable for all genders ❤

(ノ゚ο゚)ノミ  download


Morgan’s Rooftop Restaurant.

  • cc Creator’s. 

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30 day room challenge.

I have seen so many cas challenges, So I thought I would do something different. ( and share it in case anyone was interested) 

This challenge is basically the same but instead of making a sim, you create and furnish a room to a theme (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ 
If you want tag me - I would love to see your rooms! or you could use the tag #30DayRoomChallenge    (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ 

Day 1. Out of this world
Day 2. Under Water
Day 3. Bookworm
Day 4. Slob
Day 5. Mythology
Day 6. Night and Day 
Day 7. School Days
Day 8. Seasons
Day 9. Nature
Day 10. Solitude
Day 11. Spirituality 
Day 12. Fantasy
Day 13. Time Travel 
Day 14. christmas 
Day 15. Urban
Day 16. Rural 
Day 17. Zen
Day 18. Lost Things
Day 19. Haunted
Day 20. Toys
Day 21. Emotions
Day 22. Ruins
Day 23. Crime
Day 24. Around the World
Day 25. History
Day 26. Monsters
Day 27. Vacation 
Day 28. Date Night
Day 29. Scientist
Day 30. Rainbow

Hey guys! How are you doing? It’s been a quite some time since I shared something so here it goes, pretty much all my male sims and I do hope you guys have much fun with them (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ

  • DOWNLOAD (it’s included 24 .sim files and pictures.)
  • Sliders.
  • How to install: Place the .sim file in documents > electronic arts > the sims 3 > saved sims


  • Please don’t re-upload.
  • Don’t claim them as your own.
  • Tag me if you want me to see it.