How to Simplify your Life

1. Don’t try to read other peoples’ minds and don’t expect others to be able to read yours. Communicate if it is important to you.

2. Don’t expect to be friends with everyone. We all are different – and we all like different things. Instead, invest your time in a few good friends. That’s all you really need to feel happy and fulfilled.

3. Create a budget and live within your means. Accruing lots of debt will only cause you to feel stressed.

4. Kill off the monster of jealousy – and only compare yourself with yourself.

5. Organize your clutter and get rid of excess stuff. It will leave you feeling calmer, and will save you lots of time!

6. Stay on the sidelines and don’t get drawn into pointless scenes and dramas in other peoples’ lives (unless it’s a crisis – and you know you ought to help).

7. Finish what you’ve started - and then do something else.

8. Treat every person you meet with respect, and err on the side of being gentle and kind.

9. Accept that there are things that you can’t change or control – and focus on those things that you can change or control.

10. Admit when you were wrong, then say you’re sorry, and move on.


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Dungeons and dragons alignments simplified!

Lawful Good - Does the right thing, the right way

Neutral Good - Does the right thing, their way

Chaotic Good - Does the right thing, the wrong way

Lawful Neutral - Does their thing, the right way

True Neutral - Simply does

Chaotic Neutral - Does their thing, the wrong way

Lawful Evil - Does the wrong thing, the right way

Neutral Evil - Does the wrong thing, their way

Chaotic Evil - Does the wrong thing, the wrong way

I lost my phone. I have a phone now, and I lost it and I just really didn’t look for it. It was the nicest feeling, like six weeks. … A couple of times I needed to use a telephone, and I was always able to touch someone that had a telephone and say, “Hey, can I use your phone? May I please?” And they’d say, “Sure.” And that was it! So it was OK, it was a real vacation. I took a real vacation from myself. …

Everyone needs to take a vacation from the sort of automatic things you do, you know. The automatic things you do are basically those things that keep you from doing the better things you need to do. So, getting away from all that sort of left me in front of the question, “Well, what would I do today if I had no one telling me or asking me to do something?”

So, I really relaxed. I hadn’t relaxed like that in many years, I don’t think. I don’t think I ever got as relaxed as I got this summer. You know, I walked around, I looked at nature, I jumped in the ocean — things that you think you’d do if you had real freedom of a day.


Bill Murray

Very interesting minimalist experience from actor Bill Murray.