Simon Patton

Keep Us On This Road - Aaron Boyens + Simon Patton (Wilderness Love) [ 2014 ]

From the album “Awake My Soul” by Wilderness Love

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Inside me, it’s all darkness. Since the beginning, I have been cautiously avoiding these dark corners, covering them up, but they grew steadily bigger until they became alienated and turned into a cancer of the spirit. Since the beginning, this has been the reality of my writing.
—  Duo Yu, from “Inside me, it’s all darkness” (translated by Simon Patton). 

Find Me Faithful - original print from The Worship Project.

You know those times in life, when a day feels like it shifts from walking on a mountaintop to scouring through the valley of shadows? This has been a reality. So much change is on the brink right now. I’m about to move countries, friendships changing, different pressures etc. This has been (and will continue to be) my prayer each morning. “Oh Lord, that You would find me faithful to Your calling, to Your works, to You. Be near me as I stumble through life, unaware of what’s around the corner. I lift my eyes, and my heart to You completely. Keep me ever on this path I pray.”

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Recent developments in popular culture were arguably predicted by the French philosopher and cultural theorist, Jean Baudrillard in his book, ‘America’, in which he talks about the infantilzation of society. Put simply, this is the idea that as a society, we are kept in a state of arrested development by dominant forces in order to keep us more pliant. We are made passionate about the things that occupied us as children as a means of drawing our attentions away from the things we really should be invested in, inequality, corruption, economic injustice etc. It makes sense that when faced with the awfulness of the world, the harsh realities that surround us, our instinct is to seek comfort, and where else were the majority of us most comfortable than our youth? A time when we were shielded from painful truths by our recreational passions, the toys we played with, the games we played, the comics we read. There was probably more discussion on Twitter about the The Force Awakens and the Batman vs Superman trailers than there was about the Nepalese earthquake or the British general election.

Simon Pegg

I want to make an uber-nerd political team superhero film with Simon Pegg, Patton Oswalt, Russell Brand, Tilda Swinton, Tina Fey and Cate Blanchett. Mastermind villain played by Leonardo DiCaprio. It will be called Anti-Avengers: The Age of Baudrillard, and it will be the superhero movie we really need.  Someone give me the money to do this.