Simon Monroe

gay otp starter pack: 

  • one’s blond and the other has dark hair.
  • daddy issues.
  • one’s a “tough guy” who becomes a love sick puppy when’s the other is around. 
  • one or both attempted/committed murder.
  • precious cinnamon rolls that needs love.

tbh i think one of the most underrated scenes in all of in the flesh is the scene where simon and kieren are walking to kieren’s house and simon is reassuring kieren that he’s okay and he goes “i’m fine, i’m completely relaxed” and then he sees kieren’s father steve and he says, a little quieter than before “is that your dad? shit like i’m smiling just thinking about it, simon’s the scary-looking disciple of a ~mysterious~ cult leader and yet he momentarily freaked out at the thought of talking to the parent of a boy he likes, he’s such a dork i miss him i miss kieren i miss in the flesh.

As I was laying in bed, I suddenly just thought about this tweet and perhaps I’m reading too far into it but bear with me. From other tweets from Dom M, we know that Kieren and Simon on living together in the undead side of town, with only the undead, right… and at the end of series 2, we saw Kieren having tremors like Amy, which led to her returning to life. Now, why would the undead, who can’t eat or drink, living only with other undead, be using dishes? Unless… one of them wasn’t undead anymore… dun dun dun. Perhaps this was a subtle hint that series 3 could have brought Kieren back to life, hiding this new secret as he lived in East Roarton to avoid being taken away to the scientists. Because of course he would tell Simon what happened and there is no way Simon would ever let the people in the treatment centers or the ULA get their hands on him, so they would have no one to turn to and Kieren would need to keep up appearances to avoid being taken. Or its just supposed to be a cute little tweet digging on the nature of their relationship and playing with common tropes of people who eat and drink things… who knows. But I’m still so bitter that we couldn’t find out. And that we don’t have any more content of our favorite risen kiddos. :(