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“There was Maggie Smith – seen one moment on film rolling a wine glass across her forehead as the affectedly sexy Myra in Coward’s Hay Fever, the next moment present in the flesh to deliver a speech from Farquhar’s The Beaux’ Stratagem with unadorned simplicity. And to see Judi Dench moving from Shakespeare’s Cleopatra to Sondheim’s Desiree in A Little Night Music was to receive an object lesson in the power of physical stillness and flawless articulation.” (National theatre’s 50th birthday gala)

Matthew Gray Gubler: An Unauthorized Biography (Tips from Simon)
  • Matthew:You know my hair on the show? Kind nerdy.I'm thinkin',I don't know if you knew this about me,but I was thinking something more along the lines of that. (shows Sisley ad) You like that? What do you think about that? Could you push for that in the writing room?
  • Simon:(points) Is that your nipple?
  • Matthew:Yeah. Yeah,it is.
  • Simon:You got your nipple out? Are you gay?
  • Matthew:(laughs) No, I'm not. I'm not. Guys have nipples,girls have nipples. We all have nipples. Simon,you've got two nipples,are you gay?
  • Simon:No,I'm not gay.
  • Matthew:Didn't think so.
  • Simon:But I wouldn't do that though.
  • Matthew:You've got a teal sweatshirt on. You sure?
  • Simon:You've got your tits out for the boys.
  • Matthew:(laughs) Point taken.

Watch here the first trailer for Simon Curtis’ Woman in Gold, starring Helen MirrenRyan Reynolds, Daniel Brühl, Katie Holmes, Tatiana Maslany, Max Irons, Charles Dance, Elizabeth McGovern and Jonathan Pryce. If you missed it, here’s the first poster.

Le Parisien - 19/09/2014 (Translation)

 His Louis XIV is going to rock

Filming – Jalil Lespert is directing ‘Versailles’, a series for Canal Plus, co-written with the author of ‘Criminal Minds’. The result is going to be explosive.
« Come on, we finish it, there’s a  game tonight! », shouts Jalil Lespert, electronic-cigarette in hand, white skin-tight tee-shirt, fitted jeans and vintage trainers. This Wednesday, it’s the beginning of the Champions League for the PSG team, in the studios of Bry-Sur-Marne (Val de Marne) the 38-year old director supervises the ceremony of Louis XIV’s lever, a scene from the first episode of ‘Versailles’, a super production in ten episodes for Canal Plus. Since August 18th, he is setting up the « aesthetic DNA » and is directing the first two episodes.
« We don’t cut, we go on… » From the study  nearby the king’s bedroom, richly reproduced, the director of ‘Yves Saint-Laurent’, released at the beginning of the year, multiplies the takes. « He does it a lot, he’s a film director, that’s why we have quality »,  whispers Philippe Alessandri, from Zodiak, co-productor with Capa Drama (‘Braquo’) and the Canadian company Incendo. A series filmed in English in order to promote international sales.
« We are at the moment when Louis XIV decides to build Versailles, an architectural and political project: to extend definitely his absolute power, “he’s going to gradually transform it into a gilded prison for the gentry », explains Claude Chelli, co-productor for Capa.
To tell this story, they have hired Simon Mirren – Helen Mirren’s nephew, the Oscar-winning actress for her part in ‘The Queen’ - who is the producer and scriptwriter of ‘Criminal Minds’.
For the Englishman, who is fascinated by the psychology of the character, «  Louis XIV was probably a psychopath or at least a sociopath with a high tendency to paranoia ». With the help of the scriptwriter David Wolsencroft, author of a thesis about the sovereign, he has built-up a plot about the King, his relationships with Monsieur, his brother, and the construction of Versailles, a flamboyant self-portrait of the Sun King (Roi Soleil) to be.
Long wavy brown hair, neatly trimmed moustache and sparkling blue eyes, it’s the Englishman George Blagden, seen as an Athelstan monk in ‘Vikings’, who plays “The King of the Sun”, as he says. A 28-year old sovereign is dressed out of bed, in a sort of ballet during which he meets the gaze of his mother, Anne of Austria, played by Dominique Blanc… the Queen has died a year ago. It’s a ghost who is going to guide him through his choices. “We are doing fiction, we enter inside King’s head”, continues Chelli. It was important to show what is behind politics, to know why he behaves like that.”
“Simon, the writer, asked me to do boxing to get close to the psychology of a psychopath”, explains George Blagden, who only knew that he has got the part three weeks before the beginning of the filming. “Jalil recommended me to watch La Reine Margot, by Patrice Chéreau, he continues. It made me understand that history is written by the powerful ones.”
“When we were rehearsing la Reine Margot, Patrice Chéreau (Editor’s note : deceased in October 2013) talked about Shakespeare, he had worked in England before, and knowing that he has inspired this young and talented English generation moves me a lot, whispers Dominique Blanc during the lunch break. I hope that, from above, he follows everything.”
Without “direct references” actually, Jalil Lespert intends to “forbid himself with nothing” and definitely is not “getting caught up in the magnificence of the scenery” which he wants to film as “a suburban police station”.
In his “sensitive and absolutely Machiavellian” Louis XIV, he sees a brilliant man fitted with “a real inspiration”. “Like Jimi Hendrix”, he says with a smile. And Monsieur, his brother ? “It’s The Stooges (Editor’s note : Iggy Pop’s band) at the court.” No doubts, ‘Versailles’, that we will discover at the end of 2015, will be rock’n’roll.

 Surprising means

With 27M€ for ten episodes of 52 minutes, the series ‘Versailles’ is one of Canal Plus most expensive production. The TV channel has regularly put the means of cinema at the service of TV fiction. ‘Versailles’ doesn’t break this rule with 13% of its budget, so 3,5 M€, devoted for the sceneries. Tapestries, fireplace in fake painted marble, panelling, gildings, furniture… On 1400m², the interiors of Versailles as they were at the beginning of the reign of Louis XIV, were recreated at Bry by the crew of Katia Wyszkop. The production designer never worked for the television, but mostly with Pialat,  Ozon or Jacquot on “Farewell my Queen” for which she won a César in 2013. For the costumes, Canal Plus called Madeline Fontaine, who won two Césars for “Un Long Dimanche de Fiancailles” and “Séraphine”. Here, a dress can take a week of work for several persons. Between location and creation, the filming will require more than a thousand costumes. It represents 6% of the budget, 1,75 M€.
(with all the precious help of @Kestenn who checked and fixed my first translation)

Re: Simon Mirren leaving CM

UPDATE: ‘Criminal Minds’ Showrunner Simon Mirren Exits, Nears Deal With Sony

By NELLIE ANDREEVA | Sunday February 20, 2011 @ 12:00pm PST

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UPDATE: Despite speculation that British-born Simon Mirren might be headed back home, it turns out the trip he will be making is from Burbank/Studio City where Criminal Minds producers ABC Studios and CBS TV Studios are based, to Culver City. I hear that, after 6 years on Criminal Minds, Mirren is finalizing an overall deal with Sony Pictures TV. The studio shifted its overall deal strategy last summer towards signing top-tier writer/showrunners. Mirren’s overall pact with Sony is expected to begin in June. Additionally, Mirren is executive producing The Sector, a project in the works at Cinemax, which is now looking to do more originals. He is shepherding that project with Scott Free, Anne Thomopoluos and Aaron and Matt Benay.

PREVIOUS EXCLUSIVE: Criminal Minds executive producer/ showrunner Simon Mirren is leaving the veteran crime drama. Mirren, who joined the series right after the pilot as a supervising producer, was promoted to executive producer at the beginning of Season 5.

This past October, Mirren, along with fellow Criminal Minds veteran, exec producer Erica Messer, took over showrunner duties alongside longtime exec producer/showrunner Ed Bernero when Chris Mundy left as showrunner of the Criminal Minds spinoff and Bernero shifted his attention to the new series. There is talk that Bernero may also leave Criminal Minds at the end of the season. He has a drama pilot, Partners, in contention at ABC but even if his pilot goes to series, he is expected to still have some involvement with the Criminal Minds franchise.

Staying on is Messer, considered a rising star on Criminal Minds. She joined the mothership series after the pilot as a co-producer and became an executive producer at the beginning of the current sixth season. British writer Mirren, nephew of actress Helen Mirren, previously worked on Third Watch, co-created/exec producer by Bernero, and Without a Trace.

It’s with great sadness that I have decided to leave Criminal Minds. It’s been an epic adventure and one that has changed my life.

To the cast and crew I want to thank you all so much for moments and memories I will never ever forget.

To the fans of the show I know it will continue to be what it has been for the last six years – the best show on CBS.

There’s a story out there that I am going back to the UK. This isn’t true. I made the decision to leave for a number of reasons.

I’ve worked on number of shows here and in the UK and many of them from day one. It’s always been my desire to keep creatively moving.

Criminal Minds allowed me to do that. Each week as story tellers on CM we have to change things up. A small movie each week.

What defines CM from all the other CBS shows is we have to be a Thriller and judging by the numbers of fans all over the world. It’s working

Creatively I thinks it’s important to keep moving, to change things up. Right now our industry has never seen such a monumental change.

We will continue to see just how the internet has brought the world together and how it’s redefined how we monetize and distribute media

We see on a daily basis just how the internet has revolutionized our lives, in a sense making the world flat.

For story tellers all over the world, the keys have been taken from those who have controlled not only what we see but when we see it

Now everyone has a voice. But if the saying is true, which I believe it is, if content is king then distribution is King Kong

I have for some time been looking to find other writers who not only believe in the change they are seeing but also who want to play a part

Working on CM is a full time, 24/7 job and as fun as it was it doesn’t allow any time for other endeavors.

Sony studios offered me the chance to broaden my horizons, so I am going back to Culver City, very close to where our CM journey began

To all of you that have been so supportive, generous and so kind I say to you – Cheers.

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First, I wish him the best of luck with his new deal. Change like this is inevitable, and as he has been part of CM since the start, I am glad he was able to make the change of his own volution.Writers, producers, members of the crew, generally rotate a lot between projects, and I hope he will have a kick-ass new show to work on.

He has written awesome episodes for CM, and as a producer I can only guess he did good work. I am slightly disappointed with season 6 and the way it has turned out to be, but with Bernero apparently looking elsewhere (to his own pilot, to CMSB), and Mirren and Messer the only ones taking care of CM while Mundy was also on the spin-off (and now is gone completely), and now learning that Mirren also had his thought elsewhere working out his deal, it seemed like the CM ship was missing a firm captain, as if nobody knew really well where to go exactly and who was in charge, maybe it was because they were torn between so many people who couldn’t focus on the show for 100%.

I’ve liked Erica Messer and what she has written in the past, and I hope that she will be able to redress the show and steer it back to what it was from season 3 on: a great procedural with an awesome ensemble cast. Or maybe Bernero might return, that is not set in stone yet either. Maybe this shake-up is what was needed, that one person firmly gets a grip on the show.

At least I hope so.

Les Echos - 12/12/14 (Français)

“Versailles”, la série royale

Actuellement en tournage, la nouvelle production de Canal+ sera l'événement de la rentrée audiovisuelle de 2015. Un budget de 27 millions d'euros, une histoire mouvementée… La série est déjà riche de promesses.

Vêtu d'une robe de bure sombre, capuche enfoncée sur la tête, l'homme, au visage entièrement grimé de noir et à la stature imposante, donne des frissons. Il franchit rapidement la porte d'une chapelle plongée dans la pénombre et se penche sur l'autel pour accomplir un acte mystérieux. La scène est rejouée trois ou quatre fois jusqu'à ce que le réalisateur allemand Christoph Schrewe soit satisfait. Impossible d'en savoir plus auprès de l'équipe sur ce personnage. Lui-même reste impassible entre les prises. Apparemment, son rôle dans la série « Versailles », où il est, ce jour de tournage, le centre de l'attention, est une des clefs de l'intrigue. Celle-ci a pour toile de fond la construction du château entre 1667 et 1670, au début du règne du Roi-Soleil.

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It was such a great experience working with you. I know the fans will miss you but not nearly as much as the crew and writers. You lifted scenes and moments that were not even on the page and raised the bar every time you graced the set.

I know I have said this to you many times but it’s rare to see actors who love the craft as much as you. In South London slang, YOU ARE THE DOGS BOLLOCKS!! Look it up in wiki for translation.

Your mate

Simon Mirren