Unexpected Love / Part 1

simon d x reader a/n : this wasn’t requested it was just something i came up with.
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Sometimes things don’t go the way you expect them to, just like my relationship with Simon D - Kiseok. I was over the moon when he asked me out! obviously i knew what i was getting myself into, i knew he’d be busy producing songs and working along side jay being co-ceo.

The first month of our relationship was amazing! we’d meet up at the studio have lunch dates, cuddle and id get the opportunity to listen to what he was producing. It made me happy doing these small simple things with him, he was giving me time and that’s all i needed.

As time went on we’d spend less and less time together, he’d be too busy for lunch dates or too focused on perfecting his music he’d never leave the studio and soon he’d have no time for me. for us. I spoke to him about it, i told him how i felt he of course apologised and had suggested a friday night date. I was over the moon! we hadn’t gone on a date in a while it had been two months since the last one and we’d only been dating for three months - depressing isn’t it.

Friday night finally came, i dressed up for him, heck i looked amazing that night, i felt amazing! That was until i went to the restaurant only to find myself waiting three hours for Kiseok who didn’t even show up. i wasn’t mad i was just plain disappointed, i made my way over to aomg and found Kiseok talking to the gorgeous ladies who were to be in jays mv, he looked so happy, i can’t remember the last time he smiled like that for me it broke my heart. I pushed the studio door open and let myself in, at this point all feelings and emotions for him were gone. His eyes widened as he looked me up and down realising that he had missed our date. It wasn’t a big deal, well it wouldn’t have been if he didn’t neglect me for work the past two months. Before he could say anything i simply shook my head at him and said “i’m not going to wait for you anymore” and with that i left the studio.

if aomg were on tumblr part 1
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  • jay park: gets anon hate, 60000 followers but only gets 5 notes on selfies
  • ugly duck: sends anon hate
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The Jay Park situation

a lot of people are confused about the rant jay posted (here)

basically, there’s a documentary about khiphop club culture (link to the documentary here, he calls out jay at 14:27) but apparently samuel swanson (some white dude??), the owner of cakeshop, a club where a lot of khiphop artists perform; roster includes hoody, dean, crush, dumbfoundead, and more; he basically blamed jay park for never playin at the club and having the audacity to be ‘riding on cakeshop’s culture’ (he used the term appropriation) and now jay and his whole entire squad is disputing and saying this ain’t true (which khiphop fans know that jay has immense influence on khiphop nationally and internationally). hoody and ugly duck have publicly made posts in response to this (hoody even shut down some dude callin her a ‘kpop machine’) a lot of prominent artists have shown support through commenting (honestly i have read so many of their responses; i find crush’s response the funniest and the most relatable one lol)

and that’s what you missed on khiphop shit

“Tame You” - Jay Park X Reader (Smut)

Description: You and your friend have been dating Jay Park and Simon Dominic of AOMG for quite a while before they both decided that their careers were getting in the way of your relationship as their schedules were getting busier by the day. An encounter in a club located in Seoul happens a month after both relationships ended.

  • Word Count: 3827 words

Your hips swayed once more on the beat of a menacingly slow song before you left the dance floor, making your way towards the bar. Your friend lifted her hand in the air to attract the bartenderโ€™s attention and she ordered what was probably your favorite drink, seeing as she knew all too well what this little escapade was about. To be fair enough, you both needed it more than you actually thought. It felt good to let go for once. After all, itโ€™s been over a month since it happened and you never got a call or anything close to that.ย 

Your hand gripped the shot of Jager and you gulped it down, allowing the burning sensation to set in your throat for the third time tonight.ย 

โ€œDo you think they know weโ€™re in Seoul?โ€ (H/N) asked, eyeing you from behind her cocktail glass as you traced your finger around the mouth of the now empty shot.ย 

โ€œIf they do, they did a poor job of actually finding us,โ€ you rolled your eyes, turning your gaze towards the bartender. Your hand shot up in the air as soon as he looked at you and you motioned for him to bring you another glass of the fiery drink.

ย "They come out here frequently, I donโ€™t think they want to find us though, so,โ€œ you shrugged, emptying another shot of Jager, โ€œletโ€™s at least have fun."ย 

Your heels hit the floor as you got up on your feet and dragged your friend back on the dance floor, swaying your hips once again, catching every note of the song in mesmerizing moves of your body. Your eyelids felt heavy as you closed them and got all caught up in the mood, not even feeling your own breathing but the sound of your heartbeat succumbing to the body-vibrating bass. You forgot all about Jay, about the breakup and the lame excuse he gave you, his whispered "I love youโ€ as you ended the call, tears pouring down your cheeks.

ย The animalistic side of you drew you further into the mass of people dancing out of sync as you felt a single presence behind you, imitating your moves.

ย "All alone tonight?โ€œ you barely heard the voice over the blasting music. You bobbed your head up and down into a nod, pointing at your friend that was currently too lost in the music to notice, "only with her.โ€

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When Simon D teaches ChaCha bad words
“Park Jaebum you son of a bitch”