mistrel-fox created an awesome crossover with gf and fma, also did these amazing drawings. Oh man the ideas are so great.

With the twins losing both of their limbs, I imagined GrunkleStan being the suit of armor and well….. I got waaay too deep into this.


and it’s all your fault MISTREL


The signs as Monster Factory moments
  • Aries: The Arbys witch
  • Taurus: When The Boy Mayor could not stop dancing
  • Gemini: When the Bee Movie creation came back as an enemy
  • Cancer: Just Like Bart
  • Leo: "I think dogs should be able to vote!"
  • Virgo: Their reactions every time they find the similar face feature
  • Libra: "How does your backyard barbecue go, The Smiths? Pretty good, it does not seem. Haha. I tell little joke. Next time you invite Pam."
  • Scorpio: When they named a guard 'bookshelf' and put a book on him and said nothing
  • Sagittarius: Succotash gliding to 'On the Wings of Love'
  • Capricorn: Everyone started yelling "Totinos"
  • Aquarius: Shrek nipples
  • Pisces: A Chiquita Dave beach party
What if...

What if we unconsciously choose our ultimate biases based on some of our features we recognize in them… ‘like bias like fan’.
Write in tags some of yours and your bias’ similar features, i really want to know if this theory makes sense 🤗


Hey guys! I got such a great response from my Star Wars portrait tutorial and wanted to make a similar episode featuring more of the character! HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR! Enjoy :) ~

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Lololol I thought "team mom" was just the therm people used to group the "supportive parent" team leaders in haikyuu, the squad thing just giving a name to a group of characters with a similar feature? Like the "I have a thing for my ace squad" or the "loud squad" or the "stoic/ poker face" squad, I never thought of it in a negative way so thanks I feel more informed now

none of those other “squads” are aggressively gendered. they’re characteristics. and they aren’t associated with being feminine. 

also, daichi is way more of a “supportive parent” than suga. suga wants to watch the world burn. 

Bitty’s favourite cousins
  • Most people who know Bitty know that he looks alot like his mother
  • But most people who know Bitty do not know that he looks like his father too
  • So some of his cousins from his fraternal side share shockingly similar facial features with him
  • His favourite cousins are the three kids of his dad’s sister, who married a Brit, thus the kids are influenced by both cultures
    • The eldest is a boy two year older than Bits, and he is the Big Brother Who Has To Take Care All of His Ridiculous Siblings (his name is Michael)
    • The other two are actually twins, the elder a girl (Beth) and the younger a boy (Cason)
    • “Listen to me, baby bro” “You are literally only 10 mins older than me” “I’m still your big sister”
    • Anyway, the three kids + Bitty all have the same eyes, while Beth & Bits are especially alike. Like, of course they don’t look the same, (eg  Beth has curly red hair), but they remind other people of each other
    • They grew up with Bitty back in Georgia, but all three opted to go to university in England because 1) half of their family is there, and 2) tuition fee is way cheaper in England
    • from eldest to youngest: Michael - Bits - Beth - Cason
    • Part of why Bitty got his mother hen tendencies is because he got to look after the twins, even though they are only around 1 yr younger than him; but boy they can cause trouble
    • But as you can imagine, Bitty misses them a lot. Beth did figure skating with him when they were younger and the twins were also on his high school’s co-ed hockey team
    • They are some of his only friends back in Georgia, even though none of them is in Georgia now
  • And the SMH met the wonderful cousins of Bitty’s during practice, of all times
  • It was year three, they were not due to be back to England for school yet so they drove up to Samwell to visit Bitty
  • They sneaked into Faber (I have no idea whether watching team practice is allowed or even possible or not, probably should try to fact check this later)
  • Ransom, skating at high speed, turned just enough to see three people, all with the same huge brown Bambi eyes as Bitty’s, standing near the rails and grinning at them
  • And one of them, a boy, is blond
  • He did a double take and promptly crashed into Holster
  • Bitty finally noticed their existence and (very excitedly) skated over to say hi, while the rest of SMH was like “wth is going on”
    • “We brought you peaches!” “Aw thanks sweetheart”
    • The blond kid aka Cason, got introduced by his sister as, “and this elongated version of Bits here is Cason, my little brother”
    • “I’m feeling so much love right now”
    • meanwhile, Michael told Bits, with mock solemnity, “Eric, I am immensely honoured and touched that you are here with me to face this craziness. Time flies by and my dear siblings have not even budged an inch - how unfortunate”
  • Because they had guests, Ransom and Holster decided to host a party (semi-Kegster - Private version?)
  • Obviously they had a good time. The SMH crew had an amazing time chatting with the siblings in order to obtain precious chirp material and even blackmail material
  • Y’know how usually the people grew up with you/ being close with you for many years naturally know a lot about you, including things that you yourself don’t even remember, right?
  • Apparently Bitty once faceplanted into a pie because he was so tired after hockey practice and baking
  • “Does that count as a fine if Bitty is the one who wrecks a pie???”
  • “Y’all are losing your pie privileges”
  • Oh and Bitty has already come out to them. Due to their cultural background and senses, Bitty knew that they were very likely to accept him but he was still so scared as they were very important to him
  • They welcomed him with open arms, of course. “Thank you for telling us. And we won’t say anything to anyone without your consent. We are always in your corner, mate”
  • They heard Eric talking about his bf with so much love and they are so happy for him
  • They did meet Jack (over Skype) during their visit, and Jack was his awkward self at first, but the hyper twins could do anything and soon they were exchanging embarrassing stories about Bitty
  • “Bless your chirpy little hearts”
  • Just, although there are so many uncertainties, and Bitty is so afraid of the outcome of coming out to his family, he always knows that at least part of his family will always be in his corner, even though they are far, far away and cannot do much other than verbal support

I don’t think most of my followers know just how important/special the Engineer is to me.

Before I was into Touhou this was pretty much a TF2 only blog. Engineer themed 24/7. People came to me wanting the best Engineer stuff.

I was the Engineer.

Roughly the same height a few similar features. Minus his brilliance and my stupidity. 

1942 Chrysler Thunderbolt Concept Car

Designed by Alex Tremulis and first shown at the New York Auto Show in October, 1940. The Chrysler Thunderbolt Concept introduced a new wave of designs and industry technological accomplishments, i.e. The retractable top was so revolutionary; it would not be until 1957 before another manufacturer had a similar feature - The Ford Skyliner.

Source: Daniel Vaughan
Image credit: ©

I don’t know if this has been said before or not but I really do believe that one of the reasons why Yato likes Hiyori so much is that he sees so much of Sakura in her. 

Look at their features: 

While we can point out the obvious that, yes, both girls have brown eyes and hair, they also have similar facial features. W/o context and w/o knowledge of Noragami I could ask someone if they thought Hiyori and Sakura were related and they would likely say yes. They’ve also helped Yato see the wrong in his ways. I don’t feel like going into too much detail w/ this but we can all agree that Yato definitely likes Hiyori. That’s just easy to tell by the way he speaks of her. It’s also evident that Yato really loved Sakura as well. Hiyori even expressed this while talking to Father in ch 48: 

So, while he still thinks about Sakura, he looks at Hiyori and sees that she’s just like her. A lot of people will argue that the reason why Yato likes Hiyori so much is because of all the times she’s been there for him. This does play a huge part but I really, really, really think it’s because he feels like he has Sakura again when he’s around Hiyori and that thought makes me happy that he feels almost like she never left just because of Hiyori’s existence. Sakura was a light in the dark when he was a young god and now Hiyori is like a light in the dark for him. This is just a small thought of mine but I truly believe it. 

In comparison to another object, extremely minute in size of an animal distinct from a human being, established as a Pokemon, a fictional configuration of animals distinct from a human being initiated from an admired by a large group of people and accomplished authorization granted by a government or company to an individual or group enabling them to carry out specified commercial activities created by Game Freak, who has features similar to an extremely unusually small configuration of a set of connected things forming a complex whole of millions of large and luminous bodies of gas which display in the night sky, and which I have, in a fashion that makes a prominent exhibition of affection or liking to something, conferred a in close intimacy word by which a thing is addressed as in position of your existing in fact distinct meaningful element of speech or writing, used to form a sentence by which a thing is addressed as, I would recognize the full worth of the outcome of the event of you inserting your physical structure including the bones, flesh, and organs to the inner part of this tangible item that is in my possession which is an object that can be used to detain or carry an object from one place to another and which is constituted of a matter from which a thing can be made from that is having the ability necessary to shape into an angle and has a narrow aperture which objects can enter, and which is used for maintaining objects in my possession when the furthest distinct part of my limb located at my upper body to the furthest side of the joint connecting to the forearm which comprises my hand’s inner surface, my four slender jointed parts attached to my hand, and my short, thick first digit of the human hand, set lower and apart from the other four are thoroughly occupied.

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I hope this doesn't come off as rude, but Ryleigh's face looks a lot like your selfsim's face, I realized! Was it coincidence, or did you want her to have similar features? I really love your writing btw! Have a good day!

As much as I’d love to look like Ryleigh, I don’t think they really look alike…

okay i said it before tbh but my favorite hc wrt sebastian’s ancestry/origins is that one of his parents was from tevinter? im guessing his mom, but i still like the hc (and also that his grandfather or his father was antivan or half antivan, even ignoring the Queen Asha stuff, im imagining nobles from the free marches marry around a lot?

anyway my favorite supporting piece for this is how similar in facial structure dorian and seb are

their jawlines, cheekbones, noses, hairlines/foreheads and chins are all p similar, though seb’s features are a little softer/dorian’s are more defined

idk. anyway, favorite hc there you go  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Game Developers should be able to port games over to Switch easily!

“The quality of games has grown significantly. And one of the factors of production value of games that has been possible is because the PC and the two game consoles, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and — in the near-future — the Nintendo Switch, all of these architectures are common in the sense that they all use modern GPUs, they all use programmable shading, and they all have basically similar features. As a result of that, game developers can target a much larger installed base with one common code base and, as a result, they can increase the production quality, production value of the games.” -Jen-Hsun Huang, NVIDIA CEO

The Signs and what they may look like/act

*Disclaimer!, these are just based off of my friends but i have seen other people with the same zodiac have similar features*

Aries - Slim, fit, straight hair, normal height, hella outgoing and will fight a b*tch if they bother loved ones

Taurus- Short, chubby-ish, usually has short-mid length hair, loud or quiet no in between 

Gemini- Tall, handsome nose, rlly flowy hair tbh, reserved within her/his bubble, actually very sweet but will drop you like a hot fry if you piss them off

Cancer- very smol or mid height, looks like mother nature 24/7, has or already has cried over something cute, doe face

Leo- Tall or mid height, cat smile, almond eyes, most likely has long af hair and hates it but doesnt really want to cut it bc their too lazy

Virgo- A graceful mess internally, will forking fight you if you touch or move something in their room, usually tall and well kept but can also be short and chubby, makeup on fleak or not… no between.

Libra- Tall, dorky, vERY CLUMSY, will have a conversation with you three days straight telling you that you’re more important then them, you cant win.. ever, extremely sweet but internally suffering inside, needs a hug. libras need love.  

Scorpio - Mid height, short hair tbh, has punched a tree before, likes soft things secretly,  has a strong passion for being loud and proud, is not a sex freak just a little kinky like everyone else in this world. 

Sagittarius - vERY TALL, hella skinnny for some odd reason,dorky face/sexy face no between,  does not know what inside voice means, screams 24/7, loves their music loud, likes to annoy people when their bored, has a lot of weird interests

Capricorn- fun sized, seen with glasses or sunglasses,cute baby face tbh,  will fight you over a theory they have,  likes anime, probably has a collection of their favorite anime character, loves food  

Aquarius - normal height, a lil chub, hella dorky, actually very quiet, likes to do everything for everyone, will fight you if you reject their help, a little controlling but doesnt mean it though, lovable nerd  

Pisces - short, normal sized, seen with emo hair or just the forking rainbow of colors every week, has eaten a soap before because it look/smelled like food, super duper weird, has many dark interests which surprises a lot of people,


Possible returning character? (Burnet’s name was dropped during a Japanese trailer, but now we have a model to put to the name.)

So, is this the Prof. Burnet or will it be like it was with Alolan-Oak? Also, if relation to/is Burnet, what will her role be? Will we be getting a similar Dream Radar feature in SuMo, or will it just be like, her running the box system or something like that?

Neurotypical Social Skill #119

NT place a high regard on one’s ability to recognize a person by their facial features even when they change their clothes and hair. In fact, they expect you to recognize that one person is related to another by similar features. Simulate this obsession by approaching every person and quickly grabbing their hand and pulling them toward you and whispering in their ear, “I remember you.”

The Three Species of Gigantopithecus

Though so little fossil remains have been found of Gigantopithecus, enough variation has been seen to classify them into three different species. 

The species we know the most about it is Gigantopithecus blacki. The teeth found that were thought to be dragon bones were classified as Gigantopithecus blacki. Through dating the teeth, scientists believe that this species existed for at least one million years. It was believed to be related to the early human Australopithecus. It was later determined the two emerged through convergent evolution, or when similar features develop simultaneously through separate evolutionary lines.

The next species is Gigantopithecus bilaspurensis. Fossils of this species have been found in India. It is believed to have lived about six to nine million years ago.

The final species is Gigantopithecus giganteus. Despite its name, it was half the size of Gigantopithecus blacki, which is the species the height average of ten feet is based off of. This species has the least amount of fossil records, found in India and China.