Okay so hear me out… white mages/healers actually being really dangerous. They spend their whole life learning the intricacies of the body and soul and how to heal a great number of wounds, both mental and physical. Who’s to say that there hasn’t been a white mage/healer that perhaps went rogue and started learning how to reverse engineer the healing magicks so that they’d have the opposite effect? Or perhaps strengthening themselves so much that their magic makes the body work too well – inducing heart attacks, hyperventilation, maybe speeding up the flow of blood (though I imagine that’s simar to a heart attack?) Purposely healing things incorrectly and setting up an inevitable body failure later… White mages turned evil are very dangerous.

Now, consider Ardyn.

daddyzenpie  asked:

Hc where MC treats Zen, Jumin, and Saeran like her pets (like she's always cuddle, ruffles their hair and hug them while thinking about her pet at her parents home because the guys reminds her of them). Can u please make the mini-fic??? Thankyouu and congrats~~

Thank you and I laugh So much when I saw your request because I do that sometimes LOL


  • He likes when you play with his hair.
  • Always wanting your attention.
  • Doesn´t like cats (Not only his allergy *cough* Jumin)
  • Doesn´t like when you when your with others
  • Zen is like the human version of your dog
  • You were practicing some lines with Zen on the couch

-“What are you?” you ask

-“I-I  a wolfman!”

- You gasp dramatically  “That´s wy I have the temptation to  cuddle with you, ruffle your hair hair and hug like a dog”

- “What?” got up from the couch

-“Zen that´s not in the script”

-“But you do that with me…”

-“Zen, We already talked about this.You are not a wolfman!”

-“No! you treat me like a dog!”

- “Ohhh….You notice?”

-“what you mean?”

- “th-the thing is that You remember me to my Dog”

-“ what?”

-“My dog” “before you get mad I want to tell you that you just have similarities on the personality type.

-“So you just like me because of that? I´m hurt!” Here is Zen being a drama queen again

-“So you don´t want  to me ruffle your hair anymore?”

-“Ok! put not in public.”



  • With your friend one got know Jumin they said “Ohhh! He is like Pepe”
  • And one day he ask you about it

-“Who is pepe?

-“NO one…”

That ´no one ´maybe Jumin get triggered and started to investigates.Even He asks Seven fro help.But he doesn´t found anyone.So he ask you again

-“MC you need to tell me.How is pepe?”

-“Ok,ok, But don´t get mad!”

-“Why I would?”

-“Pepe is my dog…”

-“wait- what? So when your friend said that he and I are similar-?”

-“but is true! You two are so simar in personality and I think you almost look the same….”

-“I want to meet him!”


This boy will never notice that you treat him like a dog

Until you say to him to go with you to your parent´s house

And present to Searan the dog

-“and this is my dog…”

-Saeran stare at the dog

-the dog does the same

-Saeran get closer and give hi hand to the dog

-The dog gives his paw to saeran

-They look at each other like meeting your other you and saeran say “I like him.”

-“Yeah? His like your lost twin”

-“Can we exchange him with Seayoung”

-“No…put we can bring him with us”


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So, you all might remember that Simar (my adored blue Resinsoul, Mi) was a Christmas gift from my partner last year.  I loved her so much, that he did it again.  Allow me to introduce Brial, the third Mi sister.

This is gonna be so much fun!


So I did some shopping on Etsy and things went very well for me.  The bracelets are from Candy Cloud BJD and the hat was a delightful extra from Starrshine Designs.  It’s like they knew how I was and thought, “Oh, I know who this is for.  Here, these are Simar colors!” and threw them in my bag.  I’m sure that isn’t the case, but I am delighted none the less.

(The ring is from High Priestess Ice, but I actually bought that before I even had Simar. I knew it was her’s when I opened her box, though.)