Hayate’s attention turned to me as I walked closer and closer, his eyes became wide as he seemed to take in my appearance.

“Do I look okay?” I asked shyly tucking a piece of hair behind my ear,

“You look beautiful,” he smiled as his eyes teared up,

“Hey! Don’t cry you’ll make me cry!” I laughed wiping his tears away with my thumb, resisting the urge to cry myself.

“Let’s do this shall we?” he asked taking my hand and squeezing it tightly,

“Let’s do it,” I replied excited.

Three years ago today I started talking to someone on, that person is now my best friend. Time really flies, doesn’t it? Thank you Dini for putting up with me for so long, especially recently, when you could have just ran for the hills. I’m so thankful to have you as my best friend and to share all those crazy inside jokes with you that nobody else would understand. Wouldn’t change those memories for the world, seriously. Here’s to yet another three years, can’t wait. Love ya, Dini ❤️

Smallsimmer 1000 followers gift part ¼

So I’ve finally decided to release my babies since I don’t use them anymore. I hope you guys love them as much as I did!

They don’t come with their CC but if you’re wondering where anything comes from feel free to shoot me an ask!

T.O.U: These were my first sims that I didn’t completely hate so please do not use them as a base, rename them, change them in any way shape or form. But you can change their hair clothes and eyebrows.


Evan Porter

Elliot Vandyke


Moving along. Ellis is up next! Candace asks him how his day’s going.

Ellis: “Excellent. I feel good about today’s challenge. Also, I love your sudden formal wear. Dressing up for me already?”

Candace: “Actually I thought I had time to squeeze in a quick swim.”

Ellis: “Oh.”

Candace: “Yup. These are my swimming shoes.”

Ellis: “Well odd choices in swimwear aside, you look really beautiful tonight. But that’s no surprise. You could be wearing a trash bag and still look gorgeous.”

Candace: “It’s true but it’s also flattering. Continue.”

Some googly eyes and one flirtatious joke (which resulted in Ellis making the best face ever) later their half hour was up.

Good job Ellis. You may crawl your way out of that bottom guys shirt yet.

“Don’t worry, okay?”

“What happened, exactly?” I asked. Kaleb, than son of a…

“Well he saw me on the street and approached to me. Apparently, someone told him you’re my girlfriend and he started a fight… So I ended up with a black eye.”

“That’s horrible…”

“… And he ended up with a broken arm and probably a broken nose as well.” He said, like if it was something normal.


“The existence of ‘speckled” tibullenos is a fascination to both them and humans alike. In the eyes of humans, this group appears to be more mammalian than amphibian due to their lack of scales, presence of “flesh tones,” and production of keratin. The last trait not only gives explanation to why they have fingernails, but their unique forehead horns, as well. 

so. I have a name for my mer-alien species now: tibullenos. I tried to keep the same sound as “konpicoas” as both are native to the same planet.

SN: The keratin/horn lore was random: While watching a documentary about Native Canadians and eider ducks, some b-roll of whales came up. Somehow, my mind went to narwhales. and boom. narwhalesque mer-aliens. 

SN2: This is (another) skinblend I’m attempting x_x Note the skin seams….