He slumped forward as yet another round of hot tears fell down his face. “Ma…” He whispered, scrubbing his hands through his hair in a poor attempt to calm himself down. “How did you know Carrick was the one?”

Raylee folded her hands over her chest, looking down at her wedding ring. “I don’t think it was any one moment. Every time he looked at me, I just .. knew.”

“I love you, Cam.”

The hands in his hair shook. “Shamie said he loves me…”

His mother reached out, smoothing a hand over his quivering back. “That’s wonderful, Cammy. What did you say?”

“I-I said that I’m not worthy of it.”

“Oh, sweetheart, no.” Her eyes slid closed, unsure of how to help him. 

“I ran away from him, like a coward. The look on his face! I was so fucking wrapped in my stupid insecurities that I hurt the one person I swore to protect.”

He crumpled to the floor, pressing his face into his hands. “God, Ma …. what have I done?!”

“Wait, before you go,” Archer called out from behind him. As Levi turned, he was met the softest pair of lips he’d ever known being pressed firmly against his own. As soon as they’d connected, his heart began to race wildly. He felt Archer’s hands at his back, pulling him in closer as he gripped at the thin, cotton shirt of his shirt. His own hands found their way to his partner’s neck, gently weaving his fingers through his light blond hair. 

Suddenly Archer pulled away. “What did you get for 19?”


"The existence of ‘speckled" tibullenos is a fascination to both them and humans alike. In the eyes of humans, this group appears to be more mammalian than amphibian due to their lack of scales, presence of "flesh tones," and production of keratin. The last trait not only gives explanation to why they have fingernails, but their unique forehead horns, as well. 

so. I have a name for my mer-alien species now: tibullenos. I tried to keep the same sound as “konpicoas” as both are native to the same planet.

SN: The keratin/horn lore was random: While watching a documentary about Native Canadians and eider ducks, some b-roll of whales came up. Somehow, my mind went to narwhales. and boom. narwhalesque mer-aliens. 

SN2: This is (another) skinblend I’m attempting x_x Note the skin seams….