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I have all the Faith in the World, that Sam Winchester could re-make the Colt. He knows how to make the bullets by heart. I bet if anyone could fix/re-make the gun it would be Sammy. And I bet he could make it new & improved.

Oh my gosh that’s right, Sam knows how to make the bullets because Ruby taught him (it was Ruby, right?) and he met Samuel Colt in the past and YES YES YES make it happen, make Sam re-make the Colt! Samuel Colt 2.0!

For those [ Daewhi edition ]

For those who are saying Daewhi is mean to the team who had mostly F groups

its evil editing moves
Mnet focused on Daewhi when he said his insults but the editing team made sure the next line “wasn’t that too mean?” was softened out also keep in mind that the lines were taken out of context it was filmed mid conversation While choosing which team to pick for as the opponent, he was like “we should pick the team(the one with most fs), there must be a reason why they are left”(something along those lines, and also before he said that there were trainees practically saying the same thing just not directly). It seems like he said those words without any thoughts(the heechul type) and then felt bad and said (from the subbed part) “wasnt that too mean”. In which samuel said “its because we needed to survive” So Mnet editing. *sigh*. So when i said everyone was practically like that to them everyone wanted to pick them as their opponent because they seemed like the easiest one. The team everyone is confident that they can defeat. I bet you my fingers the kid didnt mean anything too deep when he said that

For those who are saying he is not humble; let’s see he admits he is the prettiest of them all, he has a rival [ if you really are arrogant you would think you are the best of the best and theres no such thing as rival ], he credited the other brand new music contestant when he was asked who made the song when he could have taken all the glory

For those saying he is desperate to win; ofc he want to do everything to win he is in a hip hop company who has never released a boy band this might be his chance to prove he can reassure the company’s reputation safe

For those saying hr plagiarize Hard Carry when what was so called copied was a fast and tough bass and electro intruments which is quite popular with the music industry as an agase I look the similarities and what I found was Hollywood was in the heavier side in terms of bass and electro instrument the most I can acclaimed is that it might be a inspired song [ trust me I was madden by it at first before I look up the difference and similarities ] + [ if it was really plagiarized JYP would have taken actions already ]

 For those who are saying he’s ugly; well that’s your opinion but please visuals are not everything and please focus on your bias rather than spread negativity in someone else bias

 For those who are saying he is talentless; keep in mind this 17yr old boy is an A level and is already a composer and lyricist he has one of the cleanest performance in the second evaluation

 For those who “Daewhi didn’t deserve being the center so now I will hate on him”; It was voted by the contestant.  it’s quite hard for a trainee who is not in the big 3 company and who is also an experiment of a hip hop entertainment to manipulate or rig a huge show like this

Lastly to those who are saying he is greedy for wanting more; its a damn competition everyone would want more no matter what they would always want to guarantee success especially trainees like Daewhi who is part of a company who doesnt do boy bands