Silvester Mccoy


The Hobbit: Radagast [ISFP]

Fi: Rather than fulfill his greater duty of protecting the races of Middle-earth, Radagast chooses to live in total isolation surrounded only by woodland creatures. He has no interest in adapting to the world but instead lives according to his own values. He has a kind, sensitive heart that bonds him closely to the animals of the forest.

Se: He is aware of the world around him and in tune with the shifting changes as evil creeps back into Middle-earth. He is able to think on his feet and react quickly to situations as needed. Radagast is unruffled at the idea of leading the orcs on a high-speed chase; he has fun doing it, and often drives his rabbits at reckless speeds.

Ni: Observing the world around him allows Radagast to form larger conclusions about what is happening in Middle-earth. He isn’t sure what the pattern is leading up to, just that it will lead to a much larger conflict.

Te: Considering he has a sled pulled by rabbits, Radagast must have some ability to organize the world around him to suit his own needs. When Sebastian is threatened, he uses logic to determine what is happening and how to fix it.