I’m literally just study sonic characters atm for art and i’m looking at the 3 S bois and looking at their ages….

  • Shadow: 50+
  • Sonic: 16
  • Silver: 14

Shadow is the eldest out of the boys and I’m ashamed of all the sonic fans that haven’t been making the edgy grandpa jokes. I bet Shadow is so tired babysitting these little hedgehogs and having to teach them really simple things because they are so different from him

“No, you boys can’t break into someone’s house just because you want to say hi that’s illegal.”

“Sonic this is your last chili dog for the day, this is why you get stomach aches.”

“Silver, if you teleport you’re way to the kitchen when you’re 3 feet away from it I’m going to kick you.”

“Sonic, be nice to Amy! Sonic quit bullying Silver! SONIC SIT STILL!!”

“I don’t care if you like it, Silver. If you teleport it to yourself without paying it’s stealing!”

Reblog if you think fanon Silver the Hedgehog is terribly mischaracterized

One of the things I always hated in the fandom is that bad potrayal of Silver, which is a whiny crybaby (or some others) and it really upsets me sometimes?? I doubt canon Silver would behave like that.

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Happy First Anniversary Sonic Skyline AU!

everything began on July 2 of 2015, when i decided to post my own redesign for Sonic the hedgehog on Tumblr as a personal challenge, i saw a topic on Sonic Stadium about “how would you redesign Sonic?”  so i tried to re-style and re-design Sonic to look proper to a game or something…  

here is the post i did about it :…

then after that i started redesigning Sonic’s friends with the Same style.. and also i added a story to this new little fan alternative universe…

and i gotta say.. i really wasn’t expecting people liked it so much!..

so i thank you guys so much for your support with this AU..  it has been a whole year of so much fun!
we got fan art, fan fics, and a comic! and i guess there is some people roleplaying on Google plus  heheh so wow! its fascinating to see how the fandom can make a simple AU grow up like this.. and in a healthy way.. hehe lets hope this keeps like that ( i mean healthy for the Fandom  lol )  

so really thank you so much!     you are awesome! 

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The Signs as the Hedgehog Trinity


~The “Cardinal” Signs~ The Leaders
Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn
Action Oriented-Ambitious-Initiating-Dynamic


~The “Fixed” Signs~The Achievers
Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius
Strong Willed-Stubborn-Determined-Passionate


~The “Mutable” Signs~ The Dreamers
Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces
Flexible-Open Minded-Intuitive-Sympathetic