Intriguing for those who enjoy (& sometimes copy) the iconic “Bride of Frankestein” look ~ Elsa’s wig was actually on an auburn hair base, not black.

With black & white films, people often forget all of the colours that were actually in use on set, since pure black & white read so harshly on film.  I remember carefully studying the Dracula Bride outfits from the 1931 film way back when I was creating my first Dracula’s Bride Gown, and realized that the originals were quite likely made in pastels to give that pale, but subtle depth.

I rather adore that the original wig is red w/streaks ~ make it a little more burgundy, and it would have been the way I dyed my own hair with silver streaks back in 12th grade.

The unquestioned Black classics in cinema:

Boyz N Da Hood
Menace II Society
Poetic Justice
Do The Right Thing
Love & Basketball
How High
How Stella Got Her Groove Back
Coming To America
The Wiz
Players Club
Don’t Be A Menace To South Central While Drinking Your Juice In the Hood
Set It Off
Cooley High
Lean On Me
What’s Love Got To Do With It
Class Act
Lady Sings The Blues
Soul Food
Waiting To Exhale

The underrated but actually better than all the previously mentioned Black classics in cinema:

Love Jones
School Daze
Brown Sugar
South Central
Why Did I Get Married
Eve’s Bayou
The Inkwell
Higher Learning
Jason’s Lyric
The Wood
The Five Heartbeats
Above The Rim
House Party 3
Dead Presidents
Sugar Hill
In Too Deep
Sunset Park
Akeelah & The Bee
New Jersey Drive
He Got Game
Thin Line Between Love And Hate
American Gangster
Django Unchained

The hilariously overrated Black classics in cinema:

Best Man
You Got Stomped On The Drumline
Vampire In Brooklyn
Bad Boys
Tales From the Hood
Pootie Tang
The Barbershop
Hollywood Shuffle
Get Rich Or Die Tryin
Hustle & Flow
Training Day

Feel free to categorize and add any I missed…

…and I’m blocking anybody that mentions Big Mama’s House and/or Soul Plane

Heddy Lamarr, Ahead of Her Time

In 1941, together with co-inventor George Antheil, she submitted her secret radio-guided torpedo system which allowed a torpedo to switch (or hop) between 88 different frequencies, making it virtually impossible for the enemy to track and detect the incoming torpedo. 

The system was so advanced the US Navy said it was unworkable and poured scorn on the explanation that certain parts of it worked like the fundamental mechanism of a player piano. Technology did eventually catch up and in 1962 Hedy Lamarr’s system was finally put in place by the Navy.


my top ten list of beautiful old hollywood actresses that were big in the 50′s :) (note that these are in no order whats so ever) :)

10-Elizabeth Taylor

9.Audrey Hepburn

8.Ava Gardner

7.Marilyn Monroe

6.Grace Kelly

5.Jane Russell

4.Kim Novak

3.Joan Collins

2.Jayne Mansifield

1.Sophia Loren