Black Sails thoughts

You know how Flint said he was ready to let Captain Flint die and return to the water, a while ago?

And how in Treasure Island, they say that Captain Flint was dead, basically drinking himself to death?

What if Captain Flint died, but only in the way that James McGraw let him go, becoming James McGraw again and disappearing to finish his life in peace?

Maybe they loose the final battle, maybe Flint get badly injured, maybe everyone believes he’s dead. But not Silver. Because Silver is a stubborn contrary Little Shit that Just Won’t Let His Captain Dies.

So Silver drags Flint away and nurses him back to life, and convinces him to live, to stay with him and live happily ever after.

They take Max (who marries John as a beard) and Anne (because she’s pregnant and she loves Max) and go settle in Bristol to open an inn.

Did I mention they live happily ever after?