Silver Sprocket


Wanna know what everyone’s favorite babetastic galactic pioneers The Phenomenauts (with the help of their lovely assistant-punx from the bay and Sac, of course) did to prepare of the End Times on May 21st? OF COURSE YOU DO, WATCH THIS VIDEO.


Blackbird Raum - False Weavers (by Silver Sprocket)

–hm. Trying to figure out how I feel about this. 

I have a ton of new stuff coming out soon and my trades are better than money rule is still in effect and I’m really into wood-cuts lately. Anyone want to trade some of my patches, shirts, stickers and whathaveyouz for your woodcut art?

I’ll announce all the merch later when we have proper photos and the rest come in so I can hornswaggle everyone to reblog em and make me art rich at once.