received from: Morgoth

[12:34:56PM] If you insist on tailing me on my walks outside the fortress
[12:35:25PM] you could at least take something besides wolf shape.
[12:35:47PM] You know how I feel about your mutts.

sent to: Morgoth

[12:35:57PM] my “mutts” have a higher kill rate than most of your soldiers
[12:36:02PM] besides, why would you even think that was me?

received from: Morgoth

[12:37:18PM] You forgot to take your necklace off, O Lord of Stealth.
[12:37:31PM] I could’ve seen that gaudy thing glinting in your fur for miles.

Tolkien/Silmarillion blogs

I need more active Tolkien (especially Silmarillion) blogs with Gif’s and Art on my dash, so if you mostly(! like 90%) post/reblog such please reblog or like this, so I can follow you. It get’s pretty boring for me on my dash nowadays since most of the blogs I started following over the last year aren’t active any more or post stuff I’m not interested. :( Like suddenly everything is full of Star Wars and while I like it, it’s not why I’m here. I will soon clean my list of blogs I’m following and since I’m really just here for Tolkien, the chances are high that I will unfollow around 50%. (Real-life friends are safe of course.)

I will check out everyone who likes/reblog this but if I see you are posting more other stuff than Tolkien I’m not going to follow you. Sorry but this is the reason why I’m doing this. Too much other stuff on my dash)

Come to think of it, Maedhros must be the most identifiable Elf in all of the First Age. People remark on Luthien and her beauty or Fingon and his braids (which is an identity for him true enough), blah blah blah. But Maedhros I think beats everyone else out on being recognized because each of his defining characteristics is a rarity. Because I can just see Finrod (or any cousin) telling one of their liegemen to give a verbal message to the Lord Maedhros and the Elf just gets all flustered for no reason:

Messenger: “But how do I find him? I’ve never seen him before!”

Finrod: “Oh please. He’s a freakishly tall Elf with red hair and one hand. You can’t miss him.”

Hello again, it’s me, the complete stranger who unloaded that Maedhros piece on you over a year ago. I am stuck right in the middle of my exam period, which of course means I am drawing more than any other time^^ And I kind of have something else? Which I would give you, if you’d like it? It’s nowhere close to finished, but knowing myself I will probably never finish it, so here?

Seriously though, if you don’t need/want this kind of stuff please tell me off. I kind of need to unload this somewhere and I really like your blog/ you as a person in general and I think you might like it? I might have some other stuff which I would maybe also give you when it’s at a point where it can be given, if you’re okay with it. 

So anyway, after a whole lot of rambling, have some Feanorians, and I hope you have a lovely day :)

Hello there! Oh my God, I remember your absolutely wonderful art of Maedhros, I can’t believe I found another message and a feanorian fanart from you in my inbox again, i’m literally speechless? This is the nicest thing ever, i’m crying, bless you, thank you so much! ;___; <333 I LOVE IT, your designs look really fantastic! You’re more than welcome to share your art with me whenever you want, i’m actually quite honoured! <3 

Once again, thank you so much! Best of luck with your exams!

this is totally pedantic, but part of what i hate about the new silmarillion character tags is that they aren’t even consistent, or even necessarily all “canonical”:

  • Míriel Serindë | Míriel Þerindë is a little silly, but it at least makes sense, and it has a strong basis in canon (the character actively preferred one over the other and got snippy when people mispronounced her name)
  • Morgoth Bauglir | Melkor also kind of makes sense, the character has a transformational narrative and goes from being one to the other.  But since most of the tags are styled as Sindarin Name | Quenya Name, why not make this one Morgoth | Moringotto?  Seems arbitrary.
  • Celegorm | Turcafinwë – is it EVER spelled with a ‘c’ in HoMe?  Shibboleth of Feanor gives it as “Turkafinwe,” I’ve seen people use the ‘c’ spelling in fics for consistency but it’s purely a fannish extrapolation as far as I know
  • Celeborn (Tolkien) – what is even happening here, are the tag wranglers even HUMAN, what monster would waste the opportunity to make Celeborn’s tag Celeborn | Teleporno, this is the hill i will die on and i’m honestly going to go write them an email about it right now

Week Two!

We’ve had a fantastic first week of Drabbletag with 53 prompts and 17 fills of glorious femslash, and I’m sure more is just waiting to be made.

To start off this week and hopefully get in more variety, prompting is open without any conditions attached for 24 hours from this moment. Go!

And if you’re only just joining us, we’re playing a game of femslash-based Fanworks Drabbletag - read the info here, take a look at the list, and then jump right in!

elveswearbuttlessonsies asked:

Hello dearie! Would you mind writing me something cute involving Maglor (if you still take requests!)?? I love your blog and you seem so lovely!xx

H O L Y  S H I T  you have a request??? omgomgomg no-one sends me requests, I love you *_* also thankyou, I love your blog too!! :D

Alright, fangirling over:

First of all check out my ao3, there is a bittersweet fix-it one-shot focused on Mags and Nerdanel, and the latest chapter of my main fic has a cute Maglor moment too :)

Second of all:

The notes that drifted on the wind seemed almost to echo the golden-silver of the sky at that time when the Trees shone out both together. Makalaurë rested on a tree-root, toes dipping down into the stream below and dark curls tumbling about his shoulders as he delicately plucked the strings of his small harp. His eyes were closed as he sang, and those who listened felt transported, as if visions of flowers and great climbing trees surrounded them in truth. For he sang of Yavanna’s gardens, and the very grass below seemed to rejoice in the song.

Above him, perched in the higher branches of the tree and listening in wonder, were Ambarussa. The twins were yet children, young and free and rejoicing in the land of their birth - and in the wondrous skills of their brothers, whose like they felt they could never equal. But they had something better than skill - they had each other.

Maglor looked up and smiled at them through the branches as he finished the song.

“Ambarussa, come down!” The voice belonged to Maitimo, who now came hurrying up through the shallow stream with bare feet and wet clothes (and a thin golden ribbon trailing unnoticed from his belt).

“Why should we?” Makalaurë was not sure who had spoken; it generally did not matter.

“It is too high - what if you should fall?”

The twins laughed, clear and high, and Makalaurë laughed with them.

“Come, Nelyo, forget your brotherly cares for one day!” He plucked out a sweet few notes, and smiled at his brother’s conflicted expression. “You may lay every bit of blame on me, if our dear Ambarussa should fall into this lovely stream.” The melody changed then to mimic the sound of the water, gentle and flowing smooth about the four of them as they stood there under the fresh, living trees in the light of Valinor. Maitimo smiled, and sat down on the opposite bank.

“Alright. But you must play for us again, if only to keep them from wriggling this poor tree into the ground.”

“Most certainly.”

As the first pure notes of the next song drifted through the leaves, time seemed to slow to nothing. Beauty and stillness and light, there was, and it could never fade or come to harm.

Years later, Maglor remembered that day under the tree, and the memory stung worse than his tears.


I hope that was okay!! I’m sorry it’s not longer; I’ve written almost a whole chapter of my main fic today and the writing part of my poor brain is rather tired. Also, feel free to message me any time if you’re comfortable with tumblr’s messaging system - I love to talk to people on here, especially about these poor damned Elves!


Aredhel Ar-Feiniel, the White Lady of the Ñoldor, daughter of Fingolfin, dwelt in Nevrast with Turgon her brother, and she went with him to the Hidden Kingdom. But she wearied of the guarded city of Gondolin, desiring ever the longer the more to ride again in the wide lands and to walk in the forests, as had been her wont in Valinor.