Feeding Silk Worms by Wolfgang Wiggers

<br /><i>Via Flickr:</i>
<br />Handcolored japanese albumen print. Ca 1900. Unidentified photographer.

(I like the typo “Worrms”!)

Dark Sun AD&D 2nd Adventures

In a party that used to be run, there were 3 players, a thri-kreen Gladiator, a half elf mage, and me, a halfling Cleric-Theif. This is what happened:

Thri-kreen: I think we should chop these cacti for fuel, do to the nights being so cold.

Me: Wait! What if the cacti are dangerous!

Thri-kreen: Hmmm…

Half Elf: You’re just silly! The cacti are harmless, watch!

*Half Elf walks up to a small but thick cactus and hits it with her staff*

Dm OOC: As you hit the cactus, a silk worm pops out and attempts to entangle you. Roll for initatuve.

Me: I TOLD YOU. Cacti are evil!

We spent the rest of the campaign burning cacti whenever we came near them.

An Open Letter to Nimrod

I went out and bought you three lovely silk worms after you hadn’t eaten in like 4 days because of all the shit we did this week. and your stinky ho ass WON’T EAT THEM. I tricked you into eating one by dipping it in insect pangea. Won’t eat bugs but will eat powdered mashed bugs on a bug?????? little idiot. tried cutting one in half because idk maybe they are too big??? No not good enough for little miss pampered pants over here. Why can’t u be a normal gecko and eat the treats I buy you… wtf man. nothing is good enough for your spoiled binch ass. 

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How would you rank the senant beasts, intelligence-wise? The wandering root seemed pretty animalish while lady black tongue seems beyond human (though that could be from hanging out in the khert for who knows how long?) My guess would be silk worms would be, well, worms, and mountain ogres would be in the middle. What about the storm bringers and the rest whose names I can't remember?

Lady Ilganyag is wise, though she would say not as wise as her unnamed husband, nor the typhoon whales, nor as wise as the hoary salt lizard of the Avelpitian caverns. Efheby are clever but cold and detached, with a lack of empathy that can make them seem particularly bestial. Waterwomen are largely feral, with concerns alien to humans. Their brother stormbringers are flighty and simple; they literally cannot keep a thought in their spongy heads.

If there are other sentient senet beasts extant in the world, they are hidden away, much too wise to associate with humans

Dylan Larkin #3

Requested by Anon:  Hey!! Can I request a Dylan Larkin one where you both hate each other at first but one day you one of you catches feelings and don’t know how to bring it up? Cause you ‘hate’ each other? [Here it is! This might have to have a part 2. We’ll see. Message me if you want a continuation! :)]

Part 2.

Word count: 848

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Dylan Larkin skated in front of you and banged his helmet on the glass before gliding away.

Your friend turned and gave you a weird look, “the game hasn’t even started yet and he’s already riled up?”

“What?” You asked, gulping down some of your beer, “don’t look at me like that. I’m just sitting here doing nothing.”

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Do you think Harry Styles has a whole colony of silk worms working for him? Living in one of his cupboards? And he opens the doors each day and sings to them and they are so happy to hear his angelic voice that they glow? And he knows all of them by name? And he thanks them with stars in his eyes each time he gets a new silken garment to drape upon his majestic form?

“They’re going to kill me if I’m late.” Y/N whispered as she crossed the street. Stepping onto the sidewalk Y/N ran right into someone, papers flying into the air.

“I’m so sorry.” The mysterious man apologized repeatedly.

“No it’s my fault. I’m late for work. I wasn’t paying attention. I’m terribly sorry.“ Y/N shook her head sighing. Y/N handed him his papers back smiling. Y/N gasped softly seeing the scars on his hands. Y/N let her hands graze his for a second longer.” I hope to meet you again.“

Credence watched enchanted as Y/N left. Looking down at his papers he realized one of his welts was gone. Credence gasped looking at the rest of his hands. All his scars were gone. Credence looked to where Y/N should have been but wasn’t.


“Ma'am.” Credence called out seeing Y/N across the street.

Y/N looked over hearing young mans voice Y/N had met this morning. Y/N smiled heading towards him.” Do you know what serendipity means?“ Y/N asked as she stood in front of him.

“No.” Credence answered.

“It means a happy coincidence or event. I truly believe that’s what this morning was.” Y/N told him.

“Thank you for what you did this morning.” Credence watched Y/N’s eyes soften a twinge of sadness in them.

Y/N took his hands in hers.“ I couldn’t bare to see such beautiful abused in such a way.” Y/N pressed a kiss to his palms.

Credence blushed looking down.

“My names Y/N by the way and as you can already tell I’m a wizard.“ Y/N introduced trailing her fingers over his hand.

“My names Credence. Would you mind if we met again?” Credence asked shyly.

“I would love to see you again. Meet me here tomorrow.” Y/N told him.

“Okay.” Credence whispered unable to look away from her.“ I must be going but I’ll be here. Tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow.” She whispered.

Credence slowly pulled away heading for his home.


“Y/N.” Credence called trying to quell his excitement.

“Credence.” Y/N smiled.“ I’m so happy to see you.”

“I’m happy to see you to.” He whispered quietly.

“Come with me. I have something for you.” Y/N told him.

Credence nodded letting Y/N lead him away. Y/N pulled out her wand trapping three times in a brick wall. A door with an elaborate dragon carved into it appeared opening before them.

“Sit, drink some cocoa. I’ll be right back.” Y/N insisted disappearing around the corner.

Credence sat down doing as suggested. Y/N returned holding a wrapped box.

“Open it.” Y/N encouraged.

Credence opened it slowly as Y/N sat next to him. He gasped.

“Do you like it?” Y/N asked.

“Of course I love it. I couldn’t possibly expect something like this. It must have cost a fortune.” Credence said.“ My mother would never let me keep it.”

“I made this jacket just for you. I realized your gasket was worn out and made this from my best magical giggling silk worms. They were happy to help. For that point your mother will never know. It’s enchanted so it looks the same to her.” Y/N told him.“ Try it on.”

Credence shed his jacket pulling on the new one. It fit him well.

“You look dashing.” Y/N whispered kissing his cheek.

“Thank you very much for this.” Credence blushed.” I should be leaving though. I have fliers to hand out before I go home.“

“One last gift before you go.” Y/N lightly pressed her lips to his palm blowing on it. A dragon slithered out shaking it’s black ink scales. It crawled up his hand and wrapped itself around Credence’s wrist.“ If you ever need me just think about me and he’ll come.”

Y/N pressed one last kiss to his cheek before he left.

If you want a second one tell me.

10 Spirited Away Facts

1.  Chihiro is based on the daughter of Hayao Miyazaki’s friend, Seiji Okudo. She was 10 years old at the time they met and she convinced him to keep making animated films even though he had been considering retiring after Princess Mononoke. 

2. At the beginning of the film, Chihiro’s family is moving to Tochinoki, a fictional city located north of Nagoya. It shares its name with a real world amusement park north of Tokyo and a spa resort in southern Japan. 

3. The star shaped candies that the Soot Sprites adore is a traditional Japanese treat called konpeito ( コンペイトー ). They are often colored but do not have any added flavors. 

4. The bathhouse and it’s surrounding area are based on downtown Juifuen in Taiwan, specifically the area around the A-Mei Tea house. The Dogo Onsen in Shikoku, Japan also helped inspire the bathhouse’s design. 

5. Zeniba’s hopping lantern that leads Chihiro to the witch’s cottage is an homage to Pixar’s hopping desk lamp, Luxo Jr. 

6. The kanji used for each characters name gives you a hint to their identity.  Yubaba uses the kanji for “bathhouse witch”,  Zeniba is “money witch”, No Face is kaonashi literally meaning “without a face”, and Chihiro is “a thousand searches”. Unfortunately Kohaku’s full name didn’t make it into the English dub. The translation of his name is suppose to be “God of the Swift Amber River” but in English he became “The Amber River”. 

7. In order to get the scene where Chihiro is feeding Haku medicine correct, the animation team went to a veterinarian’s office and recorded a veterinarian feeding a dog treats while holding it’s lower jaw.  Miyazaki also instructed the animators to have him “cling to the wall like a gecko and then fall to the ground like a snake” in the scene before. 

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8. No Face’s design is based off of a silk worm.  Both have markings that resemble faces with mouths but their real mouths are below them, both eat non stop and grow huge, and No Face stays with Zeniba after Chihiro’s visit spinning silk. 

9. The English voice actress for Chihiro, Daveigh Chase, also voices Lilo from Lilo and Stitch and played Samara Morgan - the girl in the Ring.

10. Miyazaki has said that at the end of the movie when Chihiro leaves the spirit world she does not remember any of the events that occurred. 

Sasuke’s Twentieth

AUTHOR’S NOTE: this wil be quite a long fic, but I hope that you find that it was worth sticking to the whole way. I wrote this in June when the idea popped into my head, and I figured it would be the perfect post for Sasuke’s birthday. If you do decide to keep with it until the end, do enjoy! It was a pleasure writing it, so I hope it will be a pleasure to read it!

The sun had barely begun to rise over the trees in the distance. Sakura rubbed her eyes before she opened them and adjusted to the dim light crawling in from her window. She allowed herself to lay in bed for a few moments longer, trying not to grow too excited. She stretched her limbs, sore from her training the afternoon before, Her arms and legs could have groaned with the gentle force of her stretches, but she continued until she knew there would be a hearty release at the end. She exhaled slowly, then pulled herself up.

The sky was just beginning to glow a dull pink, a sign of the morning light fighting through the darkness. Sakura had an ample amount of time to get ready, but she couldn’t help but move faster than shen normally would.

Today is not an ordinary summer day.

After she was done in the bathroom, the pink-haired girl fumbled through her dresser to find her typical civilian clothing: white capris with a light, pastel green shirt. Slinking into her outfit, she couldn’t help but remember the last time she was able to take a break from her daily missions and have the ability to wear civilian clothing: she was exhausted in the spring, absolutely fatigued. She had begged Kakashi to let her take any small mission for her Jounin rank to keep her mind off of the disappointing news that Sasuke would not return until late-July. She wanted her body to be busy so her mind would rest. All the missions were unavailable, she was training incessently, taking up extra hours at the hospital, trying to find friends that would take a break from their own schedules to keep her company.

But now, today is no ordinary day. It is July 23rd, and Sasuke Uchiha’s twentieth birthday. She and Naruto were able to convince him to come home and have a small celebration with him in the village, if only for a few hours. And a few hours is all Sakura needed, for any amount of time with him was enough to satisfy her.

She made her way to her apartment’s little closet and pulled out a gift no bigger than her palm. It was wrapped in a simple blue paper with a dainty white bow Sakura learned to tie herself. under the bow was a small paper that read his name, carefully written and made to look pristine. Sakura trailed her fingers along the box’s sides and sucked in a breath. Good luck, she told herself.

Sakura closed the closet door and grabbed her phone and the keys to the apartment. Just as she was leaving, she stole a glance at the first Team Seven picture they had taken together and the new Team Seven they took before Sasuke left on his journey. This time all of them were smiling and close together like a family. Looking at Sasuke’s face made her heart yearn louder in her chest, so she quickly left.

The village was still quiet outside, save for the first few chirps the morning birds sang. Sakura smiled to herself at the comfortig noise. She tried to slow her pace, reminding herself that Naruto probably was just getting ready, and decided to take the long way to the village gates.

Despite Sakura’s slow pace, she made it to the gates within thirty minutes. The sun was brightening at a surprisingly fast rate, expelling the clouds for it to burst into the scene. Sakura looked down at her phone instinctively, just as she received a brief text from Naruto: “Won’t make it to the gates, but will meet for dinner tonight. Errands.” Sakura smiled to herself, knowing all too well that Naruto had put some of his duties off. This both disappointed but excited Sakura; she would be the first to greet Sasuke and have the entire day to spend with him until tonight.

The two ninja watching the gate looked over at her curiously before their eyes flickered with recognition. “Ah, Sakura-san!”

She turned and waved to them politely before making her way towards them. She had forgotten their names; she had become somewhat well-known around the village since the war and found it difficult to keep up with everyone that greeted her. They asked why she was up so early in the morning, and she replied, “Well, someone very special to me is coming home today. I’m here to wait for him.”

“What a lucky man,” one said, resting his chin on his hand. His friend did the same and teased her gently, telling her good luck and so on.

Sakura smiled and made her way to a bench sitting under a shady tree. She took her place and waited. And waited. And waited.

Sakura looked at her phone to check the time frequently. Twenty minutes late. Forty minutes late. An hour late. Her heart grew saddened. She tried texting Naruto, but gained no response. Other shinobi left and entered the village to leave and return from their own missions. Before she knew it, she dozed off, exhausted from her training and constant missions.

As she slept, the shinobi watching the gates glanced at each other with concern. They made sure she was safe as she slept on the bench, but whispered, “She’s been sitting there for a few hours now.”

“Yes, it seems unusual, doesn’t it?”

“Do you think the man has already passed through the gates?”

“No, he definitely would have seen her sitting there, right?”

All the while, Sakura’s hands rested on her little blue box with the dainty white bow. She protected it as if it were her own heart. Even as she slept, however, Sakura had a disheartening feeling that churned in her stomach. Where are you, where are you, where are you?

She was jostled awake at two in the afternoon by the two shinobi watching the gates. She awoke, for an instant excitedly, but was quickly disappointed. They were changing shifts and just letting her know. Sakura rubbed her eyes and gave them a polite smile, one she had to forcefully grow on her face. She thanked them, they wished her good luck, and two new shinobi took their place as they walked off.

Sakura looked at her phone once more. One text from Naruto: “Busy, will call later.” She raised her eyes in surprise at the time. She had been sleeping for so long. Is it possible Sasuke came by but he didn’t see her? No, of course not. She was right in front of the gates. Just because he covers one eye doesn’t mean the other is blind. Sakura straightened herself and urged herself to stay awake.





The afternoon sun was beginning to lessen the burning heat on the village as it started to go down. Sakura was trying to remain hopeful until the sun began to set. She had wasted her entire day on the park bench only to find that her waiting effort was in vain. The two shinobi from this morning took their positions again at the post for the night shift and watched her when she stood up, her eyes downcast. She weakly held up her small blue box and ran her eyes over its dainty white bow.

He could have told me, Sakura thought, that he changed his mind. She closed her eyes tightly before her tears could escape and allowed the box to fall and rip its paper against the gravel road. Her heart ached in her chest as it beat a solemn rhythm. She turned her back to the gates and started her walk home alone.

Two hours later, with the sun already below the horizon and engulfed in the dark blue of the sky, a dark figure appeared to be running toward the gates. The two shinobi that spent their morning with Sakura first felt alarm alarm, but received no sign of a threat from the shinobi watching the forest. They squinted into the darkness. “Could that be…?” one asked the other.

Sasuke Uchiha huffed as he made his way to the village gates, a film of sweat covering his face. When he finally entered the village, he wiped the sweat away and looked instantly toward the bench where Sakura had been sitting hours earlier only to find it empty.


The Uchiha turned to look at the gate guards. Before he had the chance to dismiss them, one reached behind his chair and pulled out a simple blue box with a ripped edge. On top was a dainty bow and a little card that read his name. “Where did you…,” Sasuke’s voice trailed off.

“Sakura-san was here all day,” the guard piped up, offering Sasuke the box. “She was meaning to give you this.”

Sasuke gently took the box from him and cradled it in his palm. He looked up at the shinobi. “Where is she now?” he asked quietly.

They shrugged. “She left just a few hours ago,” the other piped up, biting his lip nervously. He felt a little ball of sadness well up in his chest for the girl. They sat back in their chairs and watched as Sasuke examined the box further, thinking about where she could have gone. His phone had died, so there was no way to contact her that way.

Sasuke rested the box on the table in front of the shinobi. As he carefully lifted the little lid, all three of them peered into the box. Inside was a shiny silver key and what looked to be a red woven necklace that had intricate patterns and beading. Sasuke picked up the necklace and key.

“May I?” one of the shinobi said, pointing to a little note sitting within the box. Sasuke nodded. The shinobi pulled out the note and moved closer to the light that kept their station bright to read, “Sasuke-kun: I hope your travels went well and that you aren’t too tired. If you ever are, here’s a key to my apartment; you’re welcome anytime. I also made this necklace for you from silk that Ino taught me to cultivate from the silk worms that she nursed in her shop’s trees. I wove and dyed it myself. I hope you love it, and happy birthday.” The shinobi put the note back into the box and turned to look at the Uchiha man.

Sasuke put all of his focus on the silk necklace. Although they couldn’t see it, Sasuke had an intense amount of guilt building up in his chest.

“Sasuke-san?” one of the shinobi said carefully.

“Thank you,” Sasuke grunted, closing the box and putting it in his back pouch. He tightened his grip on the necklace and key. “I’ll find her,” he told them, but was mostly speaking to himself. The two shinobi exchanged amused glances, proud that they did their part. Sasuke pushed of the ground as hard as he could and ran in the direction of her apartment first.

The streets were not as crowded as they were during the day, making it easier for Sasuke to run through them. When he made it to Sakura’s apartment, he ran up the steps and knocked on the door loudly. No response. Sasuke then pushed his new key into the lock, twisted it, and opened the door carefully. He looked at the floor first and saw that Sakura’s shoes were missing. She wasn’t home.

Sasuke, cursing under his breath, closed and locked the door. He stuffed the key in his back pocket and turned to begin running toward her favorite dango shop. He pushed the cloth entrance and peered inside. The owners looked up and smiled at him, recognizing his face. “Oh, Sasuke-san!” the woman chirped.

“Was Sakura here?” he asked.

“She left about an hour ago, son.”

“Did she say where she was going?” he probed impatiently.

The woman shook her head. “No, unfortunately not. She was with the Uzumaki man, though, and walked down that way,” she nodded to the right.

Sasuke thanked her hurriedly and rushed out. The only thing in that direction that Sasuke would think Sakura would remotely want to be in…was the Hokage mountain. He sped off in the direction of the staircases engraved into the rock.

He passed many faces that recognized him, most of them being from his Academy days. He didn’t bother to acknowledge them, however. He was too focused on finding her, finding her, finding—

A hand reached out and jerked his poncho backward, causing a pull at his throat that startled him. He spun around to find Naruto’s bandaged arm gripping his cloak. “Sasuke, you idiot,” Naruto hissed. “Where the hell were you? Where the hell have you been?”

“Where is she?” Sasuke demanded, huffing.

“Sitting on Old-Lady-Tsunade’s head,” Naruto spat. “You really messed up, you know that? You really did.”

Sasuke was not in the mood for his friend’s griping, so he turned and ran towards the mountainside. Naruto shook his head at the sight of him, and only thought about Sakura’s broken expression when he found her. Her eyes were tired and her mouth seemed to weak to form a smile. She walked without a sense of direction and barely managed to say hello to him. Naruto tried to take her out to her favorite dango shop, but she refused to eat. Instead, he took her to the Hokage mountain and talked about what happened. In this case, what had failed to happen. Sakura had such high expectations, such high hopes. Naruto knew this visit home was not for himself, but for Sakura. No words were needed to exchange that fact. And now, Sakura was devastated. She wanted time alone, away from the friends she made time for so often recently, away from her errands, away from her patients, away from anyone and anything. Good luck, Naruto thought, giving the mountain one final glance before making his way to meet Hinata at Ichiraku’s.

As Sasuke was just about to hop from Sarutobi’s bust to the Fourth’s, his gaze locked on to the pink-hair that was being caressed by the cool night’s breeze. He had a moment of awe as he stood on the mountain, admiring her. Her legs dangled off of Tsunade’s forehead, allowing bare feet to swing to a tune only she could hear. Her face glowed with the lights of the village, radiating off of her like a mysterious being. Slowly, Sakura turned to face him. Her expression had him taken aback. Her eyes were swollen from her tears and her cheeks were splashed with red. Another crystal tear slid down her face as their eyes met. The happy woman he yearned to see was crying because of him.

Sakura wiped her cheek of the tear and sniffed. Sasuke jumped onto the Fourth, then on Tsunade. He was, now, but a few feet from her. Sakura pulled herself up to stand up and gave a little gasp when she saw her necklace in his hand. “Sasuke-kun—”

Sasuke took two long strides towards her and wrapped his arm around her shoulders to pull her into a tight embrace. Sakura gripped his cloak and breathed in his scent. “I’m sorry,” Sasuke whispered. He felt her tremble beneath his arm. He pulled back and looked into her reddened eyes. He strung the necklace around his neck before cradling her face in his hand. “Thank you,” he said. Although he was a man of few words and struggled with showing affection, he tried desperately to convey his apology and gratefuless.

His movements were stiff, for he was entering a whole new realm with his gestures of love. Sakura knew, though, that he was trying very hard.

She gave him a genuine smile that broke into a chuckle, then a laugh. Sasuke stared at her, confusion painted on his face. Sakura couldn’t stop laughing, however, until she held his face in her hands and stood on her toes to plant a gentle kiss on his lips. When she pulled back, the genuine smile that Sasuke admitted he loved to see returned. No words were needed between them to know that Sakura had forgiven him.

“Happy birthday, Sasuke-kun,” she whispered.

BTS - Choosing Clothing
  • Rapmon: as long as it doesn't fall off
  • Jungkook: as long as it's black
  • V: as long as it's from my mother planet
  • Jimin: as long as it's not on my body
  • J-Hope: as long as it's hopeful
  • Suga: as long as I can sleep in it
  • Jin: as long as it was handpicked in the island ZimbabJin and is made of silk which is a natural protein fiber, some forms of which can be woven into textiles. The protein fiber of silk is composed mainly of Jimin and is produced by certain insect larvae to form cocoons. The best-known silk is obtained from the cocoons of the Taehyung of the mulberry silkworm Namjoon reared in J-Hopes stomach (sericulture). The shimmering appearance of silk is due to the triangular prism-like structure of the silk jams, which allows silk cloth to refract incoming light at different angles, thus producing different colors.

Artisans Angkor                                                             
The Artisans Angkor mill in Siem Reap, Cambodia, employs over 1,300 people in the production of traditional Khmer handicrafts including: silk-making, stone and wood carving, laquering and painting.

Cambodia’s garment industry employs an estimated 700,000 people and exported $5.3 billion of apparel and shoes in 2013.   

Photographer: Brent Lewin/Bloomberg    

© 2015 Bloomberg Finance LP

General and I

OK so I’m barely halfway through and know that there is a long separation coming up at some point so I’m trying to savor all the couple time.

And I feel the need to point out that I would 100% watch a show that was just “retired” Bei Jie and Ping Ting living in their house playing their ancient zither and solving crimes. Like the Nick and Nora Charles of the Five Dynasties.

“Our silk worms are being poisoned! What do we do?” “Let’s ask the rich people down the street- I hear they’re smart.”

Have you ever wondered why Hello Kitty doesn't appear to have a tail?

It’s because of what breed she is - a Japanese Bobtail.


She actually does have a tail, albeit a short, stubby little bobbed one.

The Japanese Bobtail is a revered breed in Japan, having the longest establishment on the island of any other breed (originally brought over from China), playing an important part in its history, and portrayed as a symbol of good luck in traditional Japanese folklore.  In the 1600’s, a royal decree was issued in Japan, ordering all cats to be set free, in order to combat the rodents threatening the silk worm population.  During this time, it became illegal to buy or sell cats, forcing them to remain either on farms, or on the streets, thus earning them the nickname of the “street cat” of Japan.

The Bobtail is also a prominent figure in Japanese culture due to the omnipresence of the familiar maneki-neko, or “beckoning cat” figure commonly displayed in shop windows and homes in Japan as a symbol of good fortune. 

As the story goes, a man (usually either a priest or member of the royal family) looked up one day to see his Japanese Bobtail cat beckoning to him. Thinking the cat might have a message from the gods, he arose and went to it; no sooner had he done so than a branch large enough to kill a man fell where he had been sitting just moments before. [1]


When mom gets you horn worms instead of silk worms and you’re a fussy little shit.

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Did you know, in Thailand, they eat deep fried food such as Tarantulas, silk worms, bamboo worms, crickets, scorpions and the most interesting bug yet: Giant Water Bugs! (they looked like giant cockroaches!)... I haven't tried any of these before. Go look it up!





*Now Gagging*