Many many years ago, I had the opportunity to take a tour of a silk farm/factory in China. You can see that one little cocoon can be stretched into a very thin ply; they are making silk batting for a summer quilt. Since I’m really getting into fiber arts and homemade textiles, this got me wondering why the US never had a silk industry.

Infact, there were several attempts to start a silk industry in the US dating as far back as as the early 1600s. However, silk never really took off due to its labor intensity; as history shows, cotton was the “it” girl. I believe today there are a few super small scale home businesses that produces American silk. Be kinda cool if I can do a little silk business on my future homestead since Im not sure about handling sheep.

My mum has seriously gone mad. She has this insane incessant need to breed silk worms, it’s fucking disgusting. And she has called them all Rumplestiltskin and she sits there and whispers to them “spin. spin!”

soupladle asked:

do you know of any places with silkworms in stock? I usually get them from coastal or mulberry farms but they've had none all year :(

I’m not sure where you’re from so I can’t give you a site because they may not ship to you. I would try to find an expo in your area, you can stock up and it’ll probably be cheaper.

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