Van depremi olduğunda küçük Yunus'un fotoğrafını gördüğümde canımdan can gitmişti.
Bugün dahi aklıma geldiğinde ağlarım Yunus için.

Bir de bugün, bu fotoğraf,bu an bana aynı duyguyu yaşattı.

O zaman Yunus'u kaybetmiştik,bugün adaleti…

Adaleti siktir et de siz de vicdan da mı kalmadı ?

Silivri Penitentiaries Campus, Istanbul Province, Turkey.

Silivri is a high-security state correctional institution complex established in 2008. It is the country’s most modern and largest penal facility with a capacity of 10,904 inmates. The prison complex is composed of nine blocks, each a self contained prison with separate gates, independently administered by a block director and staff. Around 17,000 people including 2,000 service people and 1,500 visitors sojourn in the complex daily.

The prison is equipped with state-of-the-art security devices. Every person, even prison director, prosecutor or visitor, is screened by x-ray devices before entering the waiting hall. Additionally, high-resolution images of the irides are recorded for biometric authentication.

Yesterday, after what has been described as a “military coup attempt”, six thousand people were arrested in Turkey; the Government has declared there will be “many more arrests” in the upcoming days.