how to make a silent hill monster

take any wierd fetish drawing with bad anatomy

imagine it sprinting 30mph at you in a dark alley while hissing and sputtering

So much of the Silent Hill franchise is about the sexualization and hatred of women, with the male monsters (that act as guides for the main characters) mutilating and raping female monsters as an expression of the male character’s mindset.

How about an adult woman as the main character for once? A woman who has gone though a lot of hardship in her life and has a deep, subconscious hatred of men. She doesn’t want to acknowledge these feelings however because she has a young son, and the thought that he will one day be a man too makes her uncomfortable, so she has to pretend she has no problem with men, both for his and her own sake.

That is why her “Pyramidhead” is a towering female monster with scars on her abdomen like she ripped a baby out once. She attacks male monsters along the way, mutilates their crotches, rapes them with their own phallic weapons, and strangles them with her metal loop. She never attacks the main character unless the main character attacks her, and even appears to clear the way for her on a few occasions, guiding her through the game.

It sounds harsh, but just think about what happens in the Silent Hill games.

Edit: I can’t keep repeating myself. If you you want to correct me on something you think I got wrong about the franchise, read the answers I’ve already given in the comments. I have indeed done my research and isn’t just basing this on the second game.
Not so usual drawing prompts

Send me a symbol to draw my muse as

🐱= Animal that represents them the best
💎=In luxurious outfit
😰=As a silent hill monster
💀=As a robot or animatronic
🌹=As fairy tale character
👗= In a historic period of either muns or sender choice
💎= As a gem(Steven universe kind)
🐭= As a fanmade pokemon(basicly make new pokemon that looks like your muse)
🐧=As a dere type(Tsundere ,Yandere etc..)
🐉=As a dark souls characters
🐸=As a meme


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W O W I haven’t posted any Mob Psycho 100 content in a while all the old MP100 art on this blog is crusty as fuck haha

SO I was talking with my hella cool friend Elia and she was like ‘AU where Mob becomes a shadow monster when he hits 100% that acts according to which 100% he hits and ??? is just a creepy fuckin silent hill monster version of himself’ and I got HELLA INSPIRED BECAUSE GOOD AU???? So yeah have this drawing I threw together of a local cryptid.

(also wtf are hands)