Silent House

50 Horror Films Directed by Women

Because it’s always nice to remember women in horror. In no particular order.

  1. Near Dark (1987) dir. Kathryn Bigelow
  2. The Babadook (2014) dir. Jennifer Kent
  3. Raw (2016) dir. Julia Ducournau
  4. Pet Sematary (1989) dir. Mary Lambert
  5. American Psycho (2000) dir. Mary Harron
  6. Ghostwatch (1992) dir. Lesley Manning
  7. A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night (2014) dir. Ana Lily Amirpour
  8. American Mary (2012) dir. Jen & Sylvia Soska
  9. The Slumber Party Massacre (1982) dir. Amy Holden Jones
  10. Revenge (2017) dir. Coralie Fargeat
  11. Trouble Every Day (2001) dir. Claire Denis
  12. Prevenge (2016) dir. Alice Lowe
  13. The Lure (2015) dir. Agnieszka Smoczynska
  14. The Voices (2014) dir. Marjane Satrapi
  15. Jennifer’s Body (2009) dir. Karyn Kusama
  16. The Love Witch (2016) Anna Biller
  17. Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1992) dir. Fran Rubel Kuzui
  18. Another Me (2013) dir. Isabel Coixet
  19. Carrie (2013) dir. Kimberly Peirce
  20. The Hitch-Hiker (1953) dir. Ida Lupino
  21. Goodnight Mommy (2014) dir. Veronika Franz & Severin Fiala
  22. Boxing Helena (1993) dir. Jennifer Lynch
  23. High Life (2018) dir. Claire Denis
  24. Helter Skelter (2012) dir. Mika Ninagawa
  25. The Invitation (2015) dir. Karyn Kusama
  26. Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare (1991) dir. Rachel Talalay
  27. Dead Hooker in a Trunk (2009) dri. Jen & Sylvia Soska
  28. Blood Bath (1966) dir. Stephanie Rothman
  29. Mirror Mirror (1990) dir. Marina Sargenti
  30. Organ (1996) dir. Kei Fujiwara
  31. XX (2017) dir. Jovanka Vuckovic, Karyn Kusama, St. Vincent, Roxanne Benjamin
  32. Blood Diner (1987) dir. Jackie Kong
  33. The Moth Diaries (2011) dir. Mary Harron
  34. The Bad Batch (2016) dir. Ana Lily Amirpour
  35. Slumber Party Massacre II (1987) dir. Deborah Brock
  36. Ravenous (1999) dir. Antonia Bird
  37. Silent House (2011) dir. Laura Lau & Chris Kentis
  38. Humanoids from the Deep (1980) dir. Barbara Peeters
  39. After.Life (2009) dir. Agnieszka Wojtowicz-Vosloo
  40. See No Evil 2 (2014) dir. Jen & Sylvia Soska
  41. Kiss of the Damned (2012) dir. Xan Cassavetes
  42. Urban Legends: Bloody Mary (2005) dir. Mary Lambert
  43. Office Killer (1997) dir. Cindy Sherman
  44. The Bye Bye Man (2017) dir. Stacy Title
  45. Blood and Donuts (1995) dir. Holly Dale
  46. A Night to Disremember (1983) dir. Doris Wishman
  47. In My Skin (2002) dir. Marina de Van
  48. Honeymoon (2014) dir. Leigh Janiak
  49. Pathogen (2006) dir. Emily Hagins
  50. The Countess (2009) dir. Julie Delpy

anonymous asked:

Can you write a little fic about a lazy Sunday morning, and Seb coming into their bed for cuddles.

It’s not quite what you asked for, but I hope you like it!

It’s not even daylight the first time Robert wakes up and he waits a few seconds, checking in case something had woken him. The house is silent though so he rolls over, wrapping his arm around Aaron’s warm body and settling back down to go to sleep.

The next thing he knows is something poking him in the shoulder. This time the autumn sunshine is streaming through the ridiculously ineffective blinds and he knows he won’t get back to sleep now. The poking doesn’t stop so he reluctantly rolls away from a still sleeping Aaron to find a pair of blue eyes staring at him.

He doesn’t say anything, this is their Sunday routine, he just folds the duvet back enough for Seb to crawl in next to him, clinging on straight away, blond head resting on Robert’s chest, hands clutching at his t-shirt.

He dozes for a bit, Seb thankfully still sleepy enough to let him. It won’t last he knows that, soon enough he’ll be demanding they get up, his endless energy in full force.

“Daddy?” Time’s up. “Daddy?”

“Yes mate?”

“Breakfast.” He should get up, remembering the last time Seb had insisted he wanted breakfast and Robert hadn’t wanted to get up. His four year old had taken himself off into the kitchen and somehow managed to leave a trail of cereal all over the flat. 

“In a bit yeah?” They didn’t have to be up, for once, and he just wanted to enjoy the peace. Seb had other ideas though and the poking started up again. “Oi, cheeky, pack that in.”

“I’m hungry Daddy.”

“Of course you are. You take after Aaron.” He swings his legs out of bed, “Come on then, we’ll make breakfast for everyone.”

He can’t help looking longingly at his still sleeping husband as Seb drags him from the room, his little hand clutching his tight, lazy Sunday mornings all too rare these days. It’s worth it though for the smile on Seb’s face.

suddenclarityharry  asked:

Here’s a fic title - Sleeping With All the Lights On. What would this fic be about?

Sleeping with all the lights on

It was late that night, as Remus performed the silent spell to reveal the door. As the building split apart, he noticed that the window in Sirius’ room was still lit. He worried, for a moment, that something had happened, but tried not to jump to conclusions. 

He walked through the silent house, up the stairs, to the last door on the left. There he was. Sitting on the floor, a blanket laying haphazardly across him. His eyes were opened, staring earnestly up at the ceiling, as if searching for answers. Remus tried not to stare at Sirius’ revealed skin, the tattoos scattered across his torso. Remus was obsessed with them, but tried very hard to hide that fact.

“Pads?” He said softly, calling for Sirius’ attention. Sirius’ eyes looked over at Remus, who was illuminated in the doorway.


“Why are you still awake?”

Sirius shrugged. “I was trying to sleep in the bed but, after 12 years of lying on cold rock, it can be a struggle. So I moved to the floor.”

Remus gestured up at the lamps that were illuminated. “Why the light?”

It was silent for a moment, as if Sirius was struggling to form the words. “When the months got colder, the dementors didn’t even need to take away our happy memories. The cold practically did it itself. They never gave us lamps or fire, or blankets. We were cold and broken, trying to keep ourselves alive. I don’t know how, but it always seemed darker in November. So dark that you could barely see your own hand in front of you.”

Sirius shook his dark hair, trying to push away unwanted memories. “I got overwhelmed after you left. The lights were all shutting off and all I cold remember was that cold feeling. So I turned the lights on. I hope you don’t mind.”

“I don’t,” Remus answered, making to leave. Something stopped him.  “Sirius, do you… do you want me to stay?”

Sirius looked up at Remus. “You would?”

“If you wanted.”

Sirius laid his head back against the floor and took in a deep breath. “I’d appreciate that.”

Remus grabbed a blanket and set it out against the floor before joining Sirius. “If it helps.” And together, they sat, staring at the flickering light bulb in the lamp until they both fell asleep. 


Horror History: The 1920s, the Silent Era.

Films Featured (not in order): Nosferatu (1922), The Cat and the Canary (1927), The Phantom of the Opera (1925), Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1920), Haxan (1922), The Fall of the House of Usher (1928), The Golem (1920), The Hands of Orlac (1924), The Man Who Laughs (1928).

The Houses reacting to being catcalled

Gryffindor : *shouts back abusé as her male friends strike up poses and say “thank you !” In a high-pitched voice*

Hufflepuff : *straight up ignores it*

Ravenclaw : *turns around really slowly, creepily lick her lips and say in a creepy voice* yeeeeessss ?

Slytherin : *turns around really slowly, imitated by all her friends, and says in a deep, cold voice :* What did you call me ?