• Friend: What's wrong?
  • What they think: Silent Hill 4: The Room got lots of shit for being different while the creators just wanted to create something new, as felt the saga could get boring easily after the third game. The protagonist, Henry Townshend, is not apathetic but actually mentally hill, as shows signs of anxiety and depression in his behavior. He probably has no friends or family, as none are mentioned and nobody noticed him disappearing except Eileen. Henry is compassionate and tries to help the others despite his own struggle and the villain. Walter Sullivan, is an incredibly complex character that simply cannot be addressed as a serial killer, as doesn't fit that kind of psychological profile. This game is full of pain and suffering inflicted from a cruel world to innocent individuals. Silent Hill 4: The Room is vastly underrated and would probably need a remaster, but Konami seems to just have given up on the whole saga despite it having so much potential for meaningful yet haunting stories. Because the entire Silent Hill saga is more than jumpscares, it's all about going deep into the stories of the characters and monsters.
  • What they say: Nothing haha :)

When you are made to hear sounds without a clear source, it is basically allowing a blank canvas to be painted by your mind to give them source. This is a mechanic used by the silent hill series (1-4) to enhance the gameplay and it requires the players participation for it to be effective.