Silent G


It’s finally that time of year again when we all make lofty statements about the things we’re going to improve about ourselves in the coming 12 months, just so that we can feel extra [crappy] when we completely fail. And because I’m really sick of just being reminded of my own shortcomings, today I want to focus on other people’s.


Photographer G K Lee Tries the New Russar+ Lens on his Leica M6

G K Lee is a New York-based photographer with a lifelong passion for his craft and for music. He took the Russar+ Lens out for a spin around the city by trying it to his Leica M6! Beautiful wide angle shots were captured while accompanied by two models from Silent Models NY.

Some Lloyd scholars have labelled this moment as the most “shocking” moment of any Harold Lloyd film. The Hays code was not in force in 1927 when Speedy was made, and it’s possible the censorship board did not spot the gesture. However,  Harold himself was friends with Will H. Hays who may have let him get away with giving himself the middle finger on screen.