rick riordan: here look at these two teen girls that i intentionally paralleled to one of the most iconic gay romances in ancient history!!!

the straights: ….anyway

  • silena the tiny feisty daughter of aphrodite and her girlfriend clarisse the giant grumpy teddy bear daughter of ares
  • silena and clarisse growing close over the winters when they’re some of the only kids at camp
  • silena piercing clarisse’s ears one day when the aphrodite cabin is empty and clarisse being a big baby about it
  • silena taking clarisse out into the woods and picking flowers to make into crowns and standing on her toes to place them on clarisse’s head
  • silena inviting clarisse back to her house when she goes back for the weekend and the two of them stuffing themselves with silena’s dad’s chocolate
  • clarisse being able to hold silena back with one hand whenever she gets angry at someone
  • silena giving clarisse pegasus riding lessons
  • silena being the only person clarisse lets herself break down in front of
  • silena comforting clarisse when she gets back from the labyrinth
  • silena being the one who cuts clarisse’s hair short after her time in the labyrinth and purposefully cutting it ragged because clarisse asked her to
  • silena and clarisse going to the fireworks together every year
  • clarisse going back into the woods after the battle of manhattan and picking flowers for silena

“you’re going to love the school, piper!”
“yeah, but if you’re not in slytherin we’re gonna have to disown you.”
“…w-wait, what?”
“drew, no.”

this was originally gonna be part of a huge comic but i don’t have the time/patience to draw the sorting hat that many times :/ so here’s silena and drew, welcoming their lil’ sister piper to slytherin! 

Everyone goes on about how Grover and Percy is the forgotten bromance but what about Beckendorf and Percy??? Like they hung out during camp and kept in touch during the school year and complained about school and talked about colleges and gossiped about girls. Percy always pushed Beckendorf to ask out Silena and Beckendorf was the only person Percy ever confided in about his feelings for Annabeth. He didn’t tell Grover, he didn’t tell Tyson, he didn’t tell Sally. Beckendorf and him definitely had a stronger relationship than the books let on I wish we didn’t forget about them so much

  • Annabeth: I don't want to be Percy Jackson's "girlfriend."
  • Silena: Well, what do you want then?
  • Annabeth: I don't know! I just want to be with him. All the time. I want to hear about his day and tell him about mine. I want to hold his hand and smell his hair. But I don't want to be his stupid girlfriend!
  • Silena: You know, I really think we should try a non-violent approach to resolve this.
  • Clairesse: I agree. Except replace the word “non” with “extremely”, and after the word “violent”, include the phrase “blood explosion extraordinnaire.”