A Sunday afternoon at Tsukuba’s Gymkhana course

Headed down to Tsukuba circuit the other day, but not to the world computer game famous TC2000, but to the lesser-known gymkhana course. This is a large square of asphalt located behind the back-straight of the main course. Today was an amateur gymkhana club event where a wide variety of different cars were being thrown around the makeshift cone course. 

Times were being recorded, but this event was more about honing the drivers’ skills as opposed to competing with each other for lap times. A squad of drifters even turned up in their Silvias just to practice their drifting skills. 

I managed to blag a ride with a couple of guys. One in a stripped out Impreza WRX which accellerated and braked with the sensation of being blasted out of a canon at 150mph and then slammed into a sponge wall. The other in a turbo MR2 SW20 drift car whose driver was just getting used to the weight balance shift of drifting a midship car, resulting in me being spun around a few more times than I appreciated. It was a fun ride, but left me looking a bit pale.