Bheerrai ਭੀੜੈ


kaparr roop suhaavanaa shhadd dhuneeaa a(n)dhar jaavanaa ||
Abandoning the world of beauty, and beautiful clothes, one must depart.
ma(n)dhaa cha(n)gaa aapanaa aapae hee keethaa paavanaa ||
He obtains the rewards of his good and bad deeds.
hukam keeeae man bhaavadhae raahi bheerrai agai jaavanaa ||
He may issue whatever commands he wishes, but he shall have to take to the narrow path hereafter.
na(n)gaa dhojak chaaliaa thaa dhisai kharaa ddaraavanaa ||
He goes to hell naked, and he looks hideous then.
kar aougan pashhothaavanaa ||14||
He regrets the sins he committed. ||14||


“Sunday night I was taking a flight back from San Francisco to Toronto and was stopped by security and ordered into additional screening. Now this is nothing new to me, as I’m a brown dude who flies quite often and these types of extra screening and searchings are regular occurrences. In this specific case however I was asked to remove my turban so it could go through an additional extra check. my first inclination was to say nah, I had a flight to catch and taking off a turban and tying it back on before a flight would be inconvenient. I asked to have a pat down instead (i get my clothes patted down, and those too are made of cloth, never asked to remove those) the manager insisted that either I would take off my turban and or I would be escorted back into the public area and I could book a flight with a different airline or airport.

They provided a private screening room, and after they had done a complete body search and scanned my turban through another x-ray… they came back and told me I was good to go.

It was at this point I asked for a mirror to retie my turban again, because unlike a hat or a shoe, tying a turban back on takes time and skill (great skill, only the manliest of men know) plus I gotta make sure i look extra crispy and good ALWAYS (my motto in life, most of the time when I’m not lazy of course) The officials responded that they don’t provide mirrors and one of them had even told me to walk down the nearest bathroom at the other end of the terminal, in public, without my turban on. Which completely defeats the purpose of being in a private room in the first place… why “undress” me and then tell me to walk out “undressed” to the nearest bathroom to retie my turban again? The turban is a sign of royalty, respect, dignity, courage and has a huge significance for my people.

I followed all the security protocols, asked whatever they wanted me to do, the issue isn’t JUST with the fact that I was asked to remove the turban (however silly it still is) but with the lack of respect and insensitivity when I asked for a simple request like a mirror to tie it back on again.

Also fun fact: no one has ever found anything dangerous in a turban… ever.”


We know every woman has two jobs - one at the office and one at home. She multitasks and handles both almost single handedly. It’s time to understand why. It’s time to get to the root of the issue. Is it our upbringing? Are we passing gender roles that haven’t evolved with the times? In our society why are women only responsible for the household? It’s a responsibility for both genders. (x)

The Right to Non-Christian Secularity

About ten days ago, I wrote a series of posts regarding the difficulties Jews and people of other minority faiths encounter in western society when it comes to having our holidays respected and recognized. I got a lot of feedback from Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Jains, etc. echoing my sentiments (some of which was absolutely heartbreaking), and I have additionally seen a variety of other posts on the matter that underline my point. When reading all of the notes and comments relevant to these posts, I noticed a very similar theme reappearing time after time:

“I didn’t take off for X holiday because I’m not that religious, but the scheduling was very inconvenient for my more observant friend or family member.” 

Indeed, I had previously quoted former MLB player Gabe Kapler, who once made the justification to play baseball on Yom Kippur by saying: 

“I am not really a practicing Jew. It would be selfish to be a practicing Jew on only one day.”

It would seem that many people have been led to believe that observing a Jewish or Muslim or Hindu holiday is cheating unless you are sincerely devout. 

Well, I have a special message for those people: 


This is important, so I’m going to say it again: 


Think of all the times you have been chided by secular Christian friends for not celebrating Christmas.

“It’s not really even a religious holiday anymore,” people will tell you. “It’s just a nice time for families to get together and celebrate.” 

Well, guess what? So is Rosh Hashanah. So is Eid. So is Diwali. 

A secular Jew might not want to go to synagogue on Rosh Hashanah, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to fly home for Rosh Hashanah dinner to be with their family. 

A non-practicing Muslim may have lost interest in regular religious practices, but that doesn’t mean they don’t still look forward to Eid celebrations.

A lapsed Hindu can still have fond memories of celebrating Diwali as a youth, and want to continue on with their family traditions. 

There is no written rule that says only people from Christian backgrounds can be non-religious and still celebrate their cultural holidays. There is no law that says only Christmas and Easter can be boiled down to family dinners and fun festivities. 


It doesn’t matter if you haven’t prayed in years or don’t believe in God. If you want a day off for your holiday, take it. No matter what, it’s still yours. 

The latest victim of Islamophobia is a 12-year-old Sikh boy in Arlington, Texas. Armaan Singh Sarai, a student at Nichols Junior High School in Arlington with a heart condition, was arrested and jailed for three days based on a bully’s accusation that he had a bomb in his backpack. Nichols principal Julie Harcrow immediately called police, who searched Armaan’s backpack and determined there was no bomb. Despite that fact, Armaan was detained for three days at a juvenile detention facility. Neither police nor the school informed Armaan’s parents where he was being held.

Super Sikh (2015)

“A comic book series starring Secret Agent Deep Singh, aka “Super Sikh” and his team, who fight for justice all over the world.

Deep Singh aka “Super Sikh” is the first modern Sikh comic book super hero. Geared toward both young adults and the young at heart, Super Sikh Comics is a not-for-profit venture supporting global literacy programs and diversity in media.”

Story Supreet Singh Manchanda & Eileen Kaur Alden, art: Amit Tayal

Available at // Follow them on twitter / facebook

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Canadian YouTuber JusReign Forced To Remove Turban At U.S. Airport
This is not OK.

Canadian comedian Jasmeet Singh spoke out on Twitter Monday, after he was forced to remove his turban for an airport security check in San Francisco.

The Sikh YouTuber, who is better known as JusReign, took off his turban for a private search after U.S. Transportation Security Administration workers told him he wouldn’t be allowed on his flight otherwise.

Upon finding nothing inside the turban, Singh wrote agents denied his request for a mirror to retie his turban, and he was forced to walk in public looking for the nearest restroom with his hair uncovered.

According to The Sikh Coalition, it’s mandatory for followers of Sikhism to wear a turban in public, as it’s a symbol of “love and obedience to the wishes of the founders of their faith.”

“What was the point in taking me to the private room,” Singh asked on Twitter, slamming the TSA for not accommodating his request for a mirror after he “cooperated” with their search.

Singh continued to say he knows Sikh men who travel without their turbans out of fear, but he’ll continue to wear his.

Several Twitter users spoke out to support Singh, and criticized TSA for their behaviour.

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An 82 year old man, #BapuSuratSingh, has been on a peaceful hunger strike for over 187 days. He has been forcefully taken from his home and arrested on the orders of the Indian Government.

I don’t expect everyone to know about him, or his cause to free political prisoners who have long served their sentences. Mainly because the media hides the goings on in the world, when the Government that controls it, is the “bad guy”.

Bapu Surat Singh is a true father to those illegally locked up and forgotten. Can’t express the love he must have to starve for over 187 days. He is still on a hunger strike. Most recent news since the arrest is that he has given up water intake too.

Just know this much. The Indian Government arrest you when you peacefully protest. They shoot you when you peacefully march, and they call you terrorists if you try to fight back.


A 15-year-old Pakistani Sikh girl has become the first girl from the Sikh community to top the matriculation exam in the country.

Manbir Kaur, daughter of Giani Prem Singh the head granthi at Gurdwara Sri Nankana Sahib, scored 1,035 marks of 1,100 and emerged on top.

Kaur’s accomplishment is no ordinary feat as Sikhs only comprise 1% of Pakistan’s population.

“She achieved what even boys of the community could not. I think Manbir’s hard work has paid off. She has always been a diligent student,” Kaur’s proud father said, while speaking to the Hindustan Times.

Further, her father said that the 15-year-old had taken admission in a pre-medical course at the Punjab Group of Colleges in Lahore as she wanted to grow up to be a doctor.

Regarding girls’ education in Pakistan, Kaur’s father said, “I think women should be treated no differently from men as they have as much a right to pursue their dreams. If they can run homes so efficiently, why shouldn’t they be allowed to conquer the world outside?”

Claiming that Kaur’s cousins had also done really well in the Class 10 exams, Giani Prem Singh said that the 200 Sikh families living in Nankana Sahib were encouraging their daughters to excel in every field.

After the result was announced, the Pakistan Sikh Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee honoured Kaur with a siropa (robe of honour).

The Boards of Intermediate and Secondary Education announced results of the secondary school certificate examination across Punjab last week.