Space Invaders: Sci-Fi in the Arcade Age

ALIEN (1979) / ALIENS (1986)

Friday, April 24 - 7:30PM, Egyptian Theatre, Hollywood, CA

Special presentation of rare behind-the-scenes material between films, and discussion with guests from the special effects department.


Alien ( Ridley Scott, 1979)


I finally got round to watching Alien! 
I have to say, my expectations were more than exceeded. I often get deterred by things which are hyped to a certain degree, or deemed a “must see.” ( a conversation for another day..)

Alien was everything I wanted and reaffirmed my faith in the genre; an interesting set design- gloomy and dark and futuristic and bright; surprisingly realistic characters, who some of which although I would have liked to explore further, were unmistakably human and reacted to their impossible situation as such. I think it’s really important to keep that connection even in science fiction. The hysteria that they felt and endured was conveyed really skillfully and I was really impressed. 
I’d read a few essays on Ripley’s character from different perspectives, feminist and otherwise. I can definitely relate to the fascination with her; she is a beacon of strength and the journey we go on with her leaves us equally satisfied and fatigued at the end, as she finally escapes the hellish calamity. 
I am really happy I watched this; it has left me intrigued and I will definitely have to visit the sequels.