Team Signless from the Musicians AU pseudocon and I have been scheming in our spare time.

Top to bottom is retired Lounge Singer Dolorosa, self-promoted internet Dubstep/Electro artist Psiioniic, Indie performer Signless (similar work to Bo Burnahm), and J-pop star Disciple.

Trying out a new coloring style with these! The process still needs tweaking and I wasn’t spending too much time on each one so I would go back and neaten them up before putting them in a portfolio, but it seems to make shading faces and hair a lot easier. c:


Hands down one of my favorite surprises of the weekend: the Signless Sermon.

So I was walking around the Dealers Room and saw a really neat Signless cosplay, and so told him I thought it was cool. He thanked me and told me that if I was interested, he was giving a sermon in front of Artists Alley at 2:00. I figure, okay, this could be kinda neat, why not?

So 2:00 rolls around and I start migrating towards the sermon spot, thinking maybe he’ll have a few people standing around him, speaking out like one of those roadside preachers or something. To put it simply, I was wrong, and this is just another example of why you should never underestimate the Homestuck fandom. You go big or you go home.

He had a bit more than “a few people” that I had expected, and was not standing in the crowd but up on a fucking balcony preaching down to this huge-ass crowd holy shit this guy is not fucking around.

Unfortunately, the crowd was blocking traffic, but luckily this didn’t stop the sermon. He came downstairs and a hoard of Homestucks followed him outside, where he continued his sermon to all who stopped to listen. I mean this dude had a prepared speech and everything.

Oh and there was a Link cosplayer playing an ocarina in the background (you can see him sitting in the background in that last pic).

This whole thing was pretty surreal, but it was so damn cool.

I saw a shirt on one of the displays at Aeropostale the other day that said MAMA DIDN’T RAISE NO FOOL and I couldn’t help but think of this.

This is lazy art but I’m going to dump it here anyway

Done in SAI, about an hour for time (but it was a distracted hour so probably less)


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Don’t mess with mom. Sometimes she can do anything to protect her child.

I mean I literally did this for fun, well the idea came out when I chatted with a friend (thank you so much dear).

School start for me ; w ;, so I’ll be busier (again).

P.S: Oh yeah whoever spot something wrong in the first 2 page wins a request. Only 3 slots because I still have more comics to draw * w * *evil smirk*

P.S.s: Man I read too much mangas *laid down in tears*

Happy belated birthday, Merry belated Christmas, and happy New Year luciddreamerash! I’m sorry I didn’t get this done sooner for your birthday, but I hope you like it. You’ve been having a tough time, and you deserve all the love in the world. You have helped me so much not just through this year, but throughout the time I’ve known you. You have so much love to share. Don’t lose that gift.