Marlee Matlin Signs National Anthem At Super Bowl, Not That You Really Saw It
While Lady Gaga sang the national anthem Sunday night just prior to kickoff for Super Bowl 50, actress and activist Marlee Matlin signed the National Anthem for the crowd. But, strangely enough, she was barely shown by cameras. This is the third time that Matlin signed for the Super Bowl, which is
By Josephine B. Yurcaba

okay the one thing that i can’t get off my mind is that while i was talking to dan and phil at the signing phil looked at me really intensely like he seemed so invested and he didn’t blink once and he just didn’t even really have any specific expression but i can’t even describe how i felt while he was looking at me like but like the second i noticed him staring it was hard to look away and i kept darting my eyes back and forth from him to dan but it’s just like wow how the fuck does dan handle that every single day like i now understand why he’s always looking at phil

I went to the signing in Auckland yesterday and as we were waiting to go in, a girl came out cry and saying that George told her that her freckles are beautiful. This made me so happy because I know that many girl don’t like their freckles and being told by someone they admire and look up to that their freckles are beautiful is something so small that could mean the world to the person