Hey what’s up guys? So lame-opea and I have been getting requests to do more music videos together. It’s crazy because since our first video of us signing songs for the first time together, Ashley has gotten SO MUCH better at singing songs. She is profoundly deaf and it’s crazy because she sings this song better than people who can hear. This weeks video we did my current favorite song To Love - Talking Body (remix). Hope you guys enjoy this little clip.

PS - sorry for the camera shake, we were dancing so hard that the floor was shaking. Enjoy.

This happened to me in Giffoni on 7/19/15 (and of course the video is mine). I met this amazing man and he saved me and my friend’s life. Literally. I went to the Giffoni Film Festival to meet Martin Freeman aka the cutest person in the world. I was in first row and people were literally beasts: I still have bruises and I hurt everywhere. When he walked on the carpet to sign autographs I thought I was going to pass out or even die, people were so horrible and some girls were literally thrown out of the queue. So when he was right in front of me and my friend he saw that we were dying and we couldn’t breathe so he helped us and made people go back by saying “These girls can’t breathe, go BACK!”, he tried to calm us down, telling us to “BREATHE”, then he called the security. This man literally saved us. I’m still shaking at the thought of it. Thank you Martin.