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I really wanted to draw Petyr in more violet colored attire after seeing this

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Dan threw paper planes at Chad from afar, chuckling lightly.

Chad feels something made out of paper hitting the side of his face. He looks around to see where it came from. He then notices a guy of his height standing there with a dark brown fringe, that can only be one person. He stands up and walks to the guy, his signature smile on his face. “Hello Dan, long time no see.“


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How about drabble about reader, seeing Reaper and then finding out he is his long lost love Gabriel? ;D

He showed up like some kind of ghost. The man accompanied by flames of darkness, all in black with a signature mask covering his face. Wherever he went, death always followed. Maybe that was why they called him Reaper.

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————————— Hey, Gabe. I… Have a question for you. Hesitation clear in his voice, Jack looked a little UNSURE, despite smiling rather brightly. He even looked NERVOUS, as his smile started to waver. How was he going to say this ??

       … Do you think I’m a good leader ??

      JACK went quiet after a few moments, the smile slowly FADING into an uncertain frown. It was awfully UNNATURAL for the man to not have the signature smile on his face, but over time and a few unsuccessful missions, he was starting to WORRY that he wasn’t doing his job well.

      HE needed someone else’s thoughts.

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Your team would consist of: Floatzel, Dewgong, Azumarill, Crawdaunt.

I feel like you’d be a Gym Leader. Climbing up the ladder at a young age because of your passion for Pokémon. (It all started when you became friends with a young Buizel.) Water seems most natural to you. (After all, you’re Dutch so you see plently of water in your lifetime.) You’d most likely be the 5th or 6th gym a player faces.

Signature Pokémon would be Floatzel, of course. She’s never in her Pokéball, much like Ash’s Pikachu.

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Personally, I'm bummed about the Mary Jane news just because I didn't want to see MJ so early. I think her relationship with Peter is much more interesting after Gwen Stacy's death, it seems like a bit of a missed opportunity not to take their time with her and properly build up. Zendaya seems like a fine choice, though. Definitely has the whole pro super model thing down better than Kirsten Dunst did, and seems like she has the confidence to back up MJ's signature "Face it, tiger" line.

My hope is that whoever writes for Homecoming, though they’re obviously gonna have MJ as a main character, actually does have a buildup to her liking Peter because like, almost every movie has had the relationship aspect of things feel super rushed for the sake of it being a franchise (although the first three Spidey movies did take us on a bit of a journey with those two). Introducing MJ and not having her IMMEDIATELY be in love with Peter is absolutely possible, and I hope they take that chance for about the same reasons.

I always forget MJ came after Gwen Stacy’s death. I wonder if they’d subtly write Gwen’s death into the canon and maybe hint at it. I liked what Civil War did when it came to talking about what drove Peter as a hero, they didn’t outright mention Ben or go back through a visual montage of a backstory, they just subtly referenced it and moved on; though perhaps if Gwen’s death were canon to the MCU with MJ still following suit, maybe that could be used as a plotpoint for Peter to be hesitant towards approaching relationships?

He’s also in college in the MCU instead of being in highschool (I think?) so maybe we won’t have as much kid drama. One of my only hesitancies towards this movie is probably the vision of it being “like a John Hughes movie/like a big Indie movie” in that Marvel, a GIANT when it comes to the movie industry nowadays, wanting to make a so-called “indie movie” is probably one of the most bafflingly funny oxymorons I’ve heard in a while

Like, I want to see what a Breakfast Club-esque Spiderman setup would be like, but only in some of the introspective character development and introductions. I don’t want them to be super focused on trying to be what they think is indie and hip and young, I just want something unique, and I think when it comes to the third Spiderman franchise that’s something that everyone is looking for. 

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The Oha-Asa thing is a bit annoying because it reminds him of Midorima, but Kise can't even be mad bc sometimes he gets texts like "Ki-chan, your lucky items today are cats and pink! I have just the item to help!" *insert selfie of Oikawa in ridiculous pink cat boxers with signature peace sign + winky face"

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oh my god that’s adorable lmfao