Signature Faces

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Tbh I bet they would keep their relationship secret just for fun. Like they'd keep up their argumentative public appearance then they'd go somewhere private and suck faces. Bonus points if Phichit catches them and does the signature reaction face.

((about JJSeung))

Yesss, bonus bonus points if they have a facade of disliking each other and thats largely where Seung’s seemingly cold exterior comes from. But behind closed doors he’s super touchy feely (and though still near expressionless it’s clear he has a lot of affection for JJ) and JJ’s like “Man you really made me think you hated my ass for a second there” and Seung’s like “You may be a pompous asshole, but no one could hate That Ass. Also i love you or whatever” 


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10 / 27 / 29 HI AMI

10. Your favorite cover of BTS? (Doesn’t matter if it’s one of Jungkook, Taehyung, Jin, etc.)


okay, but actually. Pretty sure this is what actually sold BTS to me once and for all:

27. What immediately comes to your mind when you think of Jimin? 

Literally. The first thing that appeared in my mind in big bolded letters was


Because my brain hates me and I meme too hard. But tbh, after that I thought of his bright sparkly smile and the way his eyes become all pretty when he does :3

29. What immediately comes to your mind when you think of Jungkook?

LOL. Jimin’s ass.

K but actually, I thought of his cutest-est face and his black hair and giant eyes in that signature face that he makes. 

^something like that. :P


Paps: “So Zayn, have you bought the new One Direction album yet?” Zayn: “Wot? *scoff* No, I haven— *trips* *thousands of the special edition Louis MITAM album covers fall out of his coat* Fook, these aren’t mine i swear! *sweating* i-i’m just holding them for a friend, i- *slips on a pile of albums* fu ck no, it’s not even a good alb- *more albums fall out as he falls to his knees, desperately trying to pick them up* WELL FOOK. hang on a sec, just listen—LISTEN To wot I’m sayin.”


I’ve been kinda distracted lately by this game so I need to get this out of my system ;;

edit: I feel too awkward to re-upload the post lol anyway I added V! and should’ve said this before but feel free to use as icons with credit!


I made an amazingphil logo! 

amazingphil is a channel full of quirks and laughs. Phil creates a bond with his viewers, inviting him to his strange yet interesting life of meeting weird animals as well as weird people. But that’s okay, because Phil truly teaches his viewers to stay true to yourself and be who you are in order to be happy, even if you are indeed a bit weird yourself. 

The logo is a culmination of the initials “AP” for AmazingPhil and Phil’s trademark fringe( inspired by the twitter bio “the guy with the hair”) and his signature smiley face: 

The A serves as the eye of this face, whilst the P serves as the sticking of the tongue he usually has a habit of doing when he laughs. 

All in all the visual identity is meant to show the joy he brings to people, as well as the fact that its okay to be quirky, its okay to be yourself even with your own set of habits, and that “normalness leads to sadness” a central theme that will always be in the heart of the amazingphil channel. 

One Direction Livestream Body Language Analysis: Larry

To start off we have Niall talking to the camera. He introduces the livestream and asks the other boys how they’re doing.

Everyone seems to be in an alright mood, Louis whispers some joke to Liam, Harry smiles, Zayn looks beautifully unfazed.

Ben Winston is introduced. I want you to look at each of the boys’ reactions in turn.

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Type:Null is an Artificial Arceus

It’s ability and signature held item(s?) allow it to be any of the 18 types and it have a signature move “Multi Attack” gains the typing it currently is

this DIRECTLY parallels Arceus’ Plates, ability Multitype and Judgement signature move!! their faces are even similar 

…well at least to me.

either way, Type:Null is a Chimera Pokemon created through Alchemy in an attempt to create an artificial god and I am going to pet it and bush it and tell it I love it. 

A portrait I worked on for a while, that was supposed to be in celebration of 13 mil subscribers, but I was late :P

 Mark’s a huge inspiration for me, he’s helped me through a lot and changed me as a person last year. I’m proud of him and this community.