Do not reblog the posts from Roza users please

They are posting from artists without any permission and don’t even bother to write the artist’s name.

We already tried in the past to contact them about it but they have blocked us, and continue to act this way, this is not ok and very disrespectful towards the artists.

They recently posted in the YOI fandom, and even took arts from artists who are already on tumblr.

Concerning the art above, it belongs to ECoA on PIxiv and they don’t allow the reposts of their works, it’s even written clearly on their profile.

We already contacted them to help with report but since it had already many reblogs, we are counting on the fandom to not spread it more.

Thank you for reading and be careful.

Do not support reposts, respect the artists and encourage them on their pages!

Hi there.

My name is Rien, and me and my family are in debt.

I work two jobs, one is a short term job (2 years) with #VOCAMERICA for dance choreography, my other is with my family and their catering company here in California.

Our company has suffered a mass loss of money, with one employee stealing cash, and more than three clients (churches) refusing to pay on the grounds of “It was for a church, it was for Jesus, therefore we don’t have to pay.”

Catering business bills are expensive, we own a kitchen that we are still making payments for, air conditioning bills are piling up, and our employees are dropping out one by one because they despise the vigorous work (which I don’t blame them for).

We are making mass changes to our business to fix these things, but as of now, our house payments are first priority. My phone was recently shut down as we could not afford to pay for it multiple months, our water is about to go out, and our house payments are overdue and piling up one by one.

I am really trying my best, but my bum knees, mangled foot, and my depression/various mental illnesses are really getting in the way.

Here’s where you come in!

I am asking for donations so I can pay things off, and also so I can get proper treatment for medical bills any whatnot.

I am also offering my services, and selling a lot of my stuff (COOL STUFF) under the readmore, if you would buy those, that would be incredible!

If you are feeling generous and you don’t want me to work for you or give you things, you can donate right here:$thebearpants

Paypal: [Link]

Please signal boost, even if you can’t donate! It would mean the world to me!! Thank you for reading!

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I dunno if anyone reads stuff like this but, maybe i can get some help from tumblr.

I recently got kicked out of my house by my dad, I’m currently with my aunt and trying to go into the US army but.

I need money. Right now, i have maybe 54$ to my name?

If anyone feels like donating, I have a donation box here! But I also take commissions!

Right now, commissions are all 25% off!!! (25% off the final price)

Any help is appreciated.


hey! want to help abused trans kids? my boyfriend @dullhorror and i are going to be moving across the country to escape my abusive family. we cannot get jobs due to lack of said jobs and no car. but my wonderful friend is going to be using her own money to try and help us out. unfortunately, this will be from their first personal paycheck which….won’t be a lot or enough. 

to get three people from the upper midwest to the east coast will be just around $800 or so dollars. we have basically most of it with nothing left over for food or basic items needed for self care. (we aren’t asking for $800 dollars! i’m trying to at least get $200) we’d be struggling until we’d get jobs which we are already applying for! 

as of oct 24th my boyfriend lost his foodstamps and we are running out fast as my abusive family barely buys any and takes all his foodstamps

we will be attempting to leave around the 5th of November! it was a rush choice but we can be kicked on the street almost any time if my abuser finds out before then!

we could really use your help one last time! so please….please consider donating to us or reblogging this post! we appreciate every single dollar and note we get
Wikileaks Director Gayden McFadyen Has Died. Cause Unknown. — Steemit
The director of Wikileaks and mentor to Julian Assange, Gayden McFadyen, has died of unknown causes. by thevoiceofreason

The director of Wikileaks and mentor to Julian Assange, Gayden McFadyen, has died of unknown causes. The 76yr old recently passed away; amidst the news of Assange literally having his Internet shut off. This raises a lot of questions concerning the timing of his death and the shutdown of Assange’s Internet service.

That’s right! It’s time for another charity stream! This is our third year raising money for a nest box in Bolivia with Bird Endowment, who help endangered blue-throated macaws! Our goal is $300. $250 for the nest box, and the rest for any fees. Any money raised past the goal will also be donated to Bird Endowment. Donate here

Those who donate $10 or more will get a special Halloween themed postcard with art by @birdcheese and signed by Pepper and Mango! Yes, international too!

To encourage donations, we will be doing a charity stream at 5PM EST on Monday, October 31st (Halloween) on my Twitch channel here. And we’ve got lots planned! You can look forward to the following: 

  • My roommates and I will be in costume as the Belcher kids from Bob’s Burgers plus birds on camera too!
  • We will play Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location, Luigi’s Mansion, Smash, and Mario Party 6
  • Giveaways for viewers from Level Up Studios including Pepper and Pals shirts! 
  • Mango making Halloween birb confetti!
  • My roommates and I being forced to eat nasty Beanboozled jellybeans when certain dollar amounts are reached
  • Post of photo of you in costume with your bird (real or plush) and tag @pepperandpals and I’ll reblog it here during the stream! AND I’ll reblog any stream fanart of course! 
  • Plus any other fun stuff we come up with! 

So please follow me on Twitch, donate, signal boost and tune in on Halloween! 

Please Signal Boost!

My cousin, who is a mixed black young man, was recently shot and killed in Texas. His body was found in an alley on October 21st, and the police are currently investigating.

His name was Anthony Ochoa and he was a very caring person who was loved by many, but due to an unstable financial situation we are unable to pay the costs of the funeral. Not only that but we also want to bring his body from Texas to California so the majority of his family and closest friends can mourn him in peace.

Here’s a link to his fundraiser on GoFundMe. Or, if you prefer, you can send the money to my PayPal (my email is

It would be greatly appreciated if you could spare even $1! Thank you very much for your time!


How Will I Ever Afford Top Surgery??

Or any gender confirming surgery for that matter?! Here’s just a few ideas for getting started fundraising for the daunting task that is affording gender confirming surgery (or anything you wanna save up for, really). Obviously this isn’t an all inclusive list but it’s a good starting point, and hopefully will help you get started on your fundraising journey. Get creative, and don’t give up!

I’m having top surgery in 72 Days! If you wanna help me out and donate to my fund it can be found at:

Please Help Me!

So I have to get 100 people to answer my survey for my Stats class. Please, please, please help me answer TWO questions so I can freaking finish this. Please reply to this post or send me an ask with your answer. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

1. How many hours of homework did you have last night?

2. Which subject did you spend the most time on out of Math, Science, English, Social Studies, and Electives (Computer Science, Psychology, etc.)?

Commissions Open.  

Contact email:

can ask me anything via message 

more info:

NSFW  NO available.
option 1:

  • simple background
  • Can Draw: anime/game/cartoon characters, OCs, bakemonomimi (human with animal ear/tail) etc…
  • Can’t draw: furry/anthro, sonic characters, mecha, gore, detailed backgrounds, etc…

option 2

  • simple background
  • extra accessories: price may vary BUT if is too simple is free!
  • Can Draw: furry/anthro, splatoon characters, anime/game/cartoon characters, OCs, bakemonomimi (human with animal ear/tail) etc…
  • Can’t draw: horse/bird like, sonic characters, mecha, gore, detailed backgrounds, etc…
help ur fave gay Mexican autistic!!

hey guys so I really didn’t want to make this post but!!!!
what’s up I’m Bon im a nonbinary super mentally ill gay Mexican psychotic autistic 17 yr old and I RLLY need to get some stim toys. school is stressing me out a lot and my only stim toy broke after 2 years. unfortunately, my parents are super ableist and they’ll freak out if I buy it myself, even with my own money on my own credit card. I want to get this set of 3 on Amazon for abt 12 dollars (set of 3 bc different textures and also so I won’t have to make this post again bc 3 should last until I move out in 2 yrs) if any of you can order this for me I’ll love you forever!!! also I don’t have any examples bc I’m self conscious abt my art but I’ll draw you something!!!!!
anyways, pls reblog this and message me off anon abt shipping if you happen to want to help me out!!!!! tysm guys ilu
Click here to support Mark Mitchell Pennington by Whitney Welch
Mark Mitchell Pennington tragically killed in a car wreck whose parents aren't able to pay for funeral arrangements from lack of insurance anything can help. He was more than just a friend. Please share.

Hello everyone, my younger brother was killed in a drunk driving accident very early this morning. My family doesn’t have any way to pay for the funeral costs, we have no savings or credit we can tap into, so a friend of the family set up a GoFundMe page to gather donations that will go towards the cost of his funeral.

I would deeply appreciate sharing this link by reblogging, I’ve also made a tweet on twitter that you can retweet here. I don’t use Facebook myself, so I would also be immensely grateful if any of you could cross post this post, the tweet, or the donation page itself to Facebook, whatever you feel comfortable doing will be an amazing help.

I appreciate any and all help you’re able to give, even if all you do is like this post. Thank you all so much, I wish you all a very safe, good day.