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Hey, Borderlands fandom, especially the Rhack crowd!  This user seems to think it’s okay to repost other artists’ work without permission because, “The art was already reposted when [they] got ahold of it.”  As you can see, I politely asked them to not repost, and they decided that was “harrassment”.  So I’m trying to track down all the original artists as I recognize them.  I know many of you don’t like having your work reposted, so just sending out a PSA.

Idk why it’s so hard to just reblog something directly, rather than finding it and reposting it from another site, but oh well!  Some people apparently just need to be that way.

Please signal boost this so other Bl/Rhack artists can make sure their work isn’t being reposted.  

I’ve got a teensy bit of a problem...

I don’t really like talking about my situation here since I’m trying to keep it mostly FFXV and personal writing only, but money’s kinda tight for me right now and I’m starting to get worried about it.

I really hope this doesn’t sound like I’m asking for handouts, but I thought I might throw an idea out there since I’ve been tossing it around in my head already for the past few days with my Etsy shop. I love knitting/crocheting things for other people - would anybody be interested in buying a hat or a scarf from me? Here’s a bit of what I can do (under the cut, I didn’t want to make this post stretch a lot), and all of it is up for grabs. I make fingerless gloves as well (I don’t have any pictures of those unfortunately - the last pair I made were for a Christmas gift) and I’m pretty sure I’ve got every color under the sun to work with. My only concern is pricing - I don’t want to overcharge anybody. 

If you’re interested, go ahead and shoot me a message please. I’d appreciate it. <3
Here’s another link to my Etsy as well - the coupon code MOIRAE10 is still active if you want to use it.

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Hey guys!

I’ve been wanting to save money to go back to school in the fall semester but it’s been pretty hard with all my expenses so I decided to go back to commissions. 

This time I will only work on paintings and stylistic sketches. They help me improve and they’re more fun to make. I know they’re a little bit on the pricey side, but from previous experiences, I do believe they’re worth the money considering the time and effort spent on them…also results are pretty good, I think… I mean I’ve never had any complaints and I’ve seldom ever had to go back and alter a commissioned piece for a client.

I would really appreciate a reblog if possible. It will help me a lot. 

If you’re interested in commissioning me, just message me here or email me at I also enabled direct messaging for everyone so you can use that if it makes you more comfortable.

Ok, when it comes to reposting my art, it seems like I can’t do really anything, especially when they ignore me even after I politely ask to take it down.

I know, people see something, they like it, they share it by reposting it. They don’t do that with bad intention, for them it’s just an “image found on google”, not a work that someone spent hours on.

So my last request is, if you see my art on, e621 and anywhere that isn’t My tumblr, My twitter, My facebook, My deviantart or any of My sites, please don’t share it on Pinterest or any sharing platform.
I’m flattered and wouldn’t expect to find out that people likes my art so much to repost, but this way you’re not supporting me.

I understand that it may be annoying searching for the original source, but I often try to provide my nickname and my tumblr link on every drawing I put.

And it’s not just my drawings, but I’d like you to respect every artist who has to bear with this everyday. 

Thank you

HELLO i’m basil!! i’m trying to find more blogs to follow + make more mutuals (FRIENDS) so!! rb/like this if you post stuff abt

  • musicals (obviosly lol), more specifically:
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i’ll be followin ppl on my main @fomtbasil !! thank u! i hope u have a great day💖💖💖

game of thrones meme

okay so i really needed some inspiration, so i decided to make my own game of thrones meme!! i hope you all enjoy it as well! :)

  • [10] male characters
  • [10] female characters
  • [8] pairings
  • [8] friendships
  • [7] episodes
  • [5] houses
  • [5] locations
  • [5] scenes
  • [5] deaths
  • [3] kings
  • [3] queens
  • [3] parallels
  • [2] prophecies
  • [1] season
Commission Slots are now open!

Slots Open:  8/10

- All commissions are digital and done using Clip Studio Paint.

- Base prices are for one character; extra characters in the same drawing will cost more.

- I’m okay with drawing some mature themes (tasteful nudity, mild gore), but no XXX stuff.

- I will draw original characters, fan characters, pairings, chibi, etc.


Sketch - $7 (+$3 per extra character)
Flat Color - $12 (+$5 per extra character)
Cell Shading - $15 (+$7 per extra character)
Detailed Shading - $20 (+$10 per extra character)

Payment Method

Paypal only; also I expect payment before I begin a commission.

Contact Information

If you would like a commission, please message me via Tumblr or email me at Please make sure you title the email “Commission Request” so I know it is not spam.

And finally, if you would like to support me but don’t want a commission, reblogs are awesome! Thanks!

if you post mostly harry potter, like or reblog this post if I can queue some posts from you (and so I can possibly follow some new people???) also reply with your creations tag if you make original content so I can check that out too. I’ve been really busy with school lately and I’m going on vacation next week, so I just want to make sure my blog stays active. thank you!!!