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Today in Spain, a new law enters into force: “ la ley Mordaza” (the gag law) wich was made and decided in silence by our government.

This new law makes illegal to speak about politics via social media, makes illegal to any kind of manifestation on the streets, you can’t take photos at any cops, practically it invalidates any kind of free speech.

And I’m kinda mad I haven’t seen nothing about this on my dash, so I had to signal boost this in my wacky english.

links in spanish about the news: here, and, here

links in english: here and here

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Somebody Set Fire to SF'S Galeria de la Raza Mural Depicting Latino LGBT Love
You can burn the mural down as many times as you like, but you can't change the fact that love won.

There will be a unity rally tomorrow July 1st 6:00 pm-7:00 pm.

Galeria de la Raza

2857 24th St, 

San Francisco, California 94110

More information here.

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Just so you all know, the Australian parliament just passed a bill that could see anyone who works within a detention centre seeing two years of jail time for whistle-blowing any child abuse, sexual abuse etc that occurs inside an asylum seeker detention centre. 

A first world democratic parliament just threatened it’s citizens who want to report things like child abuse and sexual abuse inside government institutions. 

People should be mad about this. 

Anotherwellkeptsecret Commission Information

Any characters, NSFW permitted, some restrictions apply*.


Full Body: $15.00 ✶ Partial: $10.00 ✶ + $5.00 for any additional characters. (Example above would be $15.00.)


Full Body: $15.00 ✶ Partial: $10.00 ✶ + $5.00 for any additional characters. (Example above would be $15.00. Base color of your choice.)


All animated art will be an additional $5.00.*


Full Body: $20.00 ✶ Partial: $15.00 ✶ +$10.00 for additional characters. (Example above would be $20.00. Shading is an additional $10.00.)


Full Body: $30.00 ✶ Partial: $20.00 ✶ +$10.00 for additional characters. (Example above would be $40.00.)


Full Body: $50.00 ✶ Partial: $40.00 ✶ +$10.00 for additional characters. (Example above would be $60.00.)

* The artist has a right to refuse to draw material if the subject matter is disagreeable.

* Animations are basic and will consist of between two and ten frames. 

Commissions will open Sunday July 5th. To submit a commission, please e-mail Subject your e-mail COMMISSION. I will then reply to your e-mail with a time frame wherein I will be completing your work. This will depend on my work load at the time. Once I’ve sketched an outline for your commission, I will send you an e-mail back titled COMMISSION WIP for you to approve. Payment (via Paypal) will be required before the final product is handed over. You may do whatever you like with your commissioned work, but credit must be given.

By commissioning me, you are giving me a right to sell any pencil work related to your commission at a convention.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please send me an ask or an e-mail.


Hey!! Here’s some things I’d recommend as getting as prints from me!
I make the prints myself, so generally selling prints is very beneficial to my situation. I am homeless, mentally ill and trans,so anything helps. 
I can’t promise exact sizes because everything i draw is generally different dimensions, but generally the prints I’d offer would be 11x17, or 11x11 for the more square pieces of mine.
I’d generally charge $12 dollars for an 11x17, $10 for 11x11 with $5 shipping, as I have to pay for a tube for each one. I hope these prices sound reasonable, I went 5 dollars lower than Society6′s prices for the bigger ones, and matched their shipping.  Thank you!!

I have a patreon and also accept paypal donations. Thank you for your consideration. 


Few months ago I found out that I have really bad asthma (it’s really hard to breathe for me sometimes, i can’t run and i can’t ride a bike because I have attacks) and strong allergy. Since then I tried many many meds and they are so expensive. Then I start having problems with my stomach and now I know that I have bad ulcers. That’s not all! I also have really horrible anemia (hemoglobin only 7.2 and it should be min. 12).

And for almost all of the meds that I’m taking now I need to pay 100% for and that’s a lot of money that I don’t have.Those are all the meds that I’m taking twice a day:

Yeah a lot.

I don’t have a job over a year. I’m looking everywhere, I’m sending my cv everywhere. But I have no luck. Also my dad keep threatening me that he will kick me out (he has a big problem with alcohol and when he drank too much he is really really not nice).
I live with my parents but they can’t help me. My dad is a carpenter but he don’t really work much because he is already 65. And he doesn’t wants to help me anyway. My mom is not working at all and she has SM (and she has attacks so strong that she is in the hospital very often). She needs to taking so many meds every day and they cost a lot. They spend every money for meds and bills.

I’m so desperate that I sold my albums and a lot of books, I tried to sell clothes too.

So if you can donate even small sum (if you don’t have much, 5$ is enough really) I will be really greatful. It’s really hard moment in my life right now. If you don’t, please reblog this post.

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We are doing things that are so shameful it would be a crime to remain silent about it. Anyone who knows the facts really ought to speak out, because until enough people speak out these dreadful things will continue to happen … [Offshore detention] is just demeaning, cruel and terrible …I don’t know why it is so hard for people to understand that deliberate, expensive cruelty is bad on every possible measure.

Julian Burnside on the Australian Border Force Bill 2015 which imposes imposes a two-year jail sentence on health professionals who speak out about the awful conditions asylum seekers face in detention centres

The fact that our government is trying so hard to silence any information about what happens in our detention centres is proof enough that it shouldn’t be happening. 


Tweet your support for the Griffith Park Teahouse! 

“I asked the collective’s ringleader how long he thought the teahouse might last. “Until tomorrow would be great,” he laughed. But then he grew more thoughtful.“I guess there’s a fantasy that other citizens will come along and add to it,” he explained. “But really, this whole thing, it’s about just letting go.” 

Read more | gparkteahouse


• don’t let tumblr decide who you should vote for in the upcoming election
• seriously
• don’t do it

FOUND: Kitten, 2-3 months old, healthy with clear eyes and nose, found in a grocery parking lot in Athens, Georgia when he crawled into a grocery bag next to my friend’s car.

This kitten is in really good condition (he clearly hasn’t been lacking food as he has a little belly, and he’s been eating solids because his stool is solid) and neither my friend nor I can take him in. The local Humane Society isn’t currently taking cats and the local Animal Control said there was a 100% chance he would be euthanized.

We’d really liked to find a home for him somewhere in the state or the area, he’s incredibly sweet and needs love.

Please pass this on!


HI HELLO I need to make money so I’m doing this thing

1. Either send me an email or an ask/message of the type of com you want, and the character ref

2. I accept money upfront first, sent through paypalread here to follow paypal rules and stuff. My email is

3. I’ll draw mostly anything except mecha, R18 content ,very detailed designs (if so expect a very simplified/water  downed version)

thinkk that’s it , thank you!

Hey guys watch out!

There’s an asshole on the loose? 

Yeah basically he’s or she’s or they’re url is HOMOPHOBIC-TRASH

I’m not mentionin em nope, big chances they won’t see it. Just block and report guys. For harassment.

Loyal Fannibals! Hannibal needs YOU! 

I’ve said this before but I’m going to say it again because it’s important: we need more fannibals on Twitter.

While we’ve been generating a lot of buzz already with our twittering efforts, I gather we need more individuals tweeting to improve our ‘unique audience’ and help us trend. What that means is, if you are not currently on Twitter and you want to help Hannibal find a new home, it would be fantastic if you join us now and tweet your support for the show!

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I’m opening up commissions!
email me at if you’re interested! :-)

  • All options are full body unless otherwise desired.
  • Additional characters are $5 each
  • Please include visual references!
  • I will not draw nsfw or heavy gore, mild stuff and nudity is fine.
  • Payment is required upfront through paypal (
  • All commissions are drawn traditionally, and if you’d like the physical copy you must pay for postage. 
  • if you would like something not listed here, email me and we can discuss it! I’m always up for that!

Attention All Skype Users

I’m currently making this post from my phone, because my laptop is continuously blue screening and restarting itself.

There is a virus going around Skype, taking the form of a video message from a contact and linking you to an official-looking page with a link to download.

If you see this, DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT. It is a virus that is incredibly difficult to remove, and when the virus is present, ads that interfere with loading websites will appear and warp your view of said websites. The windows will say ‘ads by doc’ underneath and are incredibly annoying and persistant. But that’s not the worst part.

Not only have I been sitting here for hours with multiple programs trying to remove this virus, but now, after the offending object count was 0 and I thought the virus was clear, an error called UNEXPECTED_KERNEL_MODE_TRAP triggers and blue screens my laptop, forcing it to restart. The only way I can get past the desktop screen is if I boot it up in safe mode.

Stay Safe.

Hello! Tumblr user roninkami here and for various reasons I’ve decided to open up COMMISSIONS! (Because, well, going to school where I go is expensive. Yikes.)

All prices listed are in USD. PayPal only.

Sketch/Lineart - $12
Simple color (flats, minimal shading, simple background) - $18
Painted color (layered color, shading, and background) - $27

*Work with over 3 figures/characters will have an extra rate of $1 per additional figure. (For example, a lineart commission with four characters will be charged $13.)

I will not draw NSFW content or animals. Animal/human hybrids, mecha, OCs, and armor are okay.

All inquiries can be sent to Please let me know your PayPal email so I can send an invoice to you as well. I ask also that you pay upfront, and send me any references needed to complete the commission.

I look forward to doing business with you guys!