Hello everybody!
Some of you may know that I’m struggling a lot right now, I’m facing eviction and homelessness, my food stamps have gone way down, and I need gas money to get to and from class. I lost to my job due to cutbacks and where I live it’s really hard for a young person to find work. However being the person I am I hate asking for handouts or donations or any sort of help with out giving anything in return, so I’m trying to sell most of things (I’ll have to get rid of it if we lose the house anyways) as well as some of my handmade things that I’ve sewn/knitted/crocheted, including my hand woven bracelets. If you can help me at all, a quarter, a dollar or two, I’ll send you a bracelet, and if you want a different color or pattern then just ask and I’ll oblige! I hate doing this because I hate asking for help but I don’t have a lot of other options currently. If you can’t help then please reblog and signal boost. Message me for my PayPal and to give me your address and let me know if you’d like to see anything else I’ve made, thank you for the support and I love all you guys 💗

Please help my girlfriend find a place to live

attention to all LGBT and allies living nearby Mays Landing, New Jersey:

My kind and wonderful girlfriend Brianna @vriska-alltheluck-serket is trying to move out of her religious transphobic parents’ house so that she can schedule an appointment with a doctor to start hormones and eventually get bottom surgery, but she needs a place to stay. If you are able to help her please contact her or me, and if you cannot please, please reblog this post to signal boost it!


Awesome customer photo by @katrinajayne79

Since my tumblr dash is oftenly dead, I urgently need to follow new blogs ;w;

Please like/respond to this post if your blog contains:

• Steven Universe
• pink aesthetics
• shiny stuff, glitter, gems
• flowers
• fashion
• cute animals (preferably cats and dogs)

…and I shall follow you immediately!

Reblogs, blog suggestions and/or signal boosts are appreciated, but not necessary!

Thank you very much! ♥