So, this is weird. I was at the MSPaintAdventures site to maybe kinda finally give Homestuck a try (yeah, I know, my friend Jesse wouldn’t stop bugging me about it). And I was reading Andrew’s news bulletins.

So I’m looking at the ads on the side. And there’s one which is pretty abstract and ugly. Which is fine with me. It’s mostly green, and flashes binary code and a woman’s face.

So I click on it, and it just takes me to a Google search for the words “Help me.”

The ad flashes the words “Help me” too.

When I mouseover it, it just says “signal and noise.”

What is this even an ad for? Is it even an ad?

There’s definitely some sort of code in there so there must be something I’m missing, if I can figure it out.

Here’s the actual file:

River’s Surgery

On monday afternoon my puppy, River, dug out of a friend’s yard trying to go back home.  She has extreme separation anxiety as well as a fear of strangers and evaded anyone trying to catch her.  After many concerned messages, we recieved a call from three kind people who heard her cry and stayed with her and waited for us.  She had unfortunately been hit by a car.  

She’s now in emergency veterinary care but suffers a fractured rib and hip, bruised lungs, and a broken leg.  The vet says that the rib and lungs may heal on their own but that her hip may need realignment and her leg most definitley needs surgery.  

At this time I am financially independent from my parents and I cannot pay for her surgery out of pocket.  My care credit, which I luckily was approved for only covers her examinations, fluids and painkillers.  I’m asking for anything you are willing to donate.  Every little bit of help, even $1, is a lot if 3,000 people see this message.

please help out my sister!! she needs some financial help to pay for her dog’s surgery, which is estimated to cost anywhere between $6000-$10,000. like my sister said, even $1 would help. please donate here, if you can!


Help me with my top surgery!

Hello, my name is Aaron and I am an 18 year old trans boy. I am an engineering student who recently started college and my transition, and while its been going considerably well so far, there is still a major source of stress and dysphoria in my life: my chest.

Binding my chest, especially while at college, comes with countless physical and mental discomforts. I cannot go to the bathroom, exercise, swim, or even leave my dorm room comfortably without binding first. Binding causes me a great deal of physical discomfort and pain: it limits my ability to breathe, causes fluid to build up in my lungs, makes me feel sick after eating, and I have had to grow accustomed to always being distracted and uncomfortable no matter what I am doing. I have tried three completely different binders of different styles with no real improvement on this, and the thought of having to do this for years to come is unbearable.

I come from a lower class household so I am unable to pool much money on my own, especially now with college expenses. As an engineering student my classes are difficult and require a lot of focus which I simply cannot give them so long as I have to continue binding. If I do bind, I cannot properly concentrate because of the pain, and if I don’t bind I cannot concentrate because I am in such distress over the visibility of my chest. I feel like this problem is consuming every aspect of my life, and it would mean the world to me to just be able to live comfortably in my own body for the first time.

And for that I need your help. I am currently saving up all the money I can in order to have top surgery and remove my breasts, but as insurance extremely rarely offers any help whatsoever I am going to have to pay out of pocket. This money will be used for the surgery, anesthesia and facility fees, and post operative care. I am hoping to be able to schedule the procedure for next summer, as it will likely be my last chance to rest for the entire recovery period without having to miss any work or school. Any and all donations are extremely appreciated, and please share this around if you can. Thank you so much!

(A link to the surgeon I plan to see, if you would like to verify the cost/procedure of the surgery)

Rosetta’s comet emitting mysterious signals.

The Rosetta mission has detected a mysterious signal coming from Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. The mission has five instruments in the Rosetta Plasma Consortium (RPC) that measure the plasma environment surrounding the comet. Plasma is a charged gas and the RPC is tasked with understanding variations in the comet’s activity, how 67P’s jets of vapour and dust interacts with the solar wind and the dynamic structure of the comet’s nucleus and coma. But when recording signals in the 40-50 millihertz frequency range, the RPC scientists stumbled on a surprise - the comet was singing, they report. Through some kind of interaction in the comet’s environment, 67P’s weak magnetic field seems to be oscillating at low frequencies.

In an effort to better understand this unique signal, mission scientists have increased the frequency 10,000 times to make it audible to the human ear. First detected in August as Rosetta approached the comet from 100 kilometres, this magnetic oscillation has continued. Rosetta scientists speculate that the oscillations may be driven by the ionisation of neutral particles from the comet’s jets. As they are released into space, they collide with high-energy particles from interplanetary space and become ionised. Because it is electrically charged, the plasma then interacts with the cometary magnetic field, causing oscillations. But to draw any conclusions about this, further work is needed.

You can listen to it here:

Been working on a little character design for TWRP costumes, and also wanted to play around with some different styles.

This one is imitating some of James White’s newer work (Signal Noise).
I don’t see myself doing this kind of stuff in the future, but its fun to try and figure out how other people do stuff.

This is Havve Hogan’s new mask, for the TWRP fans out there.