River’s Surgery

On monday afternoon my puppy, River, dug out of a friend’s yard trying to go back home.  She has extreme separation anxiety as well as a fear of strangers and evaded anyone trying to catch her.  After many concerned messages, we recieved a call from three kind people who heard her cry and stayed with her and waited for us.  She had unfortunately been hit by a car.  

She’s now in emergency veterinary care but suffers a fractured rib and hip, bruised lungs, and a broken leg.  The vet says that the rib and lungs may heal on their own but that her hip may need realignment and her leg most definitley needs surgery.  

At this time I am financially independent from my parents and I cannot pay for her surgery out of pocket.  My care credit, which I luckily was approved for only covers her examinations, fluids and painkillers.  I’m asking for anything you are willing to donate.  Every little bit of help, even $1, is a lot if 3,000 people see this message.

please help out my sister!! she needs some financial help to pay for her dog’s surgery, which is estimated to cost anywhere between $6000-$10,000. like my sister said, even $1 would help. please donate here, if you can!


From the GoFundMe page:

"In January of 2013 I took my two children and escaped my extremely abusive relationship with my spouse of 20 years. My children had spent the previous 5 years locked in the house , home schooled and not even permitted to play outside, they had never ridden a bike, been swimming, played with other children, been to a mall, a movie, or even a Dr. none of the things other children do everyday.

In the past two years I have struggled to keep them fed and a roof over our heads. We are gradually recovering. Sadly although I can provide them with what we need to survive we still lack even the most basic of furnishings and day to day items that most people take for granted. We sleep on single air mattresses on the floor and don’t even have dressers, or a sofa, or a dining table. My children have never known what it’s like to have a real home, so here I am, humbly requesting, that if it strikes your heart to do so, could you please donate to our fund and help me to provide them with one. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this.”

Having known the girl in this picture for over two years, I can attest to the truth of this claim and it would really be lovely if you guys could give this even half of the attention you do for others in need. Signal boost if you can’t donate; please help give my friend a real home.

The GoFundMe

Limited to 300, this print is from James White at Signal Noise, signed and numbered.

Getting rid of it on ebay, Ive seen it go from $200 up, and some guy is trying to sell it for over $800 in the UK.

Whatever, I don’t have room for it, and I’m sure there are some fans out there that would enjoy this. 

Link here if interested. 


Root Node

Interactive installation by Nathan Guo combines tech and nature metaphors exploring communication processes of material forms.

With a “plant” made up of conductive wire and remote control handsets, the user will hear electronic signals from a helmet when watering it - video embedded below:

Root Node is a site-specific interactive installation. It involves stacked layers of disassembled remote controllers that are strung together by conductive rods and planted into the ground. Whenever its root gets damp, nodes can be generated due to the conductivity of the earth interface, which in turn triggers the pulse-signal-based soundscape. The visitor wears the head-mount device to receive the signals within the range of the infred light.

Inspired by Niklas Luhmann’s notion of structural coupling and the materiality of communication, Root Node also refers to the topmost section in a tree data structure in the context of computer science.

More Here

Been working on a little character design for TWRP costumes, and also wanted to play around with some different styles.

This one is imitating some of James White’s newer work (Signal Noise).
I don’t see myself doing this kind of stuff in the future, but its fun to try and figure out how other people do stuff.

This is Havve Hogan’s new mask, for the TWRP fans out there.

So in this famous scene (MTMTE #13) Cyclonus is singing to Tailgate in Old Cybetronian. Then they go to Hedonia; “Signal to Noise”, a story written by James Roberts mentions Cyclonus browsing through the shelves in a gift shop and humming. Considering the fact that, as Tailgate says, Cyclonus thinks “possesions are a weakness” (and - that soon after that he starts a figt to keep Tailgate’s secret, AND - that afterwards he teaches him a song), maybe, maybe… he was also looking for a gift? :)