In GREAT NEED of Commissions to pay for Psychiatric Care

Hey guys, I hate to come at you with another sob story… but here we go again.

A few of you know that I’ve been dealing with severe chronic depression since I was 10 and even fewer know I’ve have paranoid schizophrenia since I was at least 17, possibly since I was 15. (now everyone that is reading this is aware)

The 16th of last month I moved into college dorms and that took me away from my part-time job(and my home that I’ve lived in my entire life), so I have zero income right now(and everything has been triggered by the change). I also haven’t had any new commissions within the last month, so I’m very very short on money.

Yesterday, I took up the opportunity given to me (by me being a student at this college) to go to a counseling session. I get 8 free counseling sessions and each one is only 50 minutes long. Keep in mind these counseling sessions are not psychiatric care sessions, they’re mainly a sort of therapy. Which would be okay, for now, for my depression. Although, I sort of damned myself with my need to use the time efficiently and I tried to give as much information on every single trauma I’d been through as well as explain what sort of hallucinations and paranoia I suffer. So that set me off all day yesterday and I had a horrible day filled with wailing crying and trying not to let people know too much about what was wrong when I was in classes and within public.

Anyway, the point of this post; the reason why I’m needing commissions big time. Is because the counselor has referred me to a psychiatrist to help me with my schizophrenia since she’s not qualified to help me in that area. It was entirely too obvious to her that these things are going to eventually break me down so much that I won’t be able to keep going with the reasonings that I’ve had up until this point. And now that she’s brought it to my attention I completely agree with her.

I need this.

So this is where you guys can come in, please.

I’m in need of $50 by September 14th to cover the psych analysis with this psychiatrist. Then every session after that is $35.

If any of you have ever gone through this before you have already had the thought go through your head of “holy crap, that’s actually pretty reasonable”. I did too because I’ve gone through therapy for my depression between the ages of 10 and 14. I’m aware these are within reason, another reason I want to do this while I have the opportunity available to me.

How you can help;

  1. Commission me! Probably the simplest one, even the $10 sketches if you can’t afford anything above that would greatly help, especially if at least five of you got sketches.
  2. Refer me to your friends/acquaintances/family. Post Journals to spread this message. I understand not everyone HAS money that they can use to buy commissions. But please, please spread my message.
  3. Buy or spread my traditional art. I have a facebook with all my traditional art and I hope to sell those. They’re all realistic or semi-realistic pieces; medium to medium-large with a few small ones sprinkled in there. Here’s the facebook page –>… If you’re interested in one that doesn’t specify if it’s for sale or not, PLEASE post a comment. Most likely it IS for sale (if it isn’t marked as a gift) and I will let you know the price as soon as possible. Shipping does cost extra outside the sale price and I will work with you.

I was already aware that I needed this and that’s why I took advantage of the free sessions, but now I realize how horrible of a condition I am actually in. So please, please help. At least share the message and links.

I know i dont have a lot of followers but one of my friends has lost both her sister and mother and is left at the age of 18 alone with her nephew. It would mean a lot to help her out during this time. My town has been very generous and I was wondering if you guys can do the same. Her name is alyssa baez and her story is real. This is the link to her story:

I am also going to provide you guys with the link to donate. She will be undergoing lots of financial stress and every penny counts!

Hope you guys help!


Leatherman Signal – Survivalist Multi-Tool

Leatherman has announced a new ‘survivalist’ multi-tool yesterday at the U.S. Shot Show. It includes a ferrocerium fire starter and diamond-coated file, that are both removable, and a whistle, as well as a lot of the usual Leatherman features (knife, pliers with replaceable wire cutters, saw, hammer etc.)

The mixture of black, silver and a survival yellow make for as really good looking Multi-Tool that is truly designed for those woodland outings.

Check out Leatherman’s full write up here.

Hi everyone. I wouldn’t usually do this but I need everyone’s help!

My uncle Nate Gluck has recently been diagnosed with a severe stomach cancer. 

As quoted from Nate’s GoFundMe page;

“Things aren’t very good right now. Nate is barely able to eat and will be beginning chemo and treatment really soon. He has lost a ton of weight and he is often too ill even to drive, and he is in a lot of pain. Despite all of that, he is in good spirits and ready to fight this thing. His optomism about all of it makes my eyes well up. But that’s how Nate is. He handles everything with a smile.

Things have been incredibly hard on them (Nate and his Wife) as of late, and they desperately need our help. Nate’s wife, Christy, is one of my best friends. She lost her job, has been unable to find a new one, and now desperately wants to be able to take care of Nate while he is undergoing treatment. To make matters worse, Their financial situation has become dire. They will lose their home if they are unable to pay their mortgage and the medical expenses are already mounting. It’s horrible, and if they lose this house they will not have anywhere to go nor the funds to find a new home. They have no savings and the medical bills are already piling up.

Please, I’m begging you, donate to help my uncle. This is not a scam, this is not a lie, I need to help out one of the coolest people I know. So please donate.

His GoFundMe is HERE

Please help. All I want is for my family to be happy and healthy.