A close up that’s from his mom’s mom and then the police missing poster from my brother. Just realized I hadn’t shared the second picture. He was up at Kenai visiting a family friend over with his mother. His mother then smashed his phone so they couldn’t be tracked. Then when Monday came she was suppose to bring Dylan back to anchorage and she never did. The police got ahold of her at midnight. They asked to talk Dylan and she denied that request. She then said she wouldn’t bring him back and hung up.

Despite what you’ve heard, Signal and WhatsApp haven’t been compromised…. yet

On Tuesday, WikiLeaks trumpeted the release of what they proclaimed is a treasure trove of damning CIA documents outlining the agency’s portfolio of hacking tools. They call it “Vault7.”

And then, in a few now-deleted tweets, WikiLeaks said the CIA can “bypass” encrypted messaging apps like Signal and WhatsApp, effectively implying users who believe they are safe communicating confidentially with these apps are vulnerable to CIA surveillance. Read more. (3/11/17, 12:14 PM)

hey everyone. this is a little bit more of a somber post as i come to you all in need of help. i recently lost my job because of something that spiraled out of my control and have been EXTREMELY poor over the past couple of months. i’ve got back rent piling up and i’m terrified that i’ve put all my roommates at risk. i managed to pay my rent for this month, but even then it overdrew my bank account by over $300. being mentally ill, fat, and black it’s been hard to finda job around my area, let alone keep one, and i’m only asking because i’m terrified, none of my family has tried to help (despite calls and messages), and this has become an emergency situation. if you can donate anything at all, my paypal is (and my venmo is kidcore) and if you can’t, a simple reblog could really, really help me out!


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Watching this bubble freeze is way too satisfying ?
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