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"Do you see me here on the high road? I can see everything from here."

“Are you quoting song lyrics, or …”

“Ugh, Fitz,” Jemma spat, causing Fitz to back away from the phone receiver, “why do you always take something breathtakingly romantic and turn it into a joke?”

Fitz only smiled at her sudden change in tone, muting his phone and putting it in his pocket. He could see her alright, standing behind a sign that read “Scenic View” with one hand holding a phone to her ear and the other lifted up to welcome the dawn.

It wasn’t long before he could see what she saw—spacious blue skies, amber waves of grain, purple mountain majesties—but what she couldn’t see was the way he carefully crept up behind her, eliciting an “Oof!” when he spun her around and captured her lips with his, pulling her closer and closer until he truly took her breath away.

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Motel Oral - Massena, New York

29 Modern Units on Route 37
Two Miles East of Massena, N.Y.
Camping Sites with Complete Facilities 


The Tides Motel - Chicago, Illinois by Jordan Smith
Via Flickr:
5235 North Sheridan Road BRoadway 5-2100 Chicago, Ill. 201 Luxuriously furnished rooms on Lake Michigan. In Chicago’s Edgewater Beach Area. Swim all year in our heated pool. Free parking, Free TV, Restaurant, Cocktail Lounge and meeting rooms. AAA Approved. Diners’ Club, American Express and Carte Blanche accepted. Color Photo by John D. Freeman Freeman Studios 51070


Rio Motor Hotel - Fort Worth, Texas

On U.S. 80-180 and 377
6600 Camp Bowie Boulevard
Fort Worth, Texas - Phone PE 2-1611
Clean, colorful, comfortable rooms. Twenty-four hour hotel service. Fine food, private club - everything you would expect in a modern, deluxe class motor hotel, plus friendly service. 

Much better! 
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Of course now my whole bathroom smells like bleach. 😑 So now I think I will go smoke a bowl and let that sterile smell air out a bit. 🚬 Gives you all a bit more time to get over to Patreon and sign up. 😉

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View of “Soul brother” sign in store window during 1967 riots in Detroit. Handwritten on back: “12th near Phil., July 25, 1967.”

  • Courtesy of the Burton Historical Collection, Detroit Public Library

Not sure if same anon, but I was hoping you’d see my request in a past ask to contact me off anon. Alas, guess I should answer~

I’m may disappoint you though because unless you live in the States (and maybe Canada??) and can access Funimation’s streaming of the dub, there is no legal way to watch the dub unless you buy the DVDs (which is what I’m doing). And as I don’t want to show support for illegal streaming sites, I’m afraid I won’t be linking you to them. Sorry :/

(Speaking of annoying things, Barnes and Noble have a 3-for-2 manga sale on right now. So I went and added heaps to my basket to also get free shipping for spending over $25. 6 volumes for $50, I was so happy. Lo behold, go to checkout, enter that I live in Australia - bam, page refreshes, no free shipping, total is now $100 for shipping costs. With no discounts or 3-for-2 deal, I can get the same volumes on BD for $87 -__- *sighs* the price I pay for living in Australia, seriously…)

Holding On (Calum Hood)

I lowkey hate this but this is for @honeybeeisme ’s daddy blurb night which is basically my fav thing in the whole world ***

“There it is,” Calum said, driving on the dirt road that seemed to lead to nowhere until the big wooden sign came into your view.

Camp Hoa, which was a camp that Calum had attended himslef when he was Rua’s age. At a meer five years old, Rua Hood was ready to face the dragon. The dragon being camp, which in Calum’s eyes, was also life. In Calum’s head, the next thing he would see was baby Hood graduating university.

“It’s in the middle of nowhere,” You said, looking at the tall pine trees that surrounded your Range Rover. There was a clearing, which really shouldn’t have been considered a road considering it was basically just a line of dirt and rubble, and you drove further down slowly into the forest.

There was a large lake in the opening, a few cabins littered around the block. There was a big one, which looked different from all the others, and an educated guess from you suggested that it was a common house, maybe an art deco. A few kids were hugging their parents, other children playing tag on the sand. 

It was gorgeous. It really was. From the pamphlet that Rua had excitedly handed to you at the end of the his first schoolyear (one of his teachers worked for the camp, and you figured she was just doing some free promo), you had expected bautiful. Not this beautiful, though. You could see trails for hiking and a volleyball court, a lifeguard station (which put both you and Calum at ease) and a renovated cabins, even a large dining area in the distance. 

“It’s gotten a lot nicer since I was here,” Calum says, parking the car in one of the available lot spaces.

“Good,” you said, looking around the large field. 

“We can still change our minds, you know. It’s not too late to pull him out, he’s still a little young,” Calum said nervously, looking at the rear-view to see his five year old son dressed in a Pokemon t-shirt and shorts, his old te, sleeping like a log in his car seat. 

“He’s five, Calum,” You said. 

“So? He’s young, and–”

“And nothing, he’s been talking about this for weeks since we told him he could go,” You said, a gentle and comforting hand on his bicep. “Now, go wake him up. I’m gonna get his bags and bring them by the cabins.”

You leaned in, offering him a kiss before you opened your door and exited the vehicle. 

Calum sighed, opening his own door and walking around to Rua’s side of the car. His little monster was fast asleep, and Calum knew that Rua would have a hard time sleeping tonight, considering it was nearing 1PM and naptime was usually long finished by that time. 

“Rua, buddy, it’s time to wake up,” He whispered softly, trying to tug away Mr. Twindolson from his kid’s grasp. Rua had a tight hold on the teddy, and opened his eyes to his father.

“Daddy?” Rua said with a yawn, letting his father take the beloved teddy away from him.

“We’re here,” Calum said, unbuckling the puzzle that was a child’s car seat. Five years, and Calum could still barely manage to unlock his kid from the car. 

“Yay,” Rua said, trying to sound enthusiastic, but the tiredness in his voice was evident. He rubbed at his eyes cutely, letting out a sigh.

You made your way back to the car, looking at your husband as he picked up his son, placing Rua comfortably in his arms. The little boy weighed nothing more than a feather, and he yawned again as you came closer to the duo.

“Hello, little man,” You said, rubbing his tummy as he giggled, showing off his missing tooth. 

Calum lets his down as you walk over to the woman who seems to be in charge, and older woman with graying hair and a notepad in her hands. 

“Hi,” Calum says, his voice deep and manly.

“Hi,” The woman says back, smiling in a way that puts your irrational fears away. “I’m Barbra. Can i have your name, please?”

“Hood,” You answer, holding Rua’s hand. “Rua Hood? We booked last week, so it might ot be on there.”

“No, I’ve got you,” The woman smiles again, leaning down so she’s Rua’s height. “Hello there, Rua. I’m Barbra. Do you like to play?”

Timidly, Rua nods his head.

“Why don’t you go play over there with the other kids, then?” Barbra suggests, and Rua shines his smile at her. He looks back at the both of you, as if asking for permission, and you nod at him with a grin. He turns back completely to hug the both of you, and then he’s off, running towards lids his age that you’re certain you’ll hear all about.

“Is it bad that my heart hurts?” Calum asks, and Barbra laughs.

“No, that’s normal for first timers,” She says. 

Barbra becomes preoccupied with another couple, two men with a beautiful ten year old vietnamiese daughter. 

You and Calum walk back to the car in silence, holding each other’s hands like you’re seventeen again. 

Calum settles behind the wheel, watching as his son plays with another boy around his age in the sand, building castles and building a friendship.

Calum’s throat tightened a little, and he could already feel the tears burning the back of his eyes. He knew what was coming. He’d been trying to prepare himself for it since you decided that letting Rua go to summer camp was a good idea. But it was a lot harder than Calum anticipated as he saw his baby boy play with a stranger, probably talking about toy trucks and sharing cabins with other people. Calum realized that he wouldn’t see his son for six weeks.

“Don’t you start,” You warned, sitting next to him in the car. “because if you start then I’ll start and it’ll be first day of school all over again.”

“I can’t help it,” Calum said, looking at you with watery eyes. “He’s growing up so fast.”

“He’s going to be fine, look at him. He’s playing, he’s having fun. Don’t you remember how much fun you had when you were here?”

Calum sighs, wiping at his eyes as he looks at you. 

“He’s just…“

“All grown up?” You offer, smiling knowingly.

He nods. He sighs and turns to look at you.

“I love you, you know?”

You smile gently reaching over the gear shift to hold his hand.

“I love you, too.”

SDCC'16: Scholastic Announces Contest To Discover The Next Graphix Author-Artists

SDCC’16: Scholastic Announces Contest To Discover The Next Graphix Author-Artists

External image

Scholastic Graphix, publishers of perennial bestselling authors such as Raina Telgemeier, Jeff Smith, and Kazu Kibuishi, announced today a contest to find up to five new, never-before-published comics creators. The winner(s) will be awarded a $15,000 advance; $5000 at the announcement, $5000 for the final manuscript, and $5000 upon publication. That also will require signing the publisher’s…

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