Day 3/3 Johnson City, TN

Thursday, after the hateful events, the 10 person protest turned into over 100 people from all sides of campus showing us support. I ask Tumblr to please boost this picture as much as y'all boosted my previous post about Tristan Rettke and his racist actions. There was an outpouring of love, support and good conversation on Thursday and I’m so proud of my University. I refuse to let this die down, and I hope to continue to help unify our campus and teach people about racism, police brutality and social injustice.

Live Colorfully, Rush Sigma

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Find your home away from home and create bonds that continue to flourish after your college career. Envision and paint your experience at Penn by rushing Sigma Psi Zeta sorority. Look beyond the horizons and become the leader, professional, philanthropist, and activist.

•• Open Rush Schedule ••

**meet in front of Huntsman Hall for all events

[ MON 1/14 • GENERAL INTEREST MEETING I • 7PM ] Discover what it means to be a Sigma Psi Zeta sister while indulging in decadent chocolate fondue. [ TUE 1/15 • GENERAL INTEREST MEETING II • 7PM ] Another opportunity to meet the sisters. Treat yourself with gourmet Federal Donuts and Serendipity Frozen Hot Chocolate. [WED 1/16 • K-BBQ & GAMES NIGHT • 7PM ] Feast on sizzling Korean BBQ while enjoying a girls’ night in. [ THURS 1/17 • BOBA BREAK • 7PM ] Come learn about our national philanthropy! Enjoy bubble tea and sweet brick toast while making star jars and cranes for the Lutheran Settlement House. [ FRI 1/18 • HOT POT • 7PM ] Come stay warm and mingle with the sisters while enjoying our signature hot pot. [ SAT 1/19 • ALUMNAE DIM SUM • 2PM ] See that sisterhood lasts beyond graduation! Meet our accomplished alumnae over savory Ocean Harbor dim sum.

There is no obligation to rush and all events are free.
Rushees are encouraged to attend one GIM and as many open rush events as possible to be eligible for closed rush.

•• Closed Rush Schedule • Invitation Only ••


On the recommendation of the Sisters and by virtue of the authority vested in them The National Governance of Sigma Psi Zeta hereby declares and honors Our Sister Sherry “KNOCKOUT” Tran upon the successful completion of trail membership, culminating in the grant of the Nu Charter, Omicron Class at Drexel University Fall 2011 and have presented this certificate as evidence, thereof, given by the City of New York, in the State of New York of the United States of America.

Although I’ve been a sister for almost 7 months now, it feels more official on paper.

I’m proud to say that I am a part of the Alpha Zeta charter of Sigma Psi Zeta at USciences! :) I’m glad to be part of such a great SYZterhood.

Shoutout to my wonderful biggie Comet and godbiggie KYRENE, my biggest supporters <3 I wouldn’t trade them for the world! :)

Missing #’s 5, 8, 9 in group photo T_T