Sighs the Dog


✿ ʜᴏᴍᴇsɪᴄᴋ 

I drew this for yummytomatoes a few days ago. At first I was hoping to submit it, but I couldn’t find the submit box so I’m hoping she’ll find it here. I really hope she likes it! She seems to have a lot of stress as it is and I really look up to her and checking her blog for new art ahhhh. 

yummytomatoes’s pup, sighs the dog! <3

i dont think ive ever identified so strongly with another artist’s character, but holy shit
not only is this adorable jindo-mix dog non-binary, but they’re also demisexual and they have some pretty severe anxieties which they work through with the help of their friend, red the akita (who i plan to draw later bc he’s a babe as well)

i absolutely adore this character so i wanted 2 do a little speed-sketch of them o3o send yummy so much love because best artist ok like bro check out the hot tomato art forever love like woh