fallout: new vegas dlc | DEAD MONEY

“ you’ve heard of the sierra madre casino. we all have, the legend, the curses. some foolishness about it lying in the middle of a city of dead. a city of ghosts. beneath a blood-red cloud… a bright, shining monument, reaching out, luring treasure hunters to their doom. an illusion. a promise that you can change your fortunes. begin again. finding it, though, that’s not the hard part. it’s letting go ”

I promised I’ll make a post for the Retirement Home New Vegas AU so here it is: 

  • there is no new vegas, no post apocalypse, its just a retirement home in Nevada
  • Mister House, Caesar and Kimball (with general Oliver and others from the ncr) are just residents at the retirement home
  • hoover dam is the bathroom on their floor that they have to share 
  • the strip is actually the recreation room with few chess and monopoly boards, the board for the daily bingo, a cooler and a single tv
  • the issue is that whoever claims the bathroom first in the morning can go to the recreation room and claim the cooler and the tv, thus having the main resources in the retirement home
  • Mister House is the sole resident of room 38 and most of his interactions with the nurses are through the phone or his customized personal roomba which is just a regular roomba with a knife taped on it
  • Caesar is in the room down the hall and he is the only one who has no resources. Kimball and co are controlling the cooler and the tv, while House is controlling the chess boards and has the bingo rigged  
  • Caesar’s friend Joshua once came to try and reason with the nurses to give Caesar the bathroom, however upon failing Caesar threw coffee in his face and pushed him from the 2nd floor window
  • law is established by Nurse Ranger (courtesy to @ravel-puzzlewell) who occasionally has to take the remote control from Caesar and return it to Kimball and co. 
  • the courier is one of the nurses 
  • earlier the employee of the month was Benny however he was demoted when he “accidentally” gave the courier a concussion
  • Boone is the night guard and he may or may not have a lot of dinosaur stickers on his booth
  • Veronica is also one of the nurses and she is dating Christine who works at the Sierra Madre restaurant across the street and sees her girlfriend when she brings the staff take out cause food is a resource and the fight is for resources 
  • there is another roomba without a knife called Ede and everyone from the staff treats it as if its a sentient being 
  • a while ago the courier didn’t load the washing machines properly and flooded two entire wings of the retirement home. one of the doctors that worked there, Ulysses, has decided to reside in the flooded and uninhabited section of the retirement home until nurse courier faces what they’ve done even though everyone tells him that a mechanic will fix the plumbing and the two wings will be renovated and opened once again. he contacts the staff exclusively through the friendly roomba on which he tapes sticky notes with cryptic and vaguely threatening messages

most of this is courtesy to @fraenkysjunk and if anyone wants to add to this shitty au please feel free