Women's Appreciation Week

Day 3: Favorite WOC

My poor Priya. For part of this I’ll call her Sierra though, since that’s who she is for the majority of the show, but I’ll talk about Priya too.

It’s fun to watch all of the Dolls become different people, I really loved it with Sierra. I think Dichen did a really awesome job actually BEING someone else with each new imprint. It never felt fake. Watching Sierra’s missions was awesome. I loved the one where they were trying to find the mole in the Dollhouse, and she went to that huge company and pretended to be someone else. That was cool. Also when she became the “blue skies” girl and was a super badass thief basically. I loved all of her personas.

Her relationship with Victor was beautiful. The way they always recognized each other, not matter what imprint they had. She always knew him, and he always knew her. It wasn’t nothing either. When he has that breakdown in the showers, and has PTSD, she holds him and comforts him. She didn’t need an imprint to do that. She loved him as Sierra. They were beautiful together.

Now Priya. God, was her life was awful. Her body was used over and over again by Nolan. He took her mind away from her and raped her, and pretended that it was actually her. When the real Priya would have NEVER said yes to him. The scene when Priya confronts Nolan, and they have that fight, and she ends up stabbing him to death, that’s gotta be one of the best scenes on the show. He had done so many disgusting things to her, and he was trying to rape her again, and she killed him.

I love Priya and Sierra for different reasons and that’s so amazing.