“I am a partially deceased syndrome sufferer…

… and what i did in my untreated state was not my fault.”


In the Flesh Set 1/x

Kieren & edit – itsloki
Simon – mi-caw-ber ♥♥
Amy – kassna ♥♥

Photography – chibibanane


Lemme introduce you to my cosplay of Kieren Walker, the cutest little half-dead baby ever existed. Back on Halloween we gathered to celebrate our love for In The Flesh with a wonderful day trip and photo shoot.

Theres much more to come, guys. Stay tuned for more BDFF and Sieren fun and – Save In The Flesh!


But what was normal in the evening by the morning seems insane
And I’m not sure what the trouble was that started all of this
The reasons all have run away, but the feeling never did
It’s not something I would recommend, but it is one way to live.