Fresh EPCOT Views by Trevor Aydelotte

The Siemens S65? Yeah, it runs Doom.

Another tiny oldphone from @darklordoflinux’s Big Box ‘o’ Burners. This wee fella from 2004 sported a 132x176 display, a 1.3 megapixel camera, a packed-in 32mb MMC card for storing photos, and support for a variety of J2ME games. Bit of a far cry from what you probably have in your pocket right now, eh? Let’s let our submitter explain it:

So why did I do this phone?

  • It’s a goddamn legend! At least around here anyways.
  • It has volume buttons on the sides, which makes it possible to configure the controls to be about 1000 times less awkward.
  • Memory card, for storing .wads. The internal memory is about 10 megs, so that really comes in handy.


  • Once again, no sound.
  • It looks like crap, due to the very low-res screen. It actually comes out better in picture than in real life, unlike that K800i.
  • You have to kill the internal web browser to free enough RAM to even make it run. But who would use that thing these days anyway?

So, there you go. Pity about the web browser, though - I had a “WAP ‘n’ WAD” joke all lined up…

Thanks once again to darklordoflinux for their support and contributions! And their username.

This Day in Disney History

September 1, 1993:  The Walt Disney Company announces it’s renewed sponsorship by AT&T of Spaceship Earth at Epcot.

Communication has always been a central idea of Spaceship Earth and it’s sponsors also fit the bill. Bell System originally sponsored the attraction from 1982-84, and when it broke up, it’s parent company took over. AT&T will independently remain the sponsor until 2004, at which time the Siemens Corporation will take over.