Well basically my ships suck at the moment.

Steroline - Caroline flipped her humanity switch - While I am super excited for that story line, it sucks that Stefan did not get a chance to tell her how he feels.

Olicity - Well I’ll admit it is about time Felicity got to screw somebody I mean, Oliver has had like 4?5?6? sex buddies so far in the series…It still sucks that they are not together.

Bellarke - While all bisexuals everywhere get to celebrate (Congrats guys and Clexa shippers - Really) poor Bellamy…Poor Poor Bellamy

Captain Swan - ….I honestly can’t remember what is happening in that show it’s been so long - Seriously what is with all these ridiculous Hiatus’s…I think it ended good…I think.

RoyxThea - I mean do I even need to go into detail about this??

Skyeward - …I can’t even talk about it

Fitzsimmons - Why can’t they just be together????

Frary -Conde needs to just Go Away - I don’t care how good looking he is - Real life Mary LOVED Francis until the day she died!!

Haleb - They are being as lovable and adorable as always but ‘A’ has me super stressed all the time that something will happen to my precious Haleb.

Spoby - Well Toby is all about policepolicepolice and Spencer just kissed her EX house guest…SIGH

Kolvina - KOL IS DEAD

Stydia - Teen wolf is in between seasons and last season left off with Stiles dating Malia - Who I like on her own just not with Stiles - Even though I can admit they do have some very cute sweet scenes STYDIA is my teen wolf OTP

Snowbarry - Mostly the snowbarry ship just gets bullied a lot - I’m mostly on board with them both being happy, even if Caitlyn ends up with Ronnie Raymond.

Zade - OH The one ship that is actually on course - They are having a baby - I SWEAR IF EVEN SOMEBODY TRIES TO BRING IN A TWIST WHERE THIS BABY IS NOT WADES I'MA CUT A BITCH!!

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Siegfried and Roy’s final performance.  If this doesn’t show what hope looks like, then I don’t know what does.