Daily Routine of the Iron Warriors

If you want to join me and the guys on Medrengard here’s what you’ll have to do.

04:00 - The Iron Warriors emerge from their artillery batteries and siege tanks.

04:20 - Morning Maintenance Rituals. The Iron Warriors ensure their instruments of war are in tip top shape. A slave is turned into a servitor for every warhead that fails to detonate.

05:00 - Morning Prayers. The Iron Warriors begin to pray to all four Chaos Gods. They are shorter than the Word Bearers and Black Legion as they view Chaos only as a weapon they can use, thus each prayer to each God lasts only 30 minutes.

07:00 - Morning Firing Rites. The Iron Warriors test fire their artillery and siege weaponry at captured civilians or even other Iron Warriors who have been disgraced.

10:00 - Battle Practice. The Iron Warriors descends in a cage to fight. Servitors are used as normal people are too squishy and slow for the Iron Warriors to effectively fight.

12:00 - Tactical Indoctrination. The Iron Warriors gather to discuss which fortifications to destroy or which monument of Rogal Dorn to defile.

13:00 - Afternoon Wargames. The Iron Warriors set up miniature pieces representing their forces on an open table with complex rules and dices to test each others grasp of strategy. Perturabo sometimes joins in on the fun. An ancient Terran snack known as ‘The Doritos’ are brought by the truckload and are complemented by an equally ancient Terran beverage known as 'Mountain Dew’. Those who consume 'The Doritos’ are not allowed to touch field operation manuals until they ritually cleanse and scrape their fingers. Anyone failing to do so is forced to place their hands inside of heavy machinery.

14:00 - First Evening Meal. A feast is prepared by the legion serfs. Due to long hours without eating, some Iron Warriors may have already begun to eat bits off their slaves.

15:00 - Evening Firing Rites.

18:00 - Close Combat Practice.

20:00 - Second Evening Meal. Another feast is prepared by legion slaves. Those slaves who have parts of their bodies eaten by hungry Iron Warriors are gifted bionic implants to make them useful again.

21:00 - Evening Wargames.

22:00 - Bitching about the Imperial Fists. A period is held for the Iron Warriors to bitch and moan about the Imperial Fists and why they can’t wait to tear down Rogal Dorn’s statue on Terra. Sometimes Perturabo joins in the bitching.

23:00 - Evening Maintenance Rituals.

24:00 - Rest Period. The Iron Warriors rest inside their artillery and siege vehicles.

(From 1d4chan)

Judy: (as she guns down the M35 Mako across the plateau) “According to STG Intel, the geth encampment should be near here somewhere…”

A geth siege pulse shakes the tank violently.

Nick: “It seems your wish is answered. Geth Armature, 9 o'clock. Three hundred meters.”

Judy: (stopped the Mako immediately and quickly go into reverse)

Nick: “The fun’s just starting and we’re bailing out already?”

Judy: “No, silly. We’ll take down the walker on foot. And by ‘we’, I mean you.”

Nick: (shrugs) “Okay, stop the tank.”

Nick exits the Mako and crawls on all fours to the edge of the cliff. He pulls out his sniper rifle, and taps some buttons on his omni-tool.

Judy sees an orange glow enveloping Nick for a split second. Assassinate, she mouths silently to herself.

Nick squeezes the trigger. The sniper rifle booms with power as it accelerates tungsten shards to hypervelocity.

The geth armature explodes in sparks and crumples down.

Nick returns to the Mako.

Nick: “You know, if you’re auditioning me, you could have just asked. I’ll regale you with a skill demonstration that’s much more difficult than this … child’s play.”

Judy looks at Nick with part amazement and part annoyance. She can’t tell if what Nick just says is an arrogant boast or a simple truth.

It’s a bit hard trying to see a smirk through the quarian’s purple-tinted helmet.

random thought I had earlier tonight

Modern technology was prevalent in the Noxian invasion, like siege tanks, artillery, and rifles, but Noxian commanders probably still put an emphasis on conquering by way of traditional weapons (swords, lances, battle axes, etc) rather than using technology for their aims.

The wealthy Ionian merchant guilds were also able to purchase rifles from Piltover manufacturers (and eventually took the blueprints to Kashuld armories), but those weapons clashed with the Ionians’ favored style of fighting, which was guerrilla warfare using the terrain and stealth to their advantage. 

Guns were very effective in siege settings, however. They were also left more for the mages to ‘figure’ out, while the samurai insisted they were fine on their own. But the Ionian manpower was not sufficient enough to hold the Noxian force on the strength of their swords alone. Some clever use of technology was needed in order to defend successfully, and many progressive politicians refer to that when pushing for a more modern Ionia.

moonriv  asked:

I'm enjoying HotS more than I did League. Probably helps that I got Sgt. Hammer in like my second box. (Other than OW my only real connection to Blizzard games is though SC2, and I loved the siege tanks.) only played against ai for now though.

Hammer is a unique Specialist with her bombarding ability and support skill. She can be tricky to learn, but it’s worthy for sure!

We can get some games in with the AI if you want, break some skulls together, get some boxes, get you acquainted with the game.