Nora and the Siege Tank

Note: Because I love Starcraft and RWBY.

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There were few things in the world more terrifying than Nora using her grenade launcher, but Nora driving around in her own tank was definitely one of them.

“How did she even get that?” Ruby asked as she watched the tank crush Grimm after Grimm on its way to a hill overlooking the battlefield. “And who decided it was a good idea to give her one?”

“That would be Ozpin.” Jaune winced as the tank opened fire, blowing apart a small pack of Grimm. “Apparently, it’s Atlas’s latest weapon, and they needed someone to field test it. Nora was the only one crazy enough to volunteer.”

“Well, it does seem to work pretty well.” Ruby shrugged. “Even if it is really noisy…” She trailed off as the tank slowed to a halt and then transformed into an artillery cannon. “Did that just happen?”

“Yes, yes it did.” Jaune stared. “Nora now is now in charge of an artillery cannon - a really big artillery cannon.” He paused. “Do you think we should start running now?”

“Yeah, yeah, I think we should.”

There was a deep boom as the transformed tank opened fire. A whole swathe of the approaching Grimm vanished in a massive explosion of heat and force. And over the communications channels, everyone could hear Nora laughing.

“Take that!” Nora cackled. “I’m queen of the castle! I’m queen of the castle!”


Custom class, assembled from various bonemen parts won in pit fights
Fighting Style: Aims for eyes/fingers/genitals
Likes: Vivisection
Dislikes: ???

Dreadnaught type. Siege breaker/tank warfare
Fighting Style: PUNCH
Likes: The sensation of smashing an enemy’s skull
Dislikes: Inhibitor protocols 

Infantry type. Projectile Specialist.
Fighting Style: House of Bloodspilling style melee combat techniques.
Dislikes: ???

Obsolete infantry type (Mictlan-strain)
Fighting Style: Feral
Likes: The burning
Dislikes: Bats