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side effects are permanent. its safer to make sure you really thought it out

Says who, anonymous?

While it’s true that certain aspects of hormones and surgery aren’t exactly reversible, such things are rectifiable… but that is honestly beside the point!

On the daily, folks worldwide make permanent and life altering decision without anyone ever vetting their capacity to make a fully informed choice. People have cosmetic surgeries on the regular and no one stops to ask if they’ve “really thought it out.” People have engaged in acts of body modification since the dawn of time, without mental health clearance, and the world is still going round.

Life changing decisions, unrelated to surgery and hormones, are made constantly and not once does anyone stop to confer about the safety of said decisions. Truth be told, buying a car is honestly a significantly more risky commitment than hormones and surgery combined, with regard to both safety and cost… and I’ve bought 3 in my lifetime; not once did anyone stop and ask me if I’d “really thought it out!”

What you’re suggesting sounds A LOT like gatekeeping, to me, and that shit is oh so passe. Individuals have the autonomy to make fully informed personal and medical decisions without interference. It’s their body so it’s their choice, NOT yours.

I highly recommend you cease and desist from providing unsolicited, potentially bigoted, and generally uneducated information as it’s incredibly unbecoming. Going forward, I suggest you up your game and do some research before spouting off archaic dogma and potentially harmful propaganda.

WPATH SOC, Version 7 might be a good place to start?

classic parent thing when they dont want to seem unsupportive but they dont want u to transition is that they try to scare you out of it. who cares about “side effects” lmao. thickened blood causing u to black out every once in a while for the first month or 2 is nothing next to. killing yourself or wantinng to claw off your own skin lol

Nothing has ever made me sadder then Sarah Urie getting hate


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How is The Frogman?

I’m not terrible!

I’m also not great. But not terrible is something I haven’t been in a while. 

You see I started seeing a psychiatrist again. My depression had been crushing me pretty bad. I would get super low and it was not fun. I had already been on antidepressants. I’ve been on them for over a decade. But they weren’t doing the trick anymore and I decided I needed some help. 

In comes the doctor. It turns out there is this new thing that tests your genes and can tell you which antidepressants will work best for you. It’s pretty amazing. So I Q-tip’d the inside of my cheek, sent in an envelope, and a week later the results were in. There were three columns. Red was bad. These are pills you should never take due to nasty side effects. Yellow is meh. You can take these pills, but nothing will probably happen. And then there is green. The green column is filled with medications that are most likely to work with your genes. It’s not a guarantee, but it cuts down on the trial and error quite a bit. 

There ended up being 8 medications in the green column and so we started at the top of the list with Wellbutrin. It’s been several weeks and I can tell a difference. Not a huge, world changing difference, but a small step in a positive direction. Encouraged by this, my doctor decided to double my dosage and hit this depression with all he had. In 4 weeks or so, we’ll know if this is the medication for me. I feel like I’m not so weighed down anymore. I feel like this might help me. 

So I’m not terrible. It’s not much, but right now I’ll take it. 

In other news, I’ve been working hard at my photography business. I have 2 gigs coming up soon. I’m also going to try a bit of advertising on facebook. Things are very tight right now, but I’m hopeful they will pick up soon. Here are some photos I’ve taken recently. 

I feel like I finally get what I’m doing. If you are in the St. Louis area and need photography, OR if you make a product and need pictures of it, please contact me through my website.

One other thing I’d like to mention is that I have been working on an Amazon wishlist. It has things from socks and nasal spray to gadgets and doodads for my photography business. I tried to put some low cost things on there that I really need and some higher priced stuff that I will probably just save up and get myself eventually. 

And, of course, there is Otis. He’s doing very well. Since I have been feeling a little better I promise to try and take a few more pictures of him. He just got a squeaky fuzzy duck and he is super happy about it. 

And lastly, I want to reach out to those who feel like they may have depression. I want you to go and get help if you need it. If you are struggling with medicaiton, maybe even try the test I took. More info at GeneSight. Just know that I’m in the boat with you and we gotta row together. Don’t give up. Keep going and see where this leads. 

If you want to keep tabs on me and my depression journey, follow my personal blog. And if you have questions about depression or this gene test or you just want to tell me your story, feel free to send me an ask over there. I can’t get to every message, but I will do my best.  

You know what else I don’t get about ADHD? We have to go through hell and back and bounce between doctors and psychologists for months to get diagnosed but once you do your doctor just writes you a prescription without any advice and without bothering to tell you that

  • you’re not supposed to eat grapefruit when taking ADHD medication
  •  you can’t eat or drink citrus fruit, soda, Gatorade, and anything carbonated an hour before and after taking your medication 
  • you should monitor your heart rate if you take the decongestant psuedophedrine when you have adderall in your system because it also has the side effect of increased heart rate 
  • you should really avoid caffeine when on adderall (haha I know we’re all hooked on caffeine) but lots of people with add feel like they need to be drinking a “study beverage” like coffee/energy drinks constantly while working. Give your adderall the 1-3 hours it needs to kick in before you do this, drink a placebo beverage like decaf tea instead

I’m not a pharmacist, none of this is medical advice, but as the girl who used to start her day with a whole grapefruit and glass of orange juice… I wish I’d known this. I got more instructions for my strep throat medication then I ever got for adderall.


You cut off your hands and say,
Here, this is for you.
I am giving you everything I have.
You cut off your hands
and they don’t thank you.
Instead they ask for
your ribs,
your gut
and all her feelings.
And you’re about to ask,
What about me?
What will be left of me?
But you don’t because they
tell you this is love.

So you give it all to them.
And what’s left for you?
I’m too afraid to say Nothing.
Instead I will make a list of everything you still have:
your skin and all the blood you carry,
your lungs,
your spine,
your tongue.

Draw a line.
When they ask for your heart,
curl your tongue into a No.
When they ask for your heart,
crack your spine back into place.
When they ask for your heart,
add smoke to the fire with only your breath.

Take back what’s yours. This is
holding yourself in your own arms. 
This is giving yourself back 
everything you gave away. 
This is the journey home.
This is learning that love
with other people
is a two-way street.